NAW July 25, 2008 (St.Albans)

1. Lowzen & Mad Dog McCrea v George Julio & Vixsin - Lowzen & McCrea by DQ when Julio hit McCrea with a chair
2. Vlad v Brimstone - Brimstone by pinfall after the chokeslam
3. Tommy Hellfire v Chris Trance - Hellfire by pinfall after the F5
4. Scott Slayer v Sheik El Zacqwi: Non Title Match - El Zacqwi by pinfall after the Backcracker
5. Iron Horse v The Grudge: No DQ Weapons Match - Iron Horse by pinfall after a chair shot
6. Sho Kazugi & Gran Tatsuo v Sammy Souvlaki & Charlie Marciano - Souvlaki & Marciano by pinfall when Marciano pinned Tatsuo after a splash
7. Tank v Pitbull: Non Title Match - Tank by pinfall after a leg drop

REPORT (done on the hop at a poor venue)
Lowzen and Vixsin started. Lowzen in trouble. Huracanrana got her a tag. On the floor like that between the guys. Neither in control until a power bomb by Julio to block corner punches. Julio went to work. Double clothesline and then McCrea blasted Vixsin and tagged. Lozwen on fire but got caught in a back suplex. Lowzen in trouble. Big vertical suplex! Julio tagged in again. Mad Dog made the save from a leg scissors, but he had to be shoed out. So he launched a somersault planca after Lowzen was double teamed on the floor! Chair was brought in for the DQ.

Brimstone clearly the stronger. But Vlad tried and he used wrestling to tie him up. However he was eventually dumped. And finished quickly.

Even start between Tommy and Chris. Neither could take control. Tommy eventually bailed and Chris followed. Then Chris missed a kick and jarred it on the apron and Tommy ran him into the ring post. Despite a roll up Trance was in bother. He found a knee but ran into a clothesline. Tommy was wearing him down. Huge Fallaway Slam! Couldn't put him away though. Trance came back with a pair of Northern Lights suplexes on adrenalin. He got onto a roll and got the ? but only for two. Tommy got him with a boot. But he missed the boot in the corner. Chris fired back, but he got caught with that boot the second time. The Rock Bottom - only two! Tommy argued with the referee and paid for it. Both men were hurting. Tommy finally finished it.

Sheik wants Obama to win, so they can replace Star Spangle Banner with his music box! Slayer was into him as soon as the bell rang and the crowd loved it! But a shot to the knee turned it. Sheik's buddy was doing damage on the floor. Sheik was nasty as always. Back drop got Slayer a break, and Sheik headed for the floor to regroup. Trip from the outside by Sheik's buddy turned it back. But then Sheik got caught on the top and slammed. Spinebuster got a two count. Sheik bowing. Got a Japanese drop kick for it. Sheik's buddy distracted Slayer and they went nose to nose on the floor. Sheik took advantage. DDT surprised him for a two count! He got the pumphandle dump for two, but Sheik's buddy distracted him again. Sheik caught him with the backcracker.

The No DQ match was going to be a fight. Neither man in control. Low blow by Grudge. Iron Horse on the floor. Chair shot. IH fought back, and got in a shot with the kendo stick. In the crowd. And up to the bar area. Grudge put IH head first into a table sending some glasses flying. Back in the ring chair shot from the second rope got two. Battle for a suplex won by IH. He went up but got caught. Superplex. Chair across the body and Grudge went up. Splash - but he picked him up! He paid for that with a chokeslam. Two count. Finally IH finished it with a huge shot that bent the chair.

The Japs jump started this but they were soon in trouble in an early break down. But Sammy was soon in trouble. A surprise DDT gave him the chance, but the referee didn't see the tag. Tatsuo missed the splash - and there's the tag. Marciano worked it out and got the spinebuster. False three count (I can do that!) but then he got it after a top rope bulldog from Sammy and then a splash.

Pitbull was going to have a go at the fans but Tank protected them. Tank was strong and Pitbull had trouble with that. What a flying enziguri by Tank! Two count. But he missed the headbutt from the top. Pitbull in control. He took it to the floor and threw Tank into the chairs. Tank found something but got whipped into the ringpost. In the ring a hotshot stopped a fightback. Tank found a couple of elbows and he stunned Pitbull - and an in ring moonsault! Tank went up again but he got caught and given a double arm superplex! Pitbull couldn't finish it though. He went for a table and brought it in and set it up in the corner, but he missed the spear and split it! Legdrop finished it!