NAW October 27, 2007

1. The Candyman v Tre: South Pacific Title Qualifying match - The Candyman by pinfall after Tre missed the Dynamite Headbutt
2. Nick Eclipse v Slikk Steev: South Pacific Title Qualifying match - Steev by pinfall after Eclipse was hit by Jedidiah Torture by accident
3. Sheik El Zacqwi v Scott Slayer: South Pacific Title Qualifying match - El Zacqwi by pinfall with a roll up
4. Lowzen v Vixen: Women's Title Match - Lowzen by pinfall to win the title with a roll up
5. Sammy Souvlaki & Tony Focaccia v Barry & Larry Lawrence: NAW Tag Team Title Match - Souvlaki & Focaccia by pinfall to retain the titles when Focaccia pinned Larry after the Sit Out FU
6. The Enforcer, Brave Dave, Champagne Pyro & Mad Dog McCrea v Iron Horse, George Julio, Craig Cole & Logan - The Enforcer, Dave, Pyro & McCrea by pinfall when Enforcer pinned Logan after the superkick

This NAW show was something of a changing of the guard, with a new commissioner, the start of the search for a new South Pacific champion and one other title change.

The wrestler's union has been established and they forced NAW to appoint a new commissioner to replace the inactive and absent Russ Kellett. The new appointee was Peter Farry, who accepted the decision whilst hanging onto his present job as commentator. And the Enforcer put him on the spot right away, wanting a rematch against Iron Horse. Farry decided to be fair, and told the Enforcer he could have it - as long as his team won the main event.

For such a huge match, Farry appointed a special referee - and that was the former South Pacific champion Tank (who is recovering well from his knee surgery). It was duelling intros with the Enforcer bringing in his regular tag team partner Brave Dave, former PWA Victorian champion Champagne Pyro and former PWA Australian champion Mad Dog McCrea. Iron Horse sprung a surprise with the return of former NAW tag team champion Craig Cole to replace the absent Bradman, along with his mentor George Julio and another former PWA Australian champion Logan. The match started with a series of "No, I won't face him" tags until we finally settled on Logan and Pyro. Pyro started on fire until he ate a Logan boot. However he found a terrific DDT to answer that, and a double tag started an old fashioned brawl between Julio and McCrea. The action was fast and hard as the good guys managed to isolate Cole, but soon the bad guys had Pyro in bother. It wasn't until then that Iron Horse finally tagged in - and he showed tremendous agility with a spinning heel kick! But Pyro found a way out and he made the tag - and all heck broke loose! I couldn't follow it all, and finally the Enforcer nailed Logan with a superkick after Logan decided to pick on Tank and got the shoulder tackle for it, and the Enforcer got the pin to get his title rematch at the next show. And Julio and McCrea had an angry exchange of words - could they meet at the next show also?

The Chapel Street Crew continued to show that they were fighting champions facing the Lawrence Brothers - and the Road Dogg just called, guys. The New Age Outlaws want their line back! This started evenly, but Larry didn't help matters by loudly calling for a power bomb! It was blocked and the champions were in control. The challengers managed to find a way out, then Barry repeated his brother's tactic with a loud call - a Figure Four Leglock this time. But the call must have been in the heat of the moment because he had no idea how to do it! Being a fair minded guy, Sammy Souvlaki tried to explain it to him. But he still couldn't do it, and gave up and demanded Sammy demonstrate. And he did much to Barry's horror, causing Larry to break it up. Hilarious spot! But it did give the Lawrence brothers control of the match, until Souvlaki found a fishbone suplex and made the tag. Control of the match was lost soon after, and Barry put a stop to the Fully Sick Flapjack. But it ended up being for nought as Tony Focaccia nailed Larry with a sit out FU for the pin.

The tournament for the vacant South Pacific title began - running on a points system instead of the usual knockout format. Tre made his NAW debut and had to face the Candyman. He made a great account of himself getting to the knee of the King of the Kids, and showing some strength as well with a vertical suplex! A Samoan Drop set up the Dynamite Headbutt, but the Candyman had done his homework and dodged the bullet and picked up the scraps. Tre was a good loser post match.

The luck of the draw put Nick Eclipse and Slikk Steev against each other again - and Steev showed his dedication to the fans, getting Eclipse's right hand man Jedidiah Torture out of the faces of a handful of fans at ringside. This was a yo-yo match up, with Torture getting involved more than once. Eventually Steev decided to teach him a lesson, dumping him on top of Eclipse and nailing both of them with the Eddie Guerrero Helo. Eclipse managed to strike back, and nailed the Styles Clash a la TNA's AJ Styles - but Steev got his shoulder up! Desperate, Eclipse tried for his own Dynamite Headbutt but like Tre before him he missed. Steev got the Slikkocity, but in came Torture again - and Steev dodged and Torture got Eclipse! Steev put Torture on top of Eclipse and got the pinfall.

In the final qualifying match, Sheik El Zacqwi found out the hard way who was in charge - when Peter Farry responded to having his head smacked for dropping a part of Sheik's sheets by telling him if he touched him again he'd "suspend his arse!" Scott Slayer surprised the Arab early causing him to take a nine second rest break in the aisle, but a chase gave the Sheik control. Slayer tried to give as good as he got, and in the end the Sheik got desperate and found a low blow out of the vision of the referee. A roll up - with his feet on the ropes - and El Zacqwi had the win.

The title change took place in the match for the Women's title. Vixen was upset early and she was all over the place. But Lowzen celebrated a little early, and paid for it with a huge clothesline! Vixen's valet Zahlia got involved but like Jedidiah Torture she paid for it every time. Vixen managed to get control with a Fallaway Slam, but Lowzen found a way back and Zahlia again paid for an attempted intervention. Vixen tried for a back suplex but she didn't complete it, and got cocky thinking she had her. And that cost her the title as Lowzen rolled her up and got the pinfall! New Women's champion, and Vixen was all but chucking a tantrum in the ring.

The next show will be on November 17.