NAW March 12, 2011
"Threat of Chaos"

1. Ryan Rollins v Cletus Blood - Rollins by pinfall after the R2
2. Mad Dog McCrea & Vixsin v Lowzen & Nikita Naridian - Lowzen & Nikita by pinfall when Nikita pinned Vixsin with a sunset flip
3. Mickey Jackson v Ryan O'Hare v Nick Eclipse v Slikk Steev: Elimination Match
- Steev pinned Eclipse after the Slikkocity
- O'Hare pinned Steev after the Swanton Bomb
- Jackson pinned O'Hare after a Bicycle Kick from Morphine
4. Big Huss & Morphine v The Slayer Player Connection: Tag Team Title Match
- The SPC by pinfall to retain the titles when Slayer and Lindo pinned Morphine after the Three Second Sling
5. Iron Horse Morrison v Jarek Craven: South Pacific Title Match - Morrison by DQ when Craven hit him with Duke Von Wyld's cane
6. James Jackson v Josh Shooter: Heavyweight Title Match - Jackson by pinfall to win the title after the Choke Backbreaker

New Age Wrestling presented "Threat of Chaos" on Saturday March 12 at the Maltese Cultural Centre.

And to the horror of the staff and fans of N.A.W - we have a new heavyweight champion. The Commissioner, James Jackson. This is not right!! Even your humble scribe got caught up in the emotion of the moment, and it was bad enough that Jackson would get the pinfall on Josh Shooter after a choke backbreaker. It looked like justice would prevail when Jackson tried to throw powder into the face of the champion, only to have it diverted into his own face. This was after Big Huss interfered while the referee was distracted by Duke Von Wyld. But in the end, Shooter just couldn't get the job done - and the Seven Deadly Sins piled into the ring to celebrate.

When they decided to beat on the fallen former champion, Andy Rhodes - who had been missing in action for some time - suddenly jumped the barricade making the SDS back up. But then in a disgusting turn of events he yelled out "Aussie Aussie Aussie" only to spit on that by giving SHOOTER the Coldie!! Rhodes had turned his back on his working class background, and joined the Seven Deadly Sins!! I was infuriated at this as was commentator Ravyn Summers who was so infuriated he couldn't speak at one point!! (And he did the next day on You Tube). For myself, Andy Rhodes, you are a disgrace to your roots and you deserve to have your arse kicked from the NAW Arena all the way to bloody Cairns!! AT LEAST!!! Josh Shooter made it clear that he was going after his rightful rematch, and probably Rhodes if he shows his face on April 9!

Meanwhile, a new number one contender for the new champion was established in an exciting four corners elimination match. Mickey Jackson and Nick Eclipse jump started the match against Ryan O'Hare before Slikk Steev even got out there, but when Steev arrived he evened things up. The first elimination occurred when Steev pinned Eclipse after the Slikkocity. Eclipse brooded at ringside before legging Steev leading straight to a flying enziguri from O'Hare and the second pin. Steev didn't like that and the two men brawled back to the dressing room. That left O'Hare and Jackson to battle it out again after they tore the house down last month. But this time there was an intruder in the form of Morphine! The big New Zealander was avenging a chair shot he got from O'Hare during the wild brawl at the last show and his kendo stick shot was brutal! Jackson pounced with a Bicycle Kick and he got the pin and a future N.A.W Heavyweight title shot.

Jarek Craven remains the South Pacific Champion - but only because of the champion's advantage. The danger signs were there for him when his favourite move, the spear, failed to get the job done. When he went for a slam he was going nowhere near it, and Iron Horse Morrison came back and was about to finish it with a chokeslam when Duke Von Wyld came into the ring to break it up. His shot to the back had no effect and Morrison was lining him up when he was struck by Craven with Von Wyld's cane right in front of the referee! And it was intentional as he even had the temerity to poke his tongue out at the referee before striking the challenger. Championships don't change hands on a DQ, but an angry Iron Horse was quick to shoot out a challenge for a No DQ match at the next show. Despite Duke Von Wyld's misgivings, Craven accepted the challenge, and assured the SDS manager "I've got this". What's he up to?

The Slayer Player Connection retained their tag team titles in a sometimes chaotic encounter against Big Huss and Morphine. The challengers did their best, but in the end it wasn't enough as both champions pinned Morphine after Scott Slayer nailed him with the double arm DDT (The Three Second Sling). However they were soon left lying by the number one contenders, the Sons of Anarchy! And the thieves took off with the title belts! They can't get away with that surely! Although with James Jackson in complete control now maybe they will!!

Another chaotic match took place between the team of Lowzen and Nikita Naradian, and Vixsin and Mad Dog McCrea. It was disgusting to have to watch McCrea hit both the women's champion and her sister, and Nikita's neck (hurt at the last show) was worked on. Luckily the pace of the sisters managed to get the better of their opponents and with McCrea on the floor, Vixsin was nailed with a combination move and pinned. McCrea however decided on more damage - but George Julio had seen enough and roared into the ring and took care of business! He was quick to issue a challenge to Mad Dog, who accepted amongst his doubling up with laughter.

In the opening match, we finally got ourselves a new number one contender for the South Pacific Title with Ryan Rollins managing to get the better of Cletus Blood. After the match Rollins again offered his hand, and with the crowd yelling at Cletus to shake his hand, the veteran decided that this time he would do it, and he did. Rollins however will have to wait until at least the May show while Jarek Craven and Iron Horse Morrison sort out their differences.

It was an exciting show, captured on camera by the ABC crew from the 7:30 Report.