NAW November 17, 2007

1. Slikk Steev v Scott Slayer: South Pacific Title Qualifying match - Steev by pinfall after an exhausted Slayer collapsed
2. Tony Focaccia v Jermaine Boom: South Pacific Title Qualifying match - Focaccia by pinfall after the sit out FU
3. Sammy Souvlaki v Mad Dog McCrea: South Pacific Title Qualifying match - McCrea by pinfall after a Piledriver
4. The Candyman v Sheik El Zacqwi: South Pacific Title Qualifying match - El Zacqwi by DQ when the referee caught the Candyman "using a chair"
5. Kellie Skater v Lowzen: Women's Title Match - Lowzen by submission to retain the title with the Indian Deathlock
6. Scorpion & Tank v George Julio & The Pitbull - Double DQ
7. The Enforcer v Iron Horse: No DQ Falls Count Anywhere NAW Heavyweight Title Match - The Enforcer by pinfall to win the title after the superkick

There was plenty of excitement to greet the crowd at Albion for this show.

Commissioner Peter Farry wasted no time establishing the stipulations for the NAW title match, much to the chagrin of Iron Horse who was especially annoyed when Farry told him that anyone who came within 2 metres of the ring during the match would be fined and suspended indefinitely. Farry wanted to ensure this match was one on one despite it being a no DQ Falls Count anywhere match. The Enforcer was quick to make his intentions clear by removing all the top turnbuckle pads before the champion even got out there. That ended up costing the challenger early and Iron Horse went to work on the back. The Enforcer managed to find a target in Iron Horse's leg after the champion missed a boot in the corner and the leg ended up hanging over the top rope. But it was going to take more than aching limbs to stop either of these men. The Enforcer tried to use a sleeper hold on no less than three occasions and eventually matters went to the floor, and the challenger mustered up enough adrenaline to slam Iron Horse! But then he was distracted when George Julio, Don Carlo and the Pitbull appeared in the aisle beyond the two metre limit dragging the Enforcer's good friend Gizelle Gunn! The challenger decked Iron Horse on the floor with a somersault plancha, and then he was up the aisle to rescue Gizelle. But it was what the champion wanted, and he recovered and grabbed the Enforcer and slammed him on the aisle steps! Gizelle was distraught as the referee kept her out of harm's way, and she was even shoved down by the champion as he took charge. But not one but two chokeslams didn't do the job - and the second sent the challenger for a flip! Iron Horse went for a third, and the Enforcer avoided it and nailed the superkick! It was over, and the 16 month reign of Iron Horse was over. New NAW champion!

The qualifying matches for the vacant South Pacific title were completed. Four matches were held, but in the end only two really mattered. Slikk Steev shut the gate by winning his second match, this time over Scott Slayer who needed the win to have any chance of getting to the final. But in the end Steev's pace exhausted Slayer - plus the fact that the referee had thrown out Slayer's sidekick Jedidiah Torture. He tried a move but ended up dumping Steev and collapsed and Steev got on top and got the three count.

The matches that ended up meaning nothing in the tournament both involved the NAW tag team champions. This was the first time since they won the titles that the Chapel Street crew hasn't defended the titles on a show. It was a case two polar opposites. On the one hand - Tony Focaccia had NAW debutante Jermaine Boom. On the other hand - Sammy Souvlaki had former PWA Australian champion Mad Dog McCrea. Focaccia managed to deal with Boom, but Souvlaki had much more trouble. He held his own though and the result was one of the matches of the year seen at the NAW Arena. McCrea got the win and had Slayer defeated Slikk Steev he may have been a chance for a spot in the South Pacific Title final.

As it was, Steev was there - and the other spot was down to two men. Old enemies the Candyman and Sheik El Zacqwi. And senior official Michael Michaels wasn't taking any guff from the Arab! But a complaint about hair pulling (when the Sheik had about as much hair as a newborn baby!) distracted the referee and the Candyman and the Sheik took advantage. He was nasty as usual, but the bigger Candyman fired up in response to the knife edges on the floor. El Zacqwi ended up begging off, but he snuck in the low blow out of the referee's vision - as the Headmaster arrived at ringside! Wearing the Arabian head gear and armed with a chair. The referee was sandwiched in the corner, and the Candyman had it won when he nailed the Chupa Chup - but there was no official to make the count. The Candyman went to help him - and the Headmaster gave the chair to El Zacqwi! The Arab lined up the King of the Kids - but then he changed his mind and slammed the chair on the mat and put himself down! The referee recovered and he fell for it and disqualified the Candyman! Eddie Guerrero would have flipped in his grave over that one. Sheik El Zacqwi went through to the final with two wins and will meet Slikk Steev at the next show to fill the vacancy.

Lowzen had her first title defence against friend Kellie Skater. Skater was fresh off a four way match in Sydney and began to take control of the match after an even start. The champion answered with a leg lariat, and she targeted Skater's leg. Despite a clothesline reply Lowzen kept at it, and when she locked in and bridged her version of the Indian Deathlock Skater tapped out. But no one saw the former champion Vixen and her valet Zahlia sneak into the ringside area through a side door - and as Lowzen checked on her friend, the two got into the ring and attacked. Clearly Vixen was a sore loser and she got the microphone and demanded a rematch against Lowzen for the title. But Commissioner Farry wouldn't give it to her. Instead, he ordered a tag team match for the next show forcing Zahlia to make her wrestling debut in the process.

Tank was back in action after his knee surgery, and he tagged up with Scorpion who was making his first appearance in a while. They took on George Julio and the Pitbull to decide who will get a title shot at the Chapel Street Crew at the next show. The good guys started well but the Pitbull was living up to his name and fighting like one! It took a Fallaway Slam to give the Pitbull enough time to tag Julio and he found a clothesline to give the heels control of the match. Scorpion found ways to surprise his opponents, but he couldn't find his corner - until he scored with a flying leg scissors. When Tank got the tag he cleaned house! It didn't take long for things to break down and a kendo stick was introduced. When the referee saw it both sides were using it - so he disqualified both teams. Commissioner Farry signed a rematch for the next show, so the Chapel Street Crew have to wait until 2008 for their newest challengers.

The next and final show for 2007 will be on December 8 - with a special show this Saturday at the Dingley Village. I won't be able to make it unfortunately.