NAW February 12, 2011
"Pressure Point"

1. Cletus Blood v Ryan Rollins - No Contest
2. Nick Eclipse & Paul Thornton v The Sons of Anarchy - The Sons by pinfall when Insaino pinned Thornton after a German Suplex/Enziguri combination
3. The Slayer Player Connection & Slikk Steev v Death & Taxes & James Jackson - Death & Taxes & Jackson by pinfall when Jackson pinned Lindo with a roll up
4. Mickey Jackson v Ryan O'Hare: Anything Goes Match
- O'Hare by pinfall after a Flip DDT onto a rubbish bin
5. Vixsin v Lowzen: Taped Fist Women's Title Match - Lowzen by pinfall to retain the title after a chain shot
6. Alexi Papadopolous v Jarek Craven: South Pacific Title Match - Craven by pinfall to retain the title after the Spear
7. Josh Shooter & Iron Horse Morrison v Big Huss & Morphine - Huss & Morphine by pinfall when Morphine pinned Shooter after the splash from the top rope

New Age Wrestling presented "Pressure Point" on Saturday February 12, and by the end of the night the cooker exploded!

The main event had NAW Heavyweight champion Josh Shooter and tag team partner Iron Horse Morrison trying to take out the Seven Deadly Sins via their two biggest men - Big Huss and Morphine. In a mayhem filled bout Shooter ended up on the floor taking out both Huss and Morphine in the process. Morrison wanted to do the same thing, but when he headed for the ropes for some momentum he was cut down with a spear by Jarek Craven! The referee saw none of it because he had been knocked down accidentally. Shooter put Morphine in the ring but an attempt at over the rope attack was short circuited by Huss hanging the champion up. Morphine was quick with an elevated version of the Gator Roll and a splash made sure of it as Duke Von Wyld revived the referee for the three count.

But that was the precursor for an explosion! Shooter grabbed a microphone and he agreed to the stipulation that had been put on and would honour it - defending his title against the NAW Commissioner in March. But there was a second message, and it was a right hand and it all broke loose at that point! The locker room emptied and even officials and back stage personnel were out there trying to quell the mayhem! In the end only three people didn't seem to be fighting at floor level - Shooter, the referee and the stage manager!

There were explosions of another variety throughout the night - headed by the NAW Match of the Year so far. Mickey Jackson and Ryan O'Hare clashed in an Anything Goes Match, and it lived up to it's billed with chairs, a kendo stick, a metal rubbish bin, a disabled parking sign and even a ladder being used! And both the offense and the defense was spectacular and innovative! Jackson was getting more and more frustrated as the match went on, but finally a flip DDT into the rubbish bin was too much for him and O'Hare netted the three count. He offered his hand post match, but Mickey wanted nothing to do with it.

Alexi Papadopolous challenged Jarek Craven for the South Pacific title in a match that on any other night would have been match of the night. Both men had close calls, especially Craven who at one point nailed the spear only to take too long to cover and pay for it. Alexi got a full nelson dump - only to have Duke Von Wyld stop the count by putting Craven's foot on the ropes. Thinking he'd won, Papadopolous was wide open for another spear and this time Craven covered quickly and got the three count. He threatened to hit the vanquished with Von Wyld's cane but he thought better of it.

And if that wasn't enough, the night opened at a super fast pace with Ryan Rollins and Cletus Blood locking horns. But this match had a controversial finish when Cletus got Rollins with a German Suplex, and the referee counted and hesitated on the three because all four shoulders were down. Then to add to the situation, he saw that both men were in the ropes. Unable to make a decision, the referee decided to rule the match a no contest - leaving the South Pacific title without a number 1 contender. Rollins wanted a handshake, but Cletus (in a departure from his usually happy go lucky nature) refused to do so. The whole thing left a bad taste in his mouth obviously but it was hardly the fault of Rollins!

Lowzen and Vixsin went at it with taped fists for the Women's title, with Mad Dog McCrea in Vixsin's corner and he got involved by providing her with his chain. Lowzen though got in first with a smaller chain - perfectly legal in this one. However Vixsin was getting the better of it and went to finish it with the Fury Bomb - only to have Lowzen hold up allowing her sister Nikita Naridian to arm her with Mad Dog's chain and the champion decked Vixsin with the weapon and took the victory. She then jumped on Mad Dog who'd gone to check on Vixsin and she was flipped off - but worse was to come when McCrea then grabbed Nikita and penalised her for stealing his chain with a piledriver!! Luckily Nikita was okay.

Unlike the South Pacific title, the tag team titles now have number one contenders in the Sons of Anarchy. They defeated the team of Nick Eclipse and Paul Thornton, who didn't exactly gell well, and when Thornton was pinned after a German suplex/enziguri combination by Insano and Alex Haize he did nothing except walk off while Xavier Black painted Thornton's face with the SOA symbol.

In the last match, Slikk Steev returned to NAW tagging with the Tag Team champions the Slayer Player Connection against Death & Taxes and the commissioner James Jackson. This was another mayhem filled bout which ended when Lindo was about to dive on the battle on the floor when he was distracted by a female in the crowd. That left him vulnerable for the cheap shot by Jackson with the low blow while the referee was distracted by Duke Von Wyld and he rolled Lindo up for the win. Scott Slayer was not overly happy with his partner after that and at the end of the night the Seven Deadly Sins went three from three.