NAW November 12, 2011
"Zero Hour"

1. Xavier Black v Insaino v Alex Haize - Haize by pinfall on Black after the Shining Wizard
2. Andy Rhodes, Jarek Craven & Jake Lindo v Josh Shooter & Mad Dog McCrea: Handicap Match - Rhodes, Craven & Lindo by pinfall when Craven pinned McCrea after the Spear
3. Vixsin v Lowzen v Nikita Naridian: Non Title Match - No Contest
4. Priest & Morphine v Josh Extreme & Ryan O'Hare
- Priest & Morphine by pinfall when Morphine pinned O'Hare after Extreme accidentally knocked O'Hare off the top rope
5. James Jackson, Iron Horse Morrison, Jay Andrews, Wade Champion & Tre v George Julio, The Enforcer, Alexi Papadopolous, Ryan Rollins & Slikk Steev: Elimination Match
- Jackson & Julio were counted out
- Champion pinned Steev with a roll up
- The Enforcer pinned Champion after the Superkick
- Andrews pinned The Enforcer after a sit out power bomb from Tre
- Tre pinned Papadopolous with a roll up
- Rollins pinned Tre with a roll up
- Rollins pinned Andrews with a Victory Roll
- Morrison pinned Rollins after the chokeslam from the top rope to give the Seven Deadly Sins the man advantage at War Games

It was a mayhem filled night at Albion on Saturday November 12, with the man advantage decided for War Games at Mulgrave as well as discord between sportsmen, a sore head for a referee and a hair cut!

Phil Gluyas joined his team at ringside for the main event, the ten man elimination tag team match in which the winner team would get the man advantage. Mike Burr was absent and he was replaced on the Sins team by N.A.W newcomer Wade Champion. Early on though it was former N.A.W heavyweight champion The Enforcer putting the early pressure on for Team N.A.W. The first elimination came though when both of the team captains were counted out. George Julio and James Jackson brawled all the way to the back leaving it four on four. The Sin went one ahead when Champion pinned Slikk Steev, although he did have his feet on the ropes. But The Enforcer evened the odds eliminating Champion after the superkick. However things started to get hairy for Team N.A.W after The Enforcer was eliminated by Jay Andrews after a sit out power bomb from Tre. And then when Alexi Papadopolous was rolled up with a handful of tights by Tre, Ryan Rollins was alone against three. But after being fired up by Gluyas, Rollins tried to take them on - and suddenly in rapid succession he got rid of Tre with a roll up, and then he escaped the package piledriver from Andrews and nailed the Victory Roll to make it one on one! Iron Horse Morrison went for the chokeslam but Rollins escaped and he somehow managed to deck the big man! But when he went up for the Shooting Star Press, Andrews - who was still at ringside - made him a soprano out of the referee's vision. Morrison then nailed the chokeslam from the second rope, and got the three count much to the horror of Phil Gluyas.

Morrison decided on a post match kicking, but he stopped when Lobo came into the ring to reason with him. That attracted James Jackson who told him to get out, and Lobo returned fire by telling him exactly what he thought of him - and he was spat on! Lobo wasn't having that and attacked Jackson and Morrison came to Jackson's aid only to get a kick to the groin by Rollins. That had the Sins in the ring, but just like October at Albion Gluyas called out the troops and Team N.A.W cleared the ring. Rollins made the final challenge - and it will be WAR on November 19!

Opponents at Mulgrave, Ryan O'Hare and Josh Extreme worked quite well as a tag team against Priest and Morphine. Extreme got into a lot of bother, but he escaped and tagged the N.A.W heavyweight champion. It broke down - and then disaster! O'Hare had Morphine set up for the Swanton Bomb, but Extreme miscalculated going for a baseball slide on Priest and hit the ropes causing O'Hare to crash! Morphine took the gift and Extreme wondered what happened. He picked up the belt and there was a brief tug of war between O'Hare and Extreme before O'Hare demanded to know why he did what he did - and didn't wait for an answer and pushed Extreme away and walked off in a huff. That's going to make things very interesting in Mulgrave!

The girls went at it in a triple threat match with no friends although there was the odd double team. However the match was thrown out when of all people - Lowzen introduced a street sign to the match! She flattened both her opponents with it! At Mulgrave that would have been perfectly legal, but not tonight and the referee threw the match out - and he was clocked with the sign and the crowd loved it! That means that now all three girls have blasted the other two three shows running - Vixsin at Albion in October, Nikita Naridian at Melton a week later and now Lowzen! So what will we see at Mulgrave in the street fight? Street signs? Bins? Even the kitchen sink?

Josh Shooter returned, and after Andy Rhodes had been all bravado in Shooter's absence he was running around like a headless chook in this trying to avoid him! Lindo copped a heap of punishment but he was resilient. Finally though Rhodes couldn't avoid Shooter - and he took off! Shooter was in hot pursuit and work was that they did brawl in the locker room with other wrestlers having to break it up! The trouble was that left Mad Dog McCrea alone in the handicap match against Lindo and McCrea's Mulgrave opponent Jarek Craven. He did his best but two on one was too much even for Mad Dog and Craven collected the confidence boosting pin after the spear. Can he repeat the dose at Mulgrave one on one?

In another triple threat match, each "member" (if you could call it that) of the Sons of Anarchy squared off with their own entrance videos and music. Alex Haize brought a pair of scissors with him but he hid them very poorly and the referee got rid of them under the ring. All three men didn't hold back - and at one point Insano nailed the Canadian Destroyer on Haize and he was so busy celebrating he forgot about Xavier Black! However it was Haize who got the pinfall on Black after two Shining Wizards with the first cleaning up Insano. Then he grabbed the scissors from under the ring - and cut Black's hair! He then tried to do the same to Insano but Insano chased him off and when he went to help Black, Black clobbered him. Haize took the Sons of Anarchy flag with him but he is yet to earn that right. That's at Mulgrave in the Flag Match.

The next Albion show will be on December 10, our annual Christmas Bash. The question is, who will be in charge? James Jackson and the Seven Deadly Sins? Or Phil Gluyas? Mulgrave holds the answer and you have to be there!