NAW October 22, 2011 (Melton)
"Melton Mayhem"

1. Alex Haize v Mike Burr - Burr by pinfall after the Roaring Elbow
2. Slikk Steev v Jake Lindo - Lindo by pinfall after the flying enziguri
3. Iron Horse Morrison & Vixsin v George Julio & Lowzen - Morrison & Vixsin by DQ when Lowzen used a chair
4. Mad Dog McCrea v Priest
- McCrea by pinfall after the piledriver
5. Alexi Papadopolous v Jay Andrews: South Pacific Title Match - Papadopolous by submission to retain the title with a modified Cattle Mutilation
6. Xavier Black & Sinner Insaino v Jarek Craven & Andy Rhodes v Josh Extreme & Ryan Rollins - Extreme & Rollins by pinfall when Extreme pinned Craven after the Dynamite Headbutt

N.A.W's return to Melton for the first time in more than six years went off with a bang at the Melton Darts Centre on Saturday, with a couple more developments in the lead up to War Games in Mulgrave.

Melton welcomed home it's favourite son, Josh Extreme, with a huge reaction - added to by the fact that Extreme and his tag team partner Ryan Rollins came to the ring wearing the training tops of the Melton Thoroughbreds, Melton's state league basketball team of which Extreme was a member before taking up pro wrestling. They faced a mayhem filled main event against Jarek Craven and Andy Rhodes of the Seven Deadly Sins, and Xavier Black and Insano who were already arguing early on. After the early chaos things settled down and it appeared that Black and Insano were co-operating - although Alex Haize was watching from the merchandise area with crossed arms not wanting anything to do with either of them! Craven and Rhodes did most of the damage to Extreme, but he managed to escape and tag Rollins and it wasn't long before all heck broke loose again. And Black and Insano collided thanks partly to Rollins, and it was on again between the two! That battle went back to the locker room, and it was Craven who was flattened and then squashed by a Rollins Shooting Star Press. Extreme - or JXT as the Melton fans dubbed him - then nailed the Dynamite Headbutt and he netted the three count.

Alexi Papadopolous and Jay Andrews had a tremendous bout for Alexi's South Pacific title. Andrews treated the champion with some contempt early on but as the match wore on he realised just how much it was going to take to unseat Alexi the Great. With tremendous heart, Papadopolous avoided the Package Piledriver and he managed to lock in his version of the Cattle Mutilation. Andrews couldn't escape and he submitted.

Talking of mayhem though, Edwin Lay lost control of what was supposed to be a mixed tag team match allowing George Julio and Vixsin to battle - with Vixsin's viciousness even making George yell an expletive! But he refused to use his fist against her, which is more than could be said for Iron Horse Morrison against his ex girlfriend Lowzen! The referee was knocked down by a wayward forearm and the match got right out of hand at that point, with Lowzen grabbing a chair from under the ring. She used it on Vixsin while Lay was watching the men - but he DQed Julio and Lowzen anyway! Julio decked him for that and quite rightly for the presumptive call. Lay then sent a message that all four combatants would cop a $50 fine each, angering Julio who tried to abuse the messenger Phil Gluyas. But the manager of Team N.A.W placated his team captain by offering to pay the fine himself. It was clear that Gluyas, an experienced referee himself, didn't like the call any more than Julio did. Meanwhile Lowzen and Vixsin got into a fight and Nikita Naridian attacked both girls and put her sister in the Guillotine Choke again!

Priest ran into a roadblock called Mad Dog McCrea in another tremendous bout. Priest though was distracted quite a lot and in the end McCrea was able to exploit this and take the victory after his patented piledriver.

Slikk Steev battled Jake Lindo, and much to the disappointment of Phil Gluyas his Team N.A.W member was unable to best the clearly focused Lindo. And Alex Haize was no match for Mike Burr, having no answer to the Roaring Elbow.