NAW September 15, 2007

1. Adrenaline v The Irish Brawler - Adrenaline by pinfall after the superkick
2. Nick Eclipse v Slikk Steev - Steev by pinfall after the Slikkocity
3. Logan & Vixen v Eden & Mad Dog McCrea - Eden & McCrea by pinfall when Eden pinned Logan after a Frankensteiner
4. Sheik El Zacqwi v Ricky Diamond: No Rules, Falls Count Anywhere Match - Diamond by pinfall after the Diamond Cutter
5. Sammy Souvlaki & Tony Focaccia v Barry Lawrence & The Candyman v Bradman & George Julio v Lowzen & Kellie Skater: Elimination NAW Tag Team Title Match
- Skater pinned Lawrence after a Swanton Bomb
- Bradman pinned Lowzen after a vertical suplex
- Focaccia pinned Bradman to retain the titles for Focaccia & Souvlaki after Julio hit Bradman by accident
6. The Enforcer v Iron Horse: NAW Title Match - Iron Horse by pinfall to retain the title after a chokeslam

A capacity crowd decided to ignore the AFL finals and head for the NAW show on September 15, and a show full of surprises was their reward.

After the shock heel turn last month by the NAW champion Iron Horse, he explained his actions as simply "being sick of playing second fiddle to the Candyman" in popularity. To most of the audience that reeked of jealousy, and they were hoping that retribution would come in the form of the challenge by the Enforcer. Iron Horse showed his power early, at one stage sending the challenger for a flip with a clothesline. The champion targeted the back, but the Enforcer dodged a big boot and wasted no time trying to take out the wheels of Iron Horse. The match was a tough contest with the Enforcer going for the champion's leg every chance he got. However he erred when he tried to slam the big man, and Iron Horse followed up on the error - only make a mistake of his own by picking the Enforcer up when he could have pinned him! The challenger caught his opponent on the top rope and somehow nailed a superplex! He then followed it with a moonsault - only for the champion to get his shoulder up at 2 and 99/100ths! Then (as Jim Ross would say) business picked up when George Julio and Bradman arrived at ringside. Julio distracted the referee allowing Bradman to nail the Enforcer with the bat. Iron Horse then got the chokeslam and got the three count to retain his title. The Enforcer was then triple teamed and left in a heap post match. When he got his bearings he fired out a challenge for a six man tag at the next show.

The biggest surprise of the night was for the Chapel Street Crew. They'd issued an open challenge and got not one, not two - but three responses! Including the team of Kellie Skater and Lowzen!! This was an elimination match, with Barry Lawrence without his brother but having a great replacement in the Candyman. However that finished up ending in supreme embarrassment for Barry when he was pinned by Kellie after a Swanton Bomb! The Candyman couldn't believe what he'd seen and Barry himself was shocked and scarlet faced! Poor Kellie however was given no favours by George Julio and Bradman and she was lucky to be able to make it to her corner and tag Lowzen. However Bradman soon sent the girls packing with a vertical suplex. Now it was down to two teams, and Tony Focaccia was in bother. He did tag out, but every time the champions managed to tag the other got into trouble. Finally - the Houdini brothers struck again! This time, the challengers beat themselves when Julio grabbed Bradman's bat and tried to use it on Focaccia but he got his partner by accident! Focaccia took the gift to retain the titles and Bradman and Julio had a verbal debate about the accident. But they appeared to sort out their differences and challenged the CSC to a return match. When this will be however remains to be seen.

For the final time - it was Sheik El Zacqwi and Ricky Diamond. This time there were no rules, and falls counted anywhere. The Sheik sprung another surprise before the match - firing his right hand man Hussein Hussein! Diamond fought this match wearing a Collingwood jumper with Nathan Buckley's number on the back, and he could well have been Bucks for all the injuries he could suffer in a match like this. The weapons that came out including an electrical cord, a baking tray, a hoe and a mini cricket bat. Diamond also amused the crowd by dumping the Sheik head first into a wheelie bin and wheeling the bin around. The Sheik did get his shots in as well. A ladder was used as was a chair, and Diamond even smashed a blackboard over the Sheik's head. This was a brutal match with neither man giving up. Finally it was Hussein Hussein that proved to be the difference. Running back to ringside he grabbed a chair and the Sheik - thinking that he was trying to prove himself - encouraged him to use it on Diamond. But Hussein turned around and used it on Zacqwi! That's what you get for an unfair dismissal, Sheik! Diamond nailed the Diamond Cutter and got the three count to finally put an end to the dispute.

In yet another surprise, Tank was forced to surrender the NAW South Pacific Title due to a knee injury that required surgery. He wasn't happy about it and a tournament will be held to fill the vacancy. It also forced him out of the mixed tag team match, so Eden had three choices. Forfeit, take Logan and Vixen on by herself, or get herself a new tag team partner. She took the third option, and surprised and shocked Logan by bringing out the man who beat him two years ago for the PWA Australian Title - Mad Dog McCrea! This was an intergender tag with Vixen standing up to McCrea and Eden not surprisingly standing up to Logan. The number of times this broke down went off the meter, and for sheer excitement and action it was probably the match of the night. There was so much going on I couldn't cover it adequately! The biggest move was probably Mad Dog's Death Valley Driver on Vixen from the top rope! But Eden provided a huge upset by pinning Logan - when she blocked a power bomb attempt and got him with a Frankensteiner that would have impressed it's inventor, Scott Steiner.

In other matches, Nick Eclipse and Slikk Steev collided again. The most entertaining part of this match was when Eclipse and the Slikkster were exchanging chops and Eclipse got referee Michael Michaels by accident. Michaels was going to call for the bell, but Eclipse convinced him not to begging for forgiveness - only to find himself held up by Steev so that the referee could give Eclipse a taste of his own medicine!! Which he did - times three!! The match finished when Eclipse was caught with a superkick leaping from the top rope, and Steev got the Slikkocity for the victory.

And the rematch between Adrenaline and the Irish Brawler after the time limit expired last month resulted in a win for Adrenaline after a superkick.

The next show will be on October 27.