NAW April 19, 2008

These results may not be in order except for the main event
1. Braithe Priest defeated Jermaine Boom
2. Laser & Chris Trance defeated Scott Slayer & AJ Edwards
3. Don Carlo defeated Charlie Marciano by reverse decision
4. Sheik El Zacqwi & the Freedom Warrior defeated Tommy Hellfire & Slikk Steev
5. Lowzen defeated Vixsin and Gizelle Gunn to retain the Women's Title
6. The Candyman defeated Brimstone
7. The Banditos defeated The Chapel Street Crew to retain the Tag Team Titles
8. The Pitbull defeated Mad Dog McCrea to retain the Heavyweight Title

It was standing room only last Saturday at the Maltese Cultural Centre as the place packed out for a great show. Peter Farry was unfortunately absent, so delightfully I had to step in to handle the ring announcing and commentary duties with James Jackson - leaving the music with someone else.

The tone was set early when the NAW heavyweight champion, the Pitbull, headed for the ring at the invitation of NAW commissioner Baron Valiant to put his open challenge in writing. The champion obliged - and quickly he was confronted with Mad Dog McCrea and an answer to the challenge. And Mad Dog wanted it right there and then. The Pitbull told him it would be on HIS time, and the Baron agreed - signing the title match as the main event.

And as a main event - the match delivered. McCrea started proceedings outside the ring with a somersault plancha from the top rope and both men were lacing into each other. At one point, the Pitbull risked a disqualification by introducing a table in the corner, but he ended up being the one who crashed through it as he went for a spear and Mad Dog dodged the bullet. But to his credit, the champion got his shoulder up at two and nine/tenths! Mad Dog tried to finish things off but walked into a boot in the corner, and when the challenger ducked a clothesline he came off the ropes and ran straight into the spear for the pinfall. The Pitbull retained the title.

The commissioner had a busy night - getting involved in a number of matches through his paid off henchman, referee Chop Chop. Three times on the night wrestlers got screwed, including the Chapel Street Crew for the second show in a row. After losing the titles at the last show in highly controversial circumstances, they were on their way to regaining them - when Valiant came to ringside. It was the cue for Chop Chop - who up until that point was actually being fair and impartial - to just watch George Julio clock both Sammy Souvlaki and Tony Focaccia with his favourite steel chair, and then count three as Iron Horse took the gift. There were hugs all round as the Banditos retained the Tag Team Titles.

Two more people who have an axe to grind with the Commissioner are the Candyman and Charlie Marciano. The Candyman beat Brimstone fair and square, only for Valiant and Chop Chop to come in and Chop Chop hit the King of the kids with a chair! Brimstone made the cover and Chop Chop - who was not the match official - counted three. That resulted in a push and shove between Chop Chop and senior official Michael Michaels. Marciano also won his match fair and square over Don Carlo, only for Chop Chop (via the Baron) to reverse the decision as Carlo was in the ropes? Only two people in whole building believed that!

It would seem there's some trouble brewing between Tommy Hellfire and the South Pacific champion, Sheik El Zacqwi. The Sheik's tag team partner was the Freedom Warrior (formerly the Wog Warrior) and they managed to get the victory when El Zacqwi rolled up Hellfire. This was after everything broke down when Slikk Steev nailed the Slikkocity on the Warrior.

Lowzen only had about two hours notice of her opposition in her match, and just as much notice that her title was on the line. It was in a triple threat match with her opponents being former champion Vixen, and Gizelle Gunn - who was accompanied by Zahlia. The match went to the floor at one stage with Lowzen dropping from the top rope to the floor on Gunn and Zahlia - and then all three being floored by Vixen with a suicide dive. But things got all screwy when Gunn and Zahlia - who were dressed identically - switched places. Vixen was totally confused and Lowzen pounced with a roll up and the surprise pinfall to retain her title. Vixen was furious and all but chucking a tantrum in the ring as Gunn and Zahlia celebrated. Lowzen meanwhile had her own problems when she was confronted in the aisle by the Headmaster - who picked her up and carried her out of the arena! The look in Lowzen's eyes said it all - sheer terror!

In other matches, Braith Priest got the better of Jermaine Boom - while Lazer and Chris Trance defeated Scott Slayer and last minute replacement for Vlad, AJ Edwards. Unfortunately for Edwards, not only was he pinned - he was also beaten down by a furious Slayer post match.