NAW April 9, 2011
"Abuse of Power"

1. Nick Eclipse v Slikk Steev - Steev by pinfall after the Slikkocity
2. Vixsin & Michelle v Lowzen & Nikita Naridian - Vixsin & Michelle by pinfall when Michelle pinned Lowzen with a roll up
3. Mad Dog McCrea v George Julio - Julio by pinfall with a roll up
4. Morphine v Ryan O'Hare
- Morphine by pinfall after the top rope splash
5. The Sons of Anarchy v The Slayer Player Connection: Tag Team Title Match - Double Countout
6. Iron Horse Morrison v Jarek Craven: No DQ South Pacific Title Match - Morrison by pinfall to win the title after a chokeslam through a table
7. Mickey Jackson v Josh Shooter v James Jackson: Heavyweight Title Match - James Jackson by pinfall on Mickey Jackson to retain the title after the Choke Backbreaker

N.A.W presented "Abuse of Power" last Saturday, and it was a night of surprises and shocks.

After a celebration to open the show, new Heavyweight champion and current Commissioner James Jackson was surprised by a video of congratulations from his mother - and acutely embarrassed! He got over that and allowed Andy Rhodes to explain why he joined the Seven Deadly Sins, and Rhodes riled the crowd by calling them "Un-Australian"! Simply because they bought WWE T-Shirts instead of ones supporting the Sins! That was all Jackson wanted, but Big Huss had other ideas wanting to know why he didn't have a match tonight. Jackson in effect blamed him for not bringing the tag team titles to the Sins, and slapped him for his temerity! Morphine was quick to stand in the way of a reprisal but things seemed to calm down - for now!

And it got hot again when Morphine faced Ryan O'Hare. O'Hare did his best, but the Gator Roll and the top rope splash was just too much. Morphine then engaged in a post match attack, and Huss arrived to help - armed with a chair. But O'Hare ducked and Morphine was hit instead! Huss was shocked at that, but he had to duck his chair courtesy of Slikk Steev who'd come out to aid O'Hare. The two Sins members exited stage left - arguing heatedly over that turn of events.

But the biggest shock of the night came in the South Pacific Title match. Not the result. As expected, Iron Horse Morrison was too big, strong and resistant to whatever Jarek Craven could dish out in the end - and after a mighty chokeslam through a table, the crowd exploded in delight when the three count was made and a new champion was crowned (depriving the Sins of the South Pacific title). Number one contender Ryan Rollins was delighted with the result, as was Morrison's best friend and Banditos tag team partner George Julio who went to the ring and celebrated. Morrison had his arm raised in victory - but the cheers disappeared in an instant when Morrison turned and knocked Julio down with his newly won title belt!! Rollins was quick to go to the ring, but he quickly had cause to regret that as he too was decked. And for some reason the acting stage manager found some humour in that!?

The main event was very much a case of has the champion abused his power, or had he made a monumental error? In the end it turned out that it was the former as James Jackson retained the title after hitting his choke backbreaker on Mickey Jackson and logging the three count. Josh Shooter was fuming at his lost chance and he jumped Mickey, but that opened the gate for another cheap shot by Andy Rhodes! Mickey enjoyed that one, but he copped a Coldie as well as a thank you! If Shooter wasn't angry at Rhodes before he has to be rope able now!

In the other surprises, Hard Way Inc arrived earlier than expected to take advantage of a free for all in the tag team title match. It got right out of hand between the Slayer Player Connection and the Sons of Anarchy and both teams were counted out as they brawled on the floor. Mike Burr and Jay Andrews approached the ring, and attacked the champions while the Sons of Anarchy skulked off laughing. The only positive out of this was that the champions got their title belts back. But at one point during the match, Lindo refused to tag his partner when he had the chance.

Talking of possible problems, there was an accident in the ladies tag team match. Lowzen was heading for the top rope, when her sister Nikita Naridian was thrown out of the ring and the shaking of the ropes in the process caused Lowzen to lose her balance. Michelle was quick to take advantage with a roll up and her feet were blatantly on the ropes. Vixsin and Michelle got their revenge on Vixsin's loss and her eye injury from the last show. The sisters sorted out their differences after a brief debate.

Anyone who says that George Julio is too old needs to take it back after he showed that his few months off after Jarek Craven hurt his leg gave him a new lease of life and he gave as good as he got against Mad Dog McCrea. McCrea tried for a piledriver, but Julio used his vast knowledge to escape and turn it into a slingshot that sent Vixsin flying off the apron of the ring as she was trying to distract the referee. He then rolled McCrea up for the victory.

In the other match, Slikk Steev got the better of Nick Eclipse with the Slikkocity.