NAW March 1, 2008

1. Vlad v AJ Edwards - Vlad by pinfall after a side Russian Leg Sweep
2. Lowzen v Gizelle Gunn: Non Title Match - Lowzen by pinfall after a flying bodypress
3. Lowzen v Vixen: Non Title Match - Lowzen by pinfall after the Stratusfaction
4. The Candyman v Scott Slayer - The Candyman by pinfall after a Diamond Cutter
5. Brimstone & Jimmy Mustang v Chris Trance & Tommy Hellfire - Trance & Hellfire by pinfall when Hellfire pinned Brimstone with a double arm hook up
6. Slikk Steev v Sheik El Zacqwi: South Pacific Title Match - Steev by DQ when Brimstone interfered
7. The Chapel Street Crew v Iron Horse & George Julio: Tag Team Title Match - Iron Horse & Julio by pinfall to win the titles when Iron Horse pinned Souvlaki after a series of chair shots by Julio
8. Chuck E Chaos v The Pitbull v The Enforcer: NAW Heavyweight Title Match - The Pitbull by pinfall on Chaos to win the title after a spear

I was a busy boy at this show - taking notes on my audio note taker for the first time and also running the music. It gave me a plum spot to watch the show from, although I had to go to the ring at one point when I got picked out by the Sheik to collect his gear! I wasn't going to argue with the guy! I happen to value my teeth!

I'll never work out the NAW board of directors. They have now appointed the fourth new commissioner in 13 months! Replacing Jungle Cat and then Russ Kellett I understand, but what was wrong with the job Peter Farry was doing? And Baron Valiant was hardly the best choice as events on the night panned out. For a start, the Pitbull wanted in on the main event despite getting his teeth rattled by a superkick at the last show by the Enforcer. Nevertheless, Baron agreed to make the main event a triple threat match.

And that was just the start. The Baron then inserted himself into the women's title picture, after Lowzen successfully defended her title against Gizelle Gunn. She got a second match just like that - against the former champion Vixen! Luckily she survived that thanks to Vixen actually letting her up when she had her - finishing it with the springboard bulldog that WWE fans will remember as Trish Stratus's finisher, but then she was suddenly triple teamed by Vixen, Zahlia and Gizelle - before the HEADMASTER (of all people) made the save! Lowzen had a smile on her face, but she seemed somewhat perplexed! I don't blame her!

But the big move by the Baron came during the tag team title match. It started when the champions somehow managed to get Iron Horse up for the Fully Sick Flapjack and they got it! George Julio flattened referee Michael Michaels to make sure the three count wasn't registered and he then did the same to both members of the Chapel Street Crew using a chair - and the new commissioner pounced. He sent Chop Chop to the ring, and Sammy Souvlaki was counted down after the Julio chair shots. The Baron then gave Chop Chop a fistful of cash! Not the first time Chop Chop's been paid off I have to say, but this was a big one for a title change. When Michaels recovered he and Chop Chop got into a push and shove over what had happened. Souvlaki and Focaccia wanted a rematch and they'll get it - but with Chop Chop as the referee!

That made the main event triple threat - which Chop Chop had control of - a source of major intrigue. However on this occasion he remained impartial. The Enforcer seemed to be restricted somewhat throughout the bout and Chuck did his best. But the Pitbull got him with the spear and the Enforcer couldn't do a thing about the three count. He later admitted he went into the match injured - explaining his restricted performance - and he will be taking time off to heal his wounds.

Veteran Jimmy Mustang made his NAW debut (his last appearance on this side of town was for ARPW in Melton in early 2003) and the huge Brimstone also debuted against a refreshed Chris Trance teaming up with Tommy Hellfire. And when the two big men faced off it was very much a case of "Hellfire and Brimstone" (thank you, Peter Farry!) as neither man was taking a backwards step. This was a relatively even bout that Trance and Hellfire won as Trance helped his partner lock in a double arm hook up to pin Brimstone.

Brimstone and Hellfire then got involved in the South Pacific Title rematch between Slikk Steev and Sheik El Zacqwi. The Sheik was in a foul mood (making me grateful I escaped with my life let alone my teeth!!) and Steev was paying for it early. The dirty tricks were coming out but Steev found a way to pay him back on a number of occasions. However the Sheik wouldn't let up - and wanted the referee to raise his hand before he even got the job done - and a DDT put a stop to that piece of histrionics! Steev got the Slikkocity, but in came Brimstone to get the Sheik disqualified. Hellfire ran in to make the save, and a furious Sheik fired out a challenge to Slikk and Hellfire for a tag team match next show - and he would choose his own partner.

Scott Slayer did his best against the bigger Candyman and actually managed to give the King of the Kids a lot of trouble. But it took one shot to finish Slayer, as the Candyman avoided an attempt at a Downward Spiral and he got a Diamond Cutter for the victory.

Vlad made his main show debut after a few dark matches against AJ Edwards, and he did well upending AJ with a very impactful Side Russian Leg Sweep.

The next show will be on April 19 at Albion.