NAW January 15, 2011
"Seven Deadly Sins"

1. Ryan Rollins v Alexi Papadopolous - Papadopolous by submission with the Rings of Sparta
2. Mickey Jackson v Ryan O'Hare: No Time Limit Match - Jackson by pinfall after hitting O'Hare with a chair
3. Daniel Payne & Morphine v The Slayer Player Connection: 2 out of 3 Falls Tag Team Title Match
- Payne pinned Lindo after the Play of the Day
- Payne was disqualified when he was caught with Duke Von Wyld's cane
- Lindo pinned Morphine to retain the titles after a Stomp/Neckbreaker combination
4. Big Huss v Tank - Huss by pinfall after a modified Death Valley Driver
5. Vixsin v Lowzen: Women's Title Match - Lowzen by pinfall to retain the title with a roll up
6. George Julio v Jarek Craven: South Pacific Title Match - Craven by submission to retain the title with the Figure Four Leglock
7. Iron Horse Morrison v Josh Shooter: Heavyweight Title Match - No Contest

New Age Wrestling opened the new year with it's first show simply called "Seven Deadly Sins" on Saturday January 15 at the Maltese Cultural Centre in Albion.

And it was a mixed night for the new group.

On the plus side, South Pacific champion Jarek Craven managed to get the better of veteran George Julio thanks in part to Julio's leg injury inflicted on him by Craven in December. Despite his best efforts, Julio was caught in a Figure Four Leglock and the pain of that combined with his already existing leg issues - he had no choice but to tap out, and Craven then added insult to injury by attacking Julio post match - causing Alexi Papadopolous to run in and make the save. The worsening of the injury will keep Julio off the next show at least, and Papadopolous decided in dedication to the Hitman that he would cash in his number one contender's status at the next show!

Big Huss was another on the plus side, also taking advantage of a pre-existing injury. Tank's arm issues were still bothering him, but he was doing well - until he hurt the arm again while nailing the Dynamite Headbutt. It allowed Huss to execute the modified Death Valley Driver and take the victory, and Tank's injured arm was found to be so bad Sunday morning that he will need several months to recuperate.

But the SDS did have a negative. Death and Taxes started at a disadvantage from the get go, with Voodoo unable to recover in time from the table shot he got in December. The Taxman though had a partner to replace him in Morphine. That made things hard for the Slayer Player Connection in their two out of three falls title defence, and they fell behind on the first fall when Daniel Payne pinned Lindo after his version of former WWE Superstar Montel Porter's Play of the Day. But to even things up, Lindo pulled a stunt that the late Eddie Guerrero would have loved - making sure Payne was caught with Duke Von Wyld's cane in his hands ending the second fall in a DQ win for the champions. With renewed confidence on the deciding fall, the Connection nailed a combined Stomp/Neckbreaker on Morphine and Lindo pinned him to retain the titles.

However, NAW Commissioner James Jackson was focused on one match - the main event. Josh Shooter getting what he wanted. A title defence against Iron Horse Morrison in a match that originally Morrison wanted nothing to do with, but when Shooter ran his mouth way too much on the Internet he snapped and decided to do something about it. This was a competitive match up and at one point the champion somehow managed to actually lift the big man in a Fireman's Carry! Finally though, when it looked like Morrison was going to win the title after a chokeslam, the Taxman removed the referee from the ring! That caused a No Contest and the SDS charged! Luckily help arrived and the ring was cleared - and Shooter and Morrison shook hands in a show of respect for each other. Shooter then challenged the SDS to put their best two men in a tag team match. Jackson didn't like someone else making matches, but he accepted the challenge and put Big Huss and Morphine in against Shooter and Morrison - and added that if the SDS won, Jackson himself would get a title shot in March!

Alexi Papadopolous meanwhile had a warm up match for his South Pacific title shot (which of course he cashed in later in the night as mentioned above) taking on Ryan Rollins. Rollins surprised Alexi with his high flying, but he was going nowhere when Alexi locked in the Rings of Sparta for the tap out. Jarek Craven attacked Papadopolous after the match but Rollins chased him off - leading to a handshake between the two combatants, and maybe contributing to Alexi's challenge mentioned above.

Mickey Jackson and Ryan O'Hare went at it again, this time without the ten minute time limit - but Jackson took the cheap way out on this occasion, using a chair while the referee was down and then taking the gift. A furious O'Hare recovered and fired out a challenge for an Anything Goes match for the next show. That was accepted.

And Lowzen retained the women's title when Vixsin paid for her over confidence. She appeared to have the match won after nailing the Fury Bomb, but instead of going for the pin she went for a second one. And Lowzen went over the top and rolled her up and got the three count! A brawl broke out almost instantly with both girls letting fly and it took four men to break that up. Lowzen then challenged Vixsin to a taped fist match at the next show!! That could well be in a first in Australian women's wrestling.