NAW July 9, 2011
"Anniversary Bash 2011"

1. Jungle Cat v Josh Extreme - Extreme by pinfall after the Dynamite Headbutt
2. Andy Rhodes v El Pollo Del Diablo - Rhodes by DQ when Diablo (AKA Josh Shooter) shoved down the referee
3. Jay Andrews v Mad Dog McCrea - Andrews by submission with a Sharpshooter variation
4. Vixsin v TJ Star v Nikita Naridian
- Nikita by pinfall on Vixsin after a shot with Lowzen's title belt
5. Big Huss v Josh Shooter - Huss by pinfall after the dumping Jackhammer
6. Jarek Craven v Ryan Rollins - Rollins by pinfall with a modified bridge
7. Alexi Papadopolous v Iron Horse Morrison: South Pacific Title Match - Morrison by pinfall to retain the title after the chokeslam
8. Morphine v Ryan O'Hare: No DQ Heayweight Title Match - O'Hare by pinfall to retain the title after the Swanton Bomb

It was an action packed night at the Maltese Cultural Centre last Saturday as New Age Wrestling presented it's seven year celebration, "Anniversary Bash".

In the main event, the new heavyweight champion Ryan O'Hare faced the challenge of Morphine from the Seven Deadly Sins. With the bait of the $5000 bounty, Morphine was further assisted when Commissioner and former champion James Jackson made the match a No DQ match! That caused a tirade from commentator Phil Gluyas who was verbally all over Jackson for most of the contest! Weapons that came out included a screen door, a chair, a ladder and even a small amount of barbed wire! That actually helped O'Hare protect himself from the Morphine splash from the top rope! Amie Sabin tried to interfere, and O'Hare ended up making her pay with a big liplock. He won the match after the Swanton Bomb much to Gluyas's delight and Jackson's fury - but then another Jackson stuck nose in! Mickey! He flattened O'Hare post match, and then grabbed the mic and made a play for the bounty and a spot in the SDS next month. The Commissioner agreed.

Alexi Papadopolous did his best in his third attempt at winning the South Pacific title, but as much as he tried he just couldn't get the job done. Iron Horse Morrison was just too big for him and he nailed the chokeslam for the victory. Upset, Alexi was down on himself and clearly he felt the need to redeem himself the only way he could - with a rematch. Morrison was amused, but he agreed - on one condition. That Papadopolous put his CAREER on the line at the next show! Perhaps putting his heart before his head, Alexi agreed!

TJ Star arrived in Melbourne and was quick to get the attention of both Vixsin and Nikita Naridian, especially Nikita. Lowzen was at ringside supporting her sister despite having her shoulder strapped up after what happened in June. Vixsin though decided to be truly nasty and argue with her old enemy, and then give the champion's elbow a bit of a stinger that had to rebound to the injured shoulder! TJ ended up on the floor and the referee was tending to her, and it allowed Nikita to grab her sister's title belt. Lowzen was clearly telling her not to do it, but Nikita took no notice and clobbered Vixsin with the weapon. The referee was back and logged the pin. Lowzen was in the ring wanting answers, but when she span her sister around, Nikita clocked HER with the belt!! What on earth?? It'll be sister versus sister for the title next month, and it's clearly been a bad Winter so far for Lowzen!

In the other big news involving N.A.W titles - it's clear now that the Slayer Player Connection are no more. At the start of the show, Scott Slayer hit the ring and wanted an explanation. Lindo came out and tried to explain what happened last month and how he lost it for a moment when Slayer accused him of using the pipe when he hadn't. To prove it, he had a rap. It wasn't popular with the crowd as it side swiped some on N.A.W's popular faces, like Josh Shooter and Josh Extreme. Slayer though accepted it and it looked like they were a team once again - until Lindo attacked Slayer from behind! Slayer struck back and we had a pull apart brawl that referees and officials from the back had to break up. And it still wasn't over as Lindo interrupted the raffle draw at the end of intermission with another rap that was rude to the max! He took off through the crowd before Slayer could get his hands on him. The tag team titles are now up in the air.

In the other big happenings of the night, Big Huss returned from rehab and Japan to take on Josh Shooter for the next title shot. Huss was too strong taking the win with his dumping Jackhammer like finisher, and Shooter took it like a man. Jay Andrews though laughed off the handshake and called it "wimpy". He went to ringside and started fighting, showing the true meaning of "Hard Way". But he was quickly the victim of a double team! Huss and Shooter on the same page and the challenge was issued and accepted for a tag team match next month. Hard Way Inc v Huss & Shooter with the title shot Huss earned on hold.

That was after Jay Andrews renewed his rivalry with Mad Dog McCrea. This was a hard hitting match with neither man willing to give to the other - McCrea even kicking out of the package piledriver!! Finally though Andrews got the win in a match that the crowd described as "This is awesome".

Ryan Rollins and Jarek Craven clashed in another spectacular contest, and Rollins got one back on Craven to get his revenge on the loss last month. Then he decided to make an offer to Craven. They were bringing out the best in each other, so he decided to step it up. Each man put in $1000 each, put the envelope in the lights - and the first man to get to it via a ladder would win the money and break the 1-1 deadlock!! A ladder match! NEVER been seen in N.A.W before and Craven agreed. And then as a sign off, Duke Von Wyld gave Rollins a cheap shot with his cane and Craven flattened him. That was after a handshake by the way!!

Josh Shooter had a busy night meanwhile as it turned out. Andy Rhodes was facing El Pollo Del Diablo, when Diablo started really beating on Rhodes and pushing the referee. That caused a DQ and off came the mask - to reveal Shooter! Rhodes had revealed on Facebook that he wanted Shooter one on one and here was his chance! And Rhodes took off!!

And Josh Extreme got a HUGE notch in his belt by upsetting the more experienced Jungle Cat. Hope Jeff Jarrett doesn't get wind of that, Cat!