NAW November 19, 2011
"War Games"

1. Xavier Black v Insaino v Alex Haize: Flag on a Pole match - Haize after trapping Insaino in the Tree of Woe
2. Andy Rhodes v Josh Shooter - Shooter by pinfall after the Brainbuster
3. Jarek Craven v Mad Dog McCrea - MCrea by pinfall after the jumping pilderiver
4. Vixsin v Lowzen v Nikita Naridian: Women's Title Street Fight
- Nikita by pinfall on Vixsin to retain the title after Tower of Doom through a table
5. Jake Lindo v Scott Slayer: Last Man Standing Tag Team Title Ownership Series Match #3 - Slayer to own the titles after sending Lindo through a table on the floor from the top of a ladder
6. Josh Extreme v Ryan O'Hare: Heavyweight Title Match - O'Hare by pinfall to retain the title after the Swanton Bomb
7. James Jackson, Iron Horse Morrison, Priest, Mike Burr, Tre, Jay Andrews & Morphine (Seven Deadly Sins) v George Julio, Ryan Rollins, Alexi Papadopolous, Lobo, Slikk Steev, Barry Lawrence & The Enforcer (Team N.A.W): War Games/The Match Beyond - Team N.A.W by pinfall when Rollins pinned Jackson after the Superkick

New Age Wrestling presented it's biggest show ever at the Southern Community Centre on Saturday, and wrestling fans responded accordingly resulting in standing room only at the venue. And those who didn't come along missed a fantastic show.

The main event lived up to all expectations. James Jackson sent in the big man Iron Horse Morrison to start War Games for the Seven Deadly Sins, and it appeared that Phil Gluyas was going to send in Alexi Papadopolous only for Ryan Rollins to push past everyone and take the decision out of anyone's hands! He clearly wanted revenge on Morrison after the post match attack a week earlier at Albion, and he was throwing everything at him. He nailed the Shooting Star Press, but nothing mattered much at this early stage. Morrison recovered and he was joined by Priest when the two minute horn sounded. Rollins was in trouble now, and he had to wear heaps until the horn sounded and Alexi Papadopolous finally got into the fray. It seemed that every time a member of Team N.A.W got into the fray things only evened up. Mike Burr was in next for the Sins, and that caused Gluyas to send Lobo in next knowing the history between the two. Lobo was doing a good job until Tre came in. Priest by this time had been busted open. Slikk Steev followed for Team N.A.W but Jay Andrews was added to provide the experience of Hard Way Inc. Rollins though excited the crowd with a magnificent double version of the Spanish Fly on them! Barry Lawrence was in next and he was letting fly in there - until his enthusiasm got the better of him and he clobbered Lobo by accident! Wrestlers were hitting the cage frequently by now but it stayed intact, even when the huge Morphine entered the fray. The Enforcer was next down the chute - and that left the two captains still to enter the cage. James Jackson entered first and George Julio followed a minute later, along with referee Daniel Beaumont as The Match Beyond began.

At ringside a push and shove ensued between Phil Gluyas and Paul Vaughan with the other referee Edwin Lay having to get in between them. Gluyas had a reason to mock Vaughan when Priest fell off the side of the cage having been taken there by Slikk Steev. Steev then jumped on Priest, but he caught his manager a glancing blow - and Vaughan immediately put the boots to the fallen Gluyas. He diverted for a moment to slam the cage door on the head of Lobo before belting the daylights out of Team N.A.W's manager and leaving him lying alongside Steev. In the cage, we had a multi man suplex leaving many men lying and Ryan Rollins took the decision to go for broke. He climbed up to the top of the cage and down he came with a Moonsault landing on virtually everyone on their feet!! That attracted a "Holy Shit!" chant and James Jackson realised he was on his own on his feet. He grabbed Rollins ready for his patented choke backbreaker but Rollins escaped and nailed a superkick. He took the cover and Beaumont made the three count! Gluyas had recovered in time to see it all, and it attracted an emotion charged reaction from him - the new N.A.W Commissioner. Rollins was the hero and Gluyas gave him one heck of a hug in the ring as Team N.A.W celebrated. Rollins was lifted onto the shoulders of a couple of wrestlers and everyone raised each others hands in victory. The reign of James Jackson and the Seven Deadly Sins was over!

Ryan O'Hare and Josh Extreme had a fantastic clash for the Heavyweight Title. The match started in a sporting manner with a handshake but the temperature went up when O'Hare came out with a slap to the face! In the following fracas Extreme got him back and both men stepped it up. In the heat of battle, Daniel Beaumont was caught with a superkick - and as a result he missed pins off both Extreme's Dynamite Headbutt and O'Hare's Swanton Bomb. O'Hare got desperate and grabbed the title belt, but he missed and Extreme flattened him with another superkick. He went up again for the Dynamite Headbutt, but he collected the title belt by accident. O'Hare went up again and nailed the Swanton Bomb for the second time - and this time the referee was there to log the three count. The two combatants left it all in the ring and shook hands after the match. O'Hare remains the champion.

It was a war between Scott Slayer and Jake Lindo to finally decide who owned the tag team titles in the deciding match of the three match series. Nothing was held back in the Last Man Standing match, and Lindo proved he was The Player by bringing Ruby Rae with him! The scene was set at an early point with a kendo stick wrapped in a single strand of barbed wire courtesy of Lindo. Ruby was a factor in the match but by that time Lindo was busted open when he was rammed into a ladder in the corner. Slayer set him up for a suplex through four chairs from the ladder, but Ruby got him low and Lindo went over in a sunset flip sending Slayer through the chairs. He got up at the nine count and Ruby had some powder in her hand as Lindo climbed the ladder. But Slayer sent the powder into Ruby's face and he then caught Lindo in no man's land and sent him all the way down to the floor big time! And he didn't get up giving Scott Slayer the victory and ownership of the tag team titles. All that remains now is for him to name his tag team partner.

Another war took place between the ladies of N.A.W in the Street Fight for the Women's title with Nikita Naridian having a pocket of support. The rest of the crowd were behind Lowzen while the general consensus seemed to be that Vixsin was the bitch here. And she proved it bringing out the heavy artillery early. But Nikita had an equaliser - an ironing board! However she paid for that ending up through the implement herself. A baking tray came in for some heavy usage, but Vixsin upped the ante by bringing out the dreaded thumb tacks! However she ended up paying for it dumped twice into them face first! A table was brought out, and Vixsin was going to send Lowzen through it with a superplex - but both ladies went through it when Nikita made it a triple tower of doom! She covered Vixsin and got the three count. Both Lowzen and Vixsin had to be helped from the ring.

Josh Shooter finally put a bookend on his dispute with Andy Rhodes, but it took a mighty effort to get it done. Both men tried to destroy the other, but it was the belly to belly superplex from Shooter on Rhodes that spelled the beginning of the end for the Australian Nightmare. Shooter managed to nail the Brainbuster and took the three count.

It was a tough fight between Jarek Craven and Mad Dog McCrea reminiscent of their battle in October at Albion. It got to the point that neither man could pin the other - even after a Craven spear or a Mad Dog Tombstone! Finally after battling for it it was McCrea with his patented classic piledriver and he got the victory.

In the other match, Alex Haize collected the flag of the Sons of Anarchy to win the leadership of the group. Whether or not Xavier Black or Insano follow him is another matter entirely!