NAW May 14, 2011
"Open Season"

1. Andy Rhodes v Josh Extreme - Rhodes by pinfall after the Stunner
2. Morphine & Big Huss v Ryan O'Hare & Slikk Steev - O'Hare & Steev by pinfall when O'Hare pinned Morphine with a roll up
3. Charley v Lowzen: Women's Title Match - Lowzen by pinfall to retain the title after the tornado bulldog
4. Mickey Jackson v Josh Shooter
- Time Limit Draw
5. The Sons of Anarchy v Hard Way Inc v The Slayer Player Connection: Tag Team Title Street Fight - The SPC by pinfall when Slayer pinned Xavier Black after a DDT onto two chairs
6. James Jackson v Alexi Papadopolous: Heavyweight Title Match - Jackson by pinfall to retain the title after the Choke Backbreaker
7. Ryan Rollins v Iron Horse Morrison: South Pacific Title Match - Morrison by pinfall to retain the title after the spear from Jarek Craven

New Age Wrestling presented "Open Season" this past Saturday at the Maltese Cultural Centre, and plenty happened!

In the main event, Iron Horse Morrison provided no explanation as to why he attacked George Julio at the April show before introducing his new manager - Paul Vaughn (who was subbing as stage manager at the April show while Phil Gluyas covered the absence of the suspended Ravyn Summers). His defence of the South Pacific title saw the challenger Ryan Rollins throw everything he could at the champion - after all he was looked to avenge his chokeslam in April while supporting the Hitman. And his game plan was such that he was so close on several occasions to causing a colossal upset! But size eventually prevailed and Morrison got the pin to retain the title. Mind you, he got some help! Jarek Craven was still peeved at his title loss while he commentated on the match, and when he saw Morrison was in bother he sent Duke Von Wyld down to distract the referee. That allowed Craven to clean Rollins up with a spear and Morrison took the gift. Craven then made it clear he was wanting that title back in a rematch. Rollins though diverted his attention and Ryan and Jarek brawled all the way back to the lockers!

Morrison was then confronted with the women's champion, Lowzen, who identified herself as Morrison's girlfriend. And she wanted an explanation - and Morrison's response was to give her a chokeslam!! Already well established as a defender of women being attacked by men, Julio was out there like a shot armed with his favourite chair - and he duly used it on Morrison making him exit stage left. On the stage Morrison and Vaughn listened with amused disbelief as Julio challenged the South Pacific champion to a handicap match with Lowzen as the Hitman's tag team partner!! The challenge was accepted.

This was after Lowzen managed to escape the challenge provided by Charley with her title. Nikita Naridian as the special referee was biased towards her sister, treating Charley's illegal tactics as per a regular referee but totally ignoring anything illegal the champion did. However a problem arose when Charley dodged a second rope reverse cross body block and the two sisters almost hit head to head! Nikita also tweaked her knee and couldn't make a count when Lowzen had the cover. Lowzen eventually got the pin, but that missed earlier pinfall still annoyed the champion. Nikita rightly defended herself and Lowzen decided to accept the explanation. Trouble between the sisters?

The N.A.W heavyweight champion and Commissioner James Jackson held his open challenge, and Alexi Papadopolous answered it (undermining the stage manager's set up in the process to make sure no one knew who was challenging!) and he proceeded to give Jackson heaps. The trouble was there was a wild card to contend with - Duke Von Wyld was the special guest referee! He proceeded to be as biased as heck and as a direct result Jackson managed to get the win and run with it. Another lucky escape for the champion and one wonders how long his luck will last? What will be his next move?

The tag team title match under street fight "rules" was indescribable. It was total mayhem!! With seven men in there, with the stipulation allowing all three members of the Sons of Anarchy to be involved, it was a case of blink - and you missed something! Mind you, no one missed the triple tower of terror which rightly attracted a "Holy [beep!]" chant! Chairs were used liberally, and Mike Burr of Hard Way Inc even brought out the dreaded thumb tacks - only to pay for it when Scott Slayer avoided certain disaster and blasted Burr into the tacks with a power bomb! However things seemed to be going screwy for the champions when Slayer set Xavier Black for a top rope shot from Lindo. Lindo saw that, but then he saw the four other men battling on the floor and decided dropping in on that was more appealing!! Slayer was fuming at that and Black tried to take advantage - but Slayer managed to avoid disaster and nail a DDT onto two chairs and get the pin. The Slayer Player Connection finally got their title belts back, but Slayer verbally took a piece out of his tag team partner for his poor choice! There could be trouble there as well!

The other big news of the night was Big Huss and Morphine. They took on Ryan O'Hare and Slikk Steev in order to get back into the tag team title picture, and they had a golden opportunity to get the job done when Steev hurt his knee and ended up outside the ring. However a couple of collisions and O'Hare rolled Morphine up and pinned him! That started an almighty argument and then blows were exchanged! Morphine got the better of it and nailed the Gator Roll before going up and nailing the splash! James Jackson later confirmed that Big Huss had been excommunicated from the Seven Deadly Sins and wouldn't be seen again.

In other matches, Josh Shooter and Mickey Jackson went to a 15 minute time limit draw. Nothing was resolved after that one and it looked like Jackson was going to hit referee Edwin Lay but he decided to chuck a tantrum instead! The time ran out, Mickey! It wasn't the referee's fault at all!

Shooter though did manage to concentrate on the match - after he did a very satisfying run in on Andy Rhodes! Your scribe and Ravyn Summers absolutely loved that, although it was after Rhodes scored a hard fought win over the debuting Josh Extreme with the Stunner (I refuse to call it the Coldie now!).