NAW December 8, 2007

1. Sammy Souvlaki v Nick Eclipse - Souvlaki by pinfall after a Frog Splash
2. Vixen & Zahlia v Lowzen & Kellie Skater - Lowzen & Skater by DQ when Zahlia hit Skater with the women's title belt
3. The Candyman v Tommy Hellfire - The Candyman by pinfall after the Chupa Chup
4. Slikk Steev v Sheik El Zacqwi: South Pacific Title Tournament Final - El Zacqwi by pinfall to win the title after a chair shot
5. Tank & Scorpion v Iron Horse & George Julio - Iron Horse & Julio by pinfall when Iron Horse pinned Tank after the Doomsday Device
6. Royal Rumble - Chuck E Chaos last eliminating Bradman
7. The Pitbull v The Enforcer: NAW Heavyweight Title Match - The Enforcer by pinfall to retain the title after a Superkick

This report will be shorter than usual because I was unable to watch the show in full as in previous shows. But there was a very good reason for this. For the first time since 2005, I was refereeing at an NAW show! Chop Chop couldn't make the show, so I did the dark match between Vlad and Don Carlo as well as what is in blue above. It was great to be back albeit temporarily.

Prior to his scheduled title defence against the Pitbull, the Enforcer issued an open challenge for the first show of 2008. Challengers came from almost everywhere! Peter Farry was quick to sort that one out, signing a Royal Rumble to determine who would get that shot on March 1. I didn't see much of the main event, but the champion won after the superkick.

The Rumble was nuts with plenty happening on the floor and an annoyed Braith Priest nearly decking me! But it came down to Bradman and Chuck Chaos, with Bradman doing all the damage. However he was trying to make some sort of point with pinfalls after dropping the Dynamite Headbutt not once, but three times. He ended up paying for that as Chuck reversed a whip and it was Bradman who went flying to give Chuck the title shot in March.

We have a new South Pacific champion, and it's the Sheik, Mohammed El Zacqwi. He had help in the huge Hussan Bin Farrar at ringside, and between them they used every dirty trick in the book. But putting Steev away was another matter as he survived again and again. At one point the Sheik tried to trick the referee into a DQ - which in a tournament final would have given El Zacqwi the title - but the referee consulted the crowd and ordered the match to continue. That was what Steev needed and he nailed the Slikkocity - but Farrar was there again for the distraction. Finally a chair shot was one too much - and the dirty win. Peter Farry wasted no time signing a rematch for March 1.

The match between the Candyman and Tommy Hellfire was a good one. It's not very often that the King of the Kids is faced with someone as tall as he is. Hellfire was as cocky as heck, and got some good shots in - but he got caught with a superplex that made me jump from the impact, and the flying splash (the Chupa Chup) finished the match off.

Lowzen and Kellie Skater were angry after Vixen and Zahlia attacked them after their title match at the last show - and they charged the ring and jump started the tag match! I didn't see much of this, but Vixen failed in her attempt to get a rematch when the heels were disqualified for Zahlia's use of the title belt to flatten Kellie.

In the other matches, Iron Horse and George Julio got a title shot at the Chapel Street Crew on March 1 with a win over the Tank and Scorpion and Sammy Souvlaki defeated Nick Eclipse.