NAW May 24, 2008 (Hobart City Hall)

1. Vixen v Lowzen: Non Title Match - Vixen by DQ when Lowzen was caught with a chair
2. Slikk Steev v George Julio: Chair on a Pole Match - Steev by DQ when Vixen interfered
3. Tommy Hellfire v Sammy Souvlaki v Braith Priest - Priest by pinfall on Souvlaki after a Frog Splash
4. Sinister v H-Flame: KPW Title match - H-Flame by pinfall to retain the title with a small package
5. Iron Horse v Max Damage - Damage by submission with the Combo Clutch
6. The Bastard Brothers v Enforcer & Brave Dave: PWA Tag Team Title Match - The Bastard Brothers by pinfall to retain the titles when Logan pinned Enforcer after a step shot from Krackerjack
7. Tank v Pitbull: Non Title Match - Tank by pinfall with a roll up

Hobart City Hall is an old fashioned venue with a second tier level (which I gleefully had to myself - such is my importance as NAW publicity officer!) and is an ideal home for wrestling.

Chris Knight was scheduled to challenge the Pitbull for the NAW title, but a hand injury was preventing him from doing that. However he had a replacement, and that was the cue for Tank to appear with fellow NZers Max Damage and H Flame. They faced off and Pitbull was not happy.

The women's title wasn't on the line as Lowzen and Vixen squared off. Vixen was soon in control and squealing like a banshee while she was about it. Lowzen struck back, but she was caught in mid air and given a Fallaway Slam. That evened things up and the battle was soon on the floor where Chop Chop tried to break it up and was knocked over. Vixen grabbed a chair and back in the ring she was going to use it, but Lowzen disarmed her. However she was going to make Vixen pay when the referee caught her amd DQed her! That started a cat fight before Lowzen decided she'd had enough and Vixen wanted more!

Vixen returned in the corner of George Julio for his match with Slikk Steev in a Chair on a Pole match. Julio was being his usual nasty self and Steev had to work for a way back. He did it - only to get a mule kick while the referee was occupied with Vixen. She interjected more than once, and on the floor Steev fought back with knife edges (including one for the interfering valet) but back in the ring Julio nailed a clothesline. Steev fought back again but he was low bridged. Then Julio tried to blast him on the floor but he got Vixen by accident! Steev went for the chair, but he was stopped. The battle from pillar to post, with Steev constantly coming back with a move that caught the Hitman only for the Hitman to find and answer. Both men were down, and Steev got back again with a flying enziguri. He went for the chair and got it, but that caused Vixen to get into the ring and interfere - with Julio getting DQed for it. In the mayhem that followed Lowzen returned to help. Result - a mixed tag for the next Hobart show.

Tommy Hellfire was running his mouth pre match and he was low bridged to allow Braith Priest and Sammy Souvlaki to go at it nice and within the rules. Hellfire stopped that by dragging Priest to the floor, and tha battle was busted up by Sammy with a suicide drop. This was hard to follow as usual - with the sideshow of Sammy taking a mobile call! It finished when Priest nailed a Frog Splash on Souvlaki for the win. They shook hands afterwards, but Hellfire quickly got in Priest's face that he didn't beat him!

The Kiwi Pro Wrestling title was on the line as the champion H-Flame defended against Sinister. And I love the harka! Tank and Max Damage didn't stay though because they didn't need to. Flame was showing some deceptive power, and it took some cheap stuff to turn matters around. Sinister let the fans get to him and he paid for that. Flame took it to the floor, and he was run into the ring post to give Sinister another chance. But he didn't take it despite an Indian Deathlock, and a double clothesline had both men down. Flame was up first and they exchanged sleeperholds, but Flame got the small package and the win.

It was a test of power between Iron Horse and Max Damage. Iron Horse managed to win that with some leverage from his height advantage, and he resisted the shots to the hamstring - until Damage got his leg a beauty with an Undertaker style leg drop on the apron. However he missed a shot on the leg over the barricade as Iron Horse got out of the way. The shoulder soon became a target as this became a battle of attrition. A low blow got Iron Horse a break but the full nelson failed to do the job. A side suplex helped and the abdominal stretch was applied. Damage managed to escape and he applied a version of a leglock called the Combo Clutch. Iron Horse got to the ropes, but he was soon caught in it again - and when Damage grapevined it Iron Horse was going nowhere and he tapped out.

Another non NAW title was on the line as the Bastard Brothers defended the PWA tag team titles they won at PWA Reunion back in March. This was against the team they won it from - the Enforcer and Brave Dave. And Krackerjack wanted to know what they were going to do about it. He shouldn't have asked! Logan was soon in bother, but he found a way out and Dave was copping it in the wrong corner. However he was soon exchanging shots with Krackerjack and he blocked the Spinal Tap and nailed the Diamond Cutter! This soon broke down on the floor, with the Enforcer nailing a somersault plancha - only to get a Tornado DDT from the apron from Krackerjack. Back in the ring the champions had control with Krackerjack blatantly mocking the referee's count. The Enforcer tried to battle his way out of the wrong corner but he got nowhere until he ducked a double clothesline amd got a handspring elbow on Logan. He then decked Krackerjack and tagged. Dave cleaned house and things were breaking down again. Krackerjack nailed the Enforcer with the Britney Spear but he didn't take the cover - and the Enforcer came back and got the Wolfenstein. Krackerjack wasn't legal though and Logan came back. Krackerjack snuck in a shot from the floor with the small steps, and Logan took the gift.

Chris Knight - who was commentating with Peter Farry for the night - wasted no time giving static to the Pitbull before the main event. Pitbull was avoiding the lock up and it was a set up for a drop toe hold. But Tank was soon on the attack and the NAW champion was battling. It took a shove on the referee into the ropes to stun Tank as he was going up, and the Pitbull went to work. He was in control and the arrogance showed. Tank was dumped in the ropes, but the Pitbull couldn't polish him off. He decked Tank on the floor and then blatantly decked Knight! Tank fought back only to get flattened with a vicious clothesline and a close two count! Tank again came back and nailed the flying shoulder block before he locked in the Boston Crab. Pitbull got to the ropes and then raked Tank's eyes, only to take too long and copped a Samoan Drop. A hand on the ropes stopped the count but the Pitbull was soon in control with a low blow that had Knight out of his seat and complaining. That may have not helped Tank as the Pitbull grabbed some metal knuckles and used them. Knight grabbed the steps and tried to tell the referee he'd used that - and the referee took it away. But that was what Knight wanted - as he grabbed the knucks and hit the Pitbull! Tank rolled him up and got the pin.