NAW October 15, 2011
"Rules of Engagement"

1. Priest v Insano - Priest by submission with the Torture Rack
2. Jarek Craven v Mad Dog McCrea - McCrea by pinfall
3. George Julio, Josh Extreme, Slikk Steev & Barry Lawrence v Iron Horse Morrison, Jay Andrews, Mike Burr & Mr.X - Morrison, Andrews, Burr & X by pinfall when Morrison pinned Lawrence after the chokeslam
4. Andy Rhodes v Ryan Rollins
- Rhodes by pinfall after the Stunner from the top rope
5. Morphine v Alexi Papadopolous: South Pacific Title Match - Papadopolous by submission to retain the title with the Heel Hook
6. Lowzen v Nikita Naridian: Falls Count Anywhere Women's Title Match - Nikita by submission to retain the title with the Guillotine Choke

New Age Wrestling's show on Saturday at the Maltese Cultural Centre was exciting in more ways than one. The Rules of Engagement were set for Mulgrave in the cage and it is HUGE!

The announcement of the teams started with the eight man tag team match. The mysterious Mr.X turned out to be the commissioner himself, James Jackson. And after Iron Morrison squashed Barry Lawrence with a chokeslam for the win, and the winners beat down the vanquished, Jackson announced that Iron Horse Morrison and Hard Way Inc were members of the Seven Deadly Sins team as "hired mercenaries". He then added that there was one more person to come, and Phil Gluyas was clearly thrown off by that claim. He figured that with Andy Rhodes already off the team because he was signed to meet Josh Shooter at the Mulgrave show undercard, the three additions were all there were!

But Gluyas struck back after the South Pacific title match. Alexi Papadopolous managed to somehow best Morphine by working on his leg and finally scoring a submission with the Heel Hook. The six members of the Sins team attacked Alexi as he celebrated, and Gluyas was quick to call for help from the back. Four men arrived in the ring - George Julio, Slikk Steev, Barry Lawrence and Ryan Rollins - and weapons were brandished to make up the one man handicap. They cleared the ring, and Gluyas advised that in the ring were five of the seven members of Team N.A.W!! Gluyas had two more men to add to his team, with the sixth man to be revealed on You Tube in the week leading up to Melton Mayhem, and dropped the hint that his seventh member was a former N.A.W Heavyweight champion? Who could they be?

But the kicker was next. Gluyas told Jackson that this cage match would be for control of N.A.W! And if Team N.A.W got the victory, Gluyas would take Jackson's job as Commissioner and the Sins would be disbanded - while if the Sins won they would take full control of N.A.W, and Gluyas made it clear that he would quit. Jackson though upped the ante. He made the match WAR GAMES/THE MATCH BEYOND!!! The details of what that means for those who aren't familiar with the War Games match will be detailed soon.

After all that, the main event of the show seemed like an after thought. But Lowzen and Nikita Naridian threw everything but the kitchen sink at each other in the Falls Count Anywhere match heading into the crowd at one point. It was a full scale cat fight that finally ended when Nikita locked in the Guillotine that won her the title - and she got the tap out again. But then Vixsin arrived and belted the champion with a chair! She then took off her belt and used it on her old enemy Lowzen. She left both girls lying after that attack, and what will this mean for the women's division?

In other news affecting Mulgrave, Gluyas had his explanation for the earlier anomaly as a result of the match involving Jarek Craven. He was scheduled to meet Mickey Jackson, but there was no sign of the Fantabulous One! Craven figured that proved Mickey was a coward and brashly made an open challenge - not expecting it to be answered by Mad Dog McCrea! This was a tough fight that almost went to the time limit but McCrea somehow pulled out the win with 20 seconds to go. Craven all but spat the dummy and apparently demanded - and got - a rematch for Mulgrave. James Jackson would have known this when telling Phil Gluyas that he had one more member to add to his team.

The Sons of Anarchy finally fell to pieces tonight. Insano told Xavier Black and Alex Haize to disappear so he could take on Priest one on one. And Priest was almost obliterating his opponent with arrogance - as Black and Haize showed up in the crowd. Finally they got involved - and like before things backfired. That ended up costing Insano the match as he was forced to tap out to the Torture Rack, and Black and Haize were blaming each other with yet more pushing and shoving....and then the fists starting flying! Insano had recovered and it was a free for all between the three of them! No one was coming to break this up and the three men fought all the way back to the locker room.

Andy Rhodes and Ryan Rollins had a competitive match up, which Rhodes managed to win after he made Rollins a soprano by pushing the referee into the ropes just as Rollins was setting for the Shooting Star Press. Rhodes then nailed a huge Stunner from the top rope and got the win. He then trash talked Rollins calling him "Shooter" in a clear message to Josh Shooter for their match in Mulgrave on November 19. He added injury to insult with another Stunner.