NAW September 10, 2011
"Line in the Sand"

1. Mad Dog McCrea v Ryan Rollins - Rollins by pinfall after the Shooting Star Press
2. The Sons of Anarchy v Slikk Steev: Gauntlet Match
- Steev pinned Haize after the Death Valley Driver
- Steev pinned Black after the Twist of Fate
- Steev pinned Insaino with a small package
3. Iron Horse Morrison v Big Huss v Josh Extreme - Extreme by pinfall on Morrison after the Dynamite Headbutt
4. Morphine v Josh Shooter
- Morphine by pinfall after the top rope splash
5. Jake Lindo v Scott Slayer: Tables Tag Team Title Ownership Series Match #2 - Lindo to level the series 1-1 with a double stomp from the top rope
6. Mickey Jackson v Alexi Papadopolous: South Pacific Title Match - Papadopolous by submission to retain the title with the Ankle Lock
7. Jarek Craven v Ryan O'Hare: Heavyweight Title Match - O'Hare by pinfall to retain the title after the Swanton Bomb

What a huge show we had at the Maltese Cultural Centre last Saturday. "Line in the Sand" delivered not just the challenges answered, but a line in the sand was drawn in a major way as we now have an idea of what the main event will be in the steel cage at Mulgrave on November 19!

It all began at the top of the show when Phil Gluyas decided to ask Commissioner James Jackson to join him in the ring, and Gluyas made a clear statement - calling out a couple of armed security guards to effect a citizen's arrest on Jackson and haul him out of the building for assault! The pepper spray kept other members of the Sins at bay as Gluyas and a section of the crowd gave the Commissioner the "Goodbye Song" as a farewell.

That meant that all of Jackson's challenges went ahead without him present. And the two most important backfired.

In the main event, Ryan O'Hare and Jarek Craven staged another classic match up which O'Hare managed to win after the Swanton Bomb. The Sins promptly attacked, and then much to the anger of Phil Gluyas, James Jackson re-appeared. The Commissioner stated to Gluyas that his mother's money had bailed him out of jail - but when he complained about being "caged like an animal" Gluyas pounced with the huge challenge. A match in the cage in Mulgrave!! Two teams to battle it out!! The Seven Deadly Sins and Team N.A.W!!! The presence of the cage was big enough, but now things just got even more exciting for N.A.W's show of the year! Josh Extreme then attacked and with O'Hare they managed to send the Sins packing.

This was of interest, after Josh caused the upset of the year in the triple threat match for the Number 1 contendership to the Heavyweight title! He was beaten up by both Big Huss and Iron Horse Morrison as they tried to one up each other. But when the pin attempts started coming it unravelled. Morrison nailed chokeslams on both Extreme and Huss but Extreme managed to send Huss to the floor and he nailed Morrison with the Dynamite Headbutt AND HE PINNED HIM!!! Absolutely the shock of the night without a doubt. O'Hare however came out of his match with bruised ribs - a recurrence of the injury he suffered earlier this year at the hands of Morphine. The extent of the injury is unknown at this point.

In the South Pacific title match, Mickey Jackson once again failed to get the job done after he was forced to tap out to the Ankle Lock after Alexi Papadopolous grapevined it. The Sins also attacked after this one, with Braith Priest making his return - joining the Sins. But when he bad mouthed Mickey Jackson, Mickey's pride got the better of him and he took the bait and attacked the Sins! And with Alexi back on his feet between them they cleared the ring!

However the news wasn't all bad for the Sins. In a sickening turn of events, Andy Rhodes appeared as the special referee for the South Pacific title contenders match between Morphine and Josh Shooter! Irking fans by wearing a Collingwood jumper, he proceeded the make things impossible for Shooter - and Shooter couldn't do a thing about it if he didn't want to get disqualified. Finally Morphine's Gator Roll and top rope splash was too much and Morphine got the three count. Then post match the two men viciously attacked Shooters arm. We understand it is a hairline fracture just below the elbow which will put Shooter out of action for something like eight weeks.

In more injury news, Jake Lindo leveled the three match series for the ownership of tag team titles - but the bigger story was the major injury suffered by Scott Slayer. The Tables match ended when Lindo managed to take advantage of an already hurt shoulder and used a double leg stomp to push Slayer through the table - with the shoulder taking the full force of it. And in a sickening post match attack, it looked like he may have dislocated it. The news as this report is being typed is that this isn't the case - Slayer in fact suffered a fracture of the collar bone and shoulder ligament damage. It's believed that this will sideline Slayer for a minimum of six weeks but it could be longer. When will the third match take place? Could it be that Slayer might have to forfeit it?

It's getting even more hairy now for the Sons of Anarchy after they failed to get the job done in the Gauntlet Match against Slikk Steev. Alex Haize was up first, but he failed to get it done and Steev caught him in the Death Valley Driver - the very same move Haize gave him at the last show - and pinned him. Xavier Black was next and he wore Steev down, but he was suddenly caught in a Twist of Fate! Again - Steev striking back with a move that was given to him last month! But now he was struggling to get it together and Insano arrogantly sauntered to the ring....and got caught in a small package and it was over just like that! This resulted in another push and shove amongst the Sons before Black stalked off in disgust. Clearly he wanted Steev in the group and the job wasn't done.

In the other match Ryan Rollins was just too good for Mad Dog McCrea is a tough old battle. Rollins managed to get the three count after the Shooting Star Press.

Nikita Naridian wanted to hold her celebration, but the party was crashed by her sister and the former champion Lowzen - and boy was she fired up! She called Nikita out and Nikita came through the crowd and attacked her from behind before bad mouthing her. However when she tried to hit her with the title belt Lowzen ducked and it was on!! Two referees, Phil Gluyas and some of the wrestlers struggled to keep them apart but eventually they managed it.