NAW August 13, 2011
"All or Nothing"

1. Alex Haize v Slikk Steev - Haize by pinfall after the Shining Wizard
2. Jay Andrews & Mike Burr v Big Huss & Josh Shooter - Andrews & Burr by pinfall when Burr pinned Shooter after the Roaring Elbow
3. Nikita Naridian v Lowzen: Women's Title Match - Nikita by submission to win the title with the Guillotine Choke
4. Scott Slayer v Jake Lindo: Tag Team Title Ownership Series Match #1
- Slayer by pinfall to go to a 1-0 lead after the Three Second Sling
5. Jarek Craven v Ryan Rollins: Ladder Match - Rollins after knocking Craven off the ladder into another ladder
6. Alexi Papadopolous v Iron Horse Morrison: South Pacific Title v Career Match - Papadopolous by submission to win the title with the Ankle Lock
7. Mickey Jackson v Ryan O'Hare: Heavyweight Title Match - O'Hare by pinfall to retain the title after the Swanton Bomb

It was a crazy show that took place at the Maltese Cultural Centre this past Saturday, August 13, with two title changes, a match of the year candidate and out of nowhere a commentator with a sore jaw! New Age Wrestling "All or Nothing" was just that!

One person who did retain a title on the night was Ryan O'Hare - foiling the plans of N.A.W Commissioner James Jackson in the process. In a top match, he managed to survive the efforts of Mickey Jackson and secure the victory with the Swanton Bomb. But then another post match attack! This time Jarek Craven stuck his nose in the N.A.W Heavyweight title picture, spearing O'Hare before grabbing the microphone and requesting the next shot at the bounty and the title. Mickey Jackson didn't like that and he wanted another shot at it. The commissioner soothed the two men in the ring by agreeing to Craven's request, and at the same time he gave the Fantabulous One another shot at joining the Seven Deadly Sins by giving him a shot at the South Pacific title. Throughout the match the commissioner was keeping the microphone off commentator Phil Gluyas, but when these announcements were made, Gluyas tried to do his job and promote the matches as they deserved to be - and the commissioner punched him right on the jaw! Unprovoked!

Mickey Jackson's match for the South Pacific title will be against Alexi Papadopolous. Against all the odds, including interference from Paul Vaughn that special referee George Julio rightly shut off, Alexi locked in and grapevined the Ankle Lock. Julio made sure Vaughn didn't help his protégé and Iron Horse tapped out for the title change, and Alexi keeps wrestling at N.A.W with the threat to his career with the company rescinded. He shared an emotional embrace on the stage with long time friend Ravyn Summers, as well as Gluyas and plenty of fans at ringside. It was the feel good moment of the night without a doubt as the bloodied and battered Greek warrior celebrated. King of the Greek Gods Zeus would have been proud, Alexi!

But for a great match, one could not go past the Ladder Match between Jarek Craven and Ryan Rollins. This was a match that defied description. Both men had their chances, and there was liberal interference from Duke Von Wyld. Rollins though put paid to that by using Von Wyld's cane on him in vengeance for the cheap shot the Duke gave him in July. He then fought with Craven on the ladder and it was Craven who crashed into another ladder on the mat - allowing Rollins to collect the package and win the $2000.

The other title change took place for the Women's title. After battling it out evenly and fairly, Nikita Naridian started getting nasty with her sister Lowzen, much to the shock of the fans in the building. Finally, when she rolled through and locked in a Dragon Sleeper - Lowzen had no choice and she tapped out. But instead of resting on her laurels, post match Nikita gave her sister a vicious curb stomp! It seemed to smash the side of Lowzen's face and she was helped from the ring with a towel over the side of her head. How low could a girl go against her sister?? It's mind numbing just thinking about it!

The first match of the tag team title challenge series took place. The winner of the series gets both belts and the right to name a new partner. Scott Slayer was all set for action when Jake Lindo attacked him from behind to jump start the match. This was a fearsome brawl with both men pulled out all the stops. Finally it was Slayer who came out on top to go to a 1-0 lead in the series and it also gave him the right to nominate the stipulation for Match 2 in September. Lindo though attacked Slayer post match before taking off, and an angry Slayer yelled out the stipulation right there and then! A tables match!! The very same sort of match that the Slayer Player Connection won the tag team titles in to begin with!

It's still not a bed of roses amongst the Sons of Anarchy. Insano was back, but Alex Haize approached the ring to his own music instead of that of the Sons! His match against Slikk Steev (who was returning from a knee injury) was laced with interference, although some of it backfired and at one point Haize actually stopped Insano from doing the moonsault as he would get him DQed! Steev nailed the Slikkocity, but more interference led to Haize getting the victory. Xavier Black then tried to take charge, and much to the annoyance of the other two offered Steev a place in the group. Steev answered that with one gesture - a smack across the face! That led to a post match attack that left the Slikkster lying.

Hard Way Inc had their hands full with the team of Big Huss and Josh Shooter, although they had Shooter under control until he escaped and made the tag! Huss cleaned house, but he was sent to the floor and when Shooter was set to take care of business a video distracted him - from Andy Rhodes clearly calling him a chicken!! Jay Andrews pounced on that opening and nailed the package piledriver followed by the Burr Roaring Elbow for the win! Who's the chicken?? I know one thing - it's not Josh Shooter!