NAW June 18, 2011

1. The Sons of Anarchy v Jungle Cat, Alexi Papadopolous & Josh Extreme - Cat, Papadopolous & Extreme by submission when Haize tapped out to the Billy Goat's Curse by Papadopolous
2. Jay Andrews & Mike Burr v Ryan O'Hare & Slikk Steev - Andrews & Burr by submission when Steev tapped to a half Lion Tamer by Andrews
3. Josh Shooter v Mickey Jackson: No Time Limit Match - Jackson by pinfall with a roll up
4. Jay Andrews & Mike Burr v The Slayer Player Connection: Tag Team Title Match
- Andrews & Burr by DQ when referee caught Jake Lindo with a steel pipe
5. George Julio & Lowzen v Iron Horse Morrison: Handicap South Pacific Title Match - Morrison by pinfall on Julio to retain the title after a right hand
6. Jarek Craven v Ryan Rollins - Craven by pinfall after the spear
7. James Jackson v Ryan O'Hare: Heavyweight Title Match - O'Hare by pinfall to win the title after the Swanton Bomb

New Age Wrestling presented "Doomsday" this past Saturday at the Maltese Cultural Centre, and it lived up to it's name - although the Seven Deadly Sins got caught up in it! Why? N.A.W crowned a new heavyweight champion!!

James Jackson's second open challenge turned out to be his last as champion. Ryan O'Hare took up the challenge despite his still injured ribs and having already wrestled earlier in the night. Duke Von Wyld was being his usual biased self as the Commissioner's hand picked referee, but things started going wrong when he got an eye full of water by accident from his boss! As a consequence a pinfall for the Beast was missed, and O'Hare took advantage. But he had just one more task to perform - make sure that Von Wyld did his job. When he refused, O'Hare clobbered him with a flying enziguri before going up and nailing the Swanton Bomb. Regular referee Edwin Lay was there, registered the pinfall - and the N.A.W Arena almost literally EXPLODED in delight! It was Doomsday at that point for the SDS and Jackson was outraged that his power had been curbed! He was very quick to sign a title defence for the new champion for the next show, but instead of getting his own hands dirty, Jackson threw Morphine into match knowing who had injured O'Hare's ribs in the first place!

That was after O'Hare and his tag team partner Slikk Steev couldn't get past Hard Way Inc in the tag team title contenders match. Mind you, Hard Way Inc chose an easy path here - making use of a steel pipe while the referee's back was turned! The target was both O'Hare's ribs and Steev's injured knee. It was Steev who copped the worst of it, being caught in a half Lion Tamer by Jay Andrews after being chop blocked with the pipe. Steev had to tap out and he needed help to get backstage. It is unclear at this point how bad the damage is at present, but Steev may be struggling to make the next show.

Hard Way Inc took that into the title match against the Slayer Player Connection, but the referee was wise to the pipe this time and disarmed the challengers before the match even started. However Lindo was in very bad trouble, and would have been beaten had it not been for Scott Slayer breaking up the pin attempt after the Spike Package Piledriver (I know that has a name but you think I can remember it as I type this??). But when Hard Way Inc tried to re-introduce the pipe, Lindo disarmed them - only to be caught with it by the referee threatening to hit the challengers, and Hard Way Inc selling that they'd already been hit! The referee fell for it and DQed the champions, and Slayer was fuming that it had come to that. An argument ensued between the champions - when out of nowhere Lindo clocked Slayer with the pipe! What on earth was that for? What was said if anything? Why, Lindo, why?

It certainly felt like Doomsday for the women's champion Lowzen. It was bad enough facing her ex-boyfriend Iron Horse Morrison even with George Julio supporting her. But things got worse for her when she and Julio attempted a double suplex on the big man. It ended up being a big mistake as Morrison collapsed on the attempt, and poor Lowzen collected a painful crushing blow on the shoulder. Morrison took advantage of a distracted Hitman as help arrived for the women's champion, decking him with a mighty right hand reminiscent of The Big Show and taking the pin. As Lowzen was assisted to the back, Morrison decided on a post match assault of Julio - only to be sent packing by a furious Alexi Papadopolous! Alexi wanted the South Pacific champion next month with the title on the line, and on behalf of the champ Paul Vaughan accepted.

A winner was found this time between Josh Shooter and Mickey Jackson, after Shooter provided stage management with a doctored entrance video subbing Jackson's music with "Mickey" by Toni Basil! Shooter took early advantage of that distraction, but this evened out as both men tried to get the win - and Andy Rhodes had to stick his nose in again! The referee had been knocked down by an errant leg while Shooter was going for the Last Shot, and Rhodes charged in and gave Shooter the Stunner! He took off through the crowd but no ref meant that Jackson couldn't get the cheap win. However he did get it later with a side roll up out of the corner and putting his feet on the ropes!

Jarek Craven and Ryan Rollins were after each other from the get go, but Rollins had to feel somewhat cheated by circumstance as well as interference. He thought he'd got a three count when the referee did hit the mat just as Craven kicked out, but after much debate the referee re-started the match ruling that the third hit to the mat was in error. To add insult to the unfortunate situation, Duke Von Wyld tripped Rollins up distracting him - and Craven struck with the spear for the pin. Craven though departed fairly quickly - probably to complain yet again about his lack of South Pacific Title rematch to his boss.

I should have known better when I wrote the preview to this show. Never trust the Jungle Cat! I honestly thought he'd turned over a new leaf, and Josh Extreme and Alexi Papadopolous were similarly inclined to think that. However he was treating the rookie Extreme rather condescendingly and when Extreme tagged in right in front of Cat's hand he lost it. He dragged Extreme off a pinfall and a brawl broke out! They fought to the back as Alexi was left alone to the three Sons of Anarchy. But Alexi wasn't done! He made Insano and Xavier Black sopranos when he pushed Alex Haize into the ropes, and then off the rebound caught Haize in an inverted Boston Crab - called the Billy Goat's Curse - for the tap out. That caused a three way argument between the Sons, and it was with that momentum that Alexi made his later challenge on Iron Horse.