NAW June 7, 2008

These results may not be in order except for the main event
1. Charlie Marciano & The Chapel Street Crew defeated Scott Slayer, Brimstone & Don Carlo
2. Chuck E Chaos defeated Jermaine Boom
3. Lowzen & Vixsin defeated Gizelle Gunn & Zahlia
4. Mad Dog McCrea defeated Sheik El Zacqwi by DQ
5. Sho Kazugi defeated The Candyman
6. The Banditos defeated Tommy Hellfire & Chris Trance to retain the Tag Team Titles
7. The Pitbull defeated Chip to retain the Heavyweight Title

A good solid crowd attended last night's show at the NAW Arena in Albion. Peter was back, and we tried a three man commentary with me back behind the sound desk doing the music as well. Not a good idea given that it distracted me just enough to cause a couple of stuff ups! (I wasn't helped by the presence of Cameron Read in the crowd!)

The Pitbull opened the show by presenting the "Pitbull Appreciation Night" complete with champagne on ice. But he failed to take into account the open contract for challengers for his NAW Heavyweight title, and his party was crashed by his newest challenger - Chip! He poured the champagne over the champion's head before turning over his easy chair. Pitbull was struggling to regain his feet as Chip announced that he was challenging him for the title that night.

Pitbull was so angry he didn't bother to bring his title belt to the ring. He just charged the ring and started the match head on! Chip fired back with his array of high flying moves, but when he was knocked off the top rope to the floor he was stunned and the Pitbull looked to take advantage. He kept Chip on the mat but he was frustrated by several close counts to the point that he was getting right into the referee's face. Chip eventually found a way to make him pay for that. However just like the last show Pitbull was proving to be resilient. So was Chip, but when he was collected with the spear he was done - and the Pitbull survived another surprise challenger. Who will it be next show?

Laser was unable to make it to the NAW Arena, so Chris Trance needed another partner to challenge the Banditos for the tag team titles. He chose Tommy Hellfire, and the two worked well together. But when things broke down Hellfire ended up on the floor and Trance was pinned by Iron Horse and the champions retained the titles. Trance and Hellfire seemed to exchange words, but then they shook hands and Hellfire raised his partner's arm - and then clotheslined him down! Hellfire beat on Trance and left him lying. I'm sure that will get back to Laser and Hellfire will have (pardon the pun) hell to pay!

It would seem that Commissioner Baron Valiant has now decided to target the Candyman. He had given him the match against newcomer Sho Kazugi - who was proving to be a handful for the King of the Kids. However when the Candyman had control, Valiant diverted the attention of the referee Chop Chop, and Kazugi was replaced by the similarly dressed but way heavier and bigger Gran Tatsuo! And Chop Chop didn't notice the difference, irritating the crowd beyond belief. Michael Michaels appeared on stage to observe proceedings, and when Tatsuo squashed Chop Chop by accident - he acted by running to the ring and counting three rather quickly as the Candyman rolled Kazugi up! Chop Chop however wouldn't have it and reversed the decision after throwing the senior official out of the ring! Baron Valiant then engineered a beat down with the masked men joined by Iron Horse and Brimstone in mugging the Candyman. Even Chop Chop got a couple of licks in! One expects the Candyman to look for retribution at the next show.

But if Baron Valiant thinks he's the most unpopular person in NAW, he's got a long way to go to catch up to the South Pacific Champion, Sheik El Zacqwi. He was jeered so much it resembled the jeer fest Vicki Guerrero gets on WWE Smackdown! He defended his title against Mad Dog McCrea, and this at times was a brawl of the highest order. The Sheik eventually got desperate and grabbed his title belt, and McCrea blocked it - only to get a kick to the groin and El Zacqwi used the belt to get disqualified. That's the second time that's happened after Dingley in early May. Expect McCrea to demand another shot at the title, and maybe with a stipulation to stop him from getting DQed.

It was mayhem in the six man tag, with Charlie Marciano in particular going after Don Carlo. Marciano seemed to fit in nicely with the Chapel Street Crew, and they got the win after Sammy Souvlaki squashed Carlo and Marciano took the gift. But the bigger story outside the ring was Tony Focaccia getting torn apart by Brimstone and Scott Slayer. He came out of that with some broken ribs, and at this point he may not be right for the next show.

In other matches, Vixen surprised everyone by announcing that her tag team partner against the Gunn Sisters was the NAW women's champion Lowzen! The champion wasn't sure - and no surprise in that given that it was Lowzen who won the title from Vixen last year. But she decided to accept, and it ended up being a good idea. Lowzen and Vixen ended up besting Gizelle and Zahlia Gunn as Vixen pinned her former valet after the Fury Bomb.

And Chuck E Chaos made his return to NAW and defeated the Russian Vlad after a sit out power bomb.