NAW August 18, 2007

1. Adrenaline v The Irish Brawler - Time Limit Draw
2. Tommy Hellfire v Braith Priest - Priest by pinfall after a chair attack from Chris Trance
3. Kellie Skater v Vixen: NAW Women's Title Match - Kellie by DQ when Zahlia interfered
4. Chris Trance v Slikk Steev - Steev by pinfall after the Slikkocity
5. The Candyman & Iron Horse v Tank & George Julio - Double DQ
6. Sheik El Zacqwi v Ricky Diamond - Zacqwi by DQ when the referee caught Diamond with a chair
7. Bradman & Panther v Sammy Souvlaki & Tony Focaccia: NAW Tag Team Title Match - The Chapel Street Crew by pinfall to retain the titles when Souvlaki pinned Panther after the Fully Sick Flapjack

About 150 people attended this show, and it was a mayhem filled night in more ways than. The missing NAW Commissioner was needed in more ways than one with three disqualifications and a couple of interferences.

But the biggest shock of the night concerned the NAW champion, Iron Horse. He was tagged up with the Candyman against the odd pairing of the South Pacific champion Tank and George Julio. Apparently the rumour was that Julio had tricked Tank into tagging with him just for the heck of it. They seemed to work well as a team, whilst Iron Horse and the Candyman were getting nowhere as there was plenty going on and the referee was missing most of it as he was having run the Candyman out of the ring time and time again. And then the Candyman collected Iron Horse with an axehandle by accident! He tried to make up for it, but there was a look in Iron Horse's eyes that failed to hide his annoyance. All control of the match was lost and as Tank brought in a table the referee called for the bell and disqualified both teams. That was the sign for Julio to show his true colours and flatten Tank with a chair. Iron Horse then chokeslammed Tank through a table - which was odd - but then he grabbed Julio's chair, and decked the Candyman! Scorpion and Slikk Steev attempted rescues to no avail and it took the Enforcer to restore order. The crowd was stunned at the heel turn by Iron Horse, and his statement afterwards shed no real light on why.

The tag team champions may as well rename themselves the Houdini brothers. They escaped with their titles again - this time over Bradman and the mysterious Panther. In a night filled with jump starts, the heels got this one going and soon they had Tony Focaccia in trouble. Bradman's bat was used while the referee was keeping Sammy Souvlaki in his corner, but they couldn't put Focaccia away. It took a double clothesline to give Focaccia the time and space to make the tag, and Souvlaki cleaned house! He nailed a suicide drop from the top rope to the floor, but Bradman got him back and nailed a side suplex. He got the elbow drop from the top rope and that would have been it if Focaccia hadn't interrupted the count. It all broke down from there and Bradman found himself on the floor as Panther was hoisted up and squashed with the Fully Sick Flapjack for the victory. Clearly the secret to beating the champions is avoid that finisher!

Ricky Diamond and Sheik El Zacqwi collided again to try and settle their differences, with Diamond sneaking into the ring behind the Sheik's back. He controlled the match early until the Sheik found an opening and went to work, almost taking Diamond's head off with a clothesline that would have made JBL green with envy. He also included a piledriver such was the animosity in this match. The Sheik removed a turnbuckle pad, but he ended up back first into it when Diamond reversed the whip. Things broke down quickly when the referee was squashed in the corner, and Zacqwi got the Backcracker. Hussein Hussein came in with a chair, but Diamond kicked him in the gut and got the Sheik with the Diamond Cutter. He then grabbed the chair, but the referee was back and caught him with it - and disqualified him! That didn't stop Ricky from decking the Sheik with the chair anyway. With two DQ results in a row, Diamond knew nothing was settled so he challenged Zacqwi to a hardcore match at the next show. This was accepted - and as they saw in the US, KE bar the door on this one!

Three weeks after apparently wowing the audience in Sydney, NAW champion Vixen defended her title against Kellie Skater - with a guest referee in Eden. This was a good decision after Eden was more of less left on the fence after last month's six diva tag. The start was fast and Eden was quick to assert her authority throwing Vixen's valet Zahlia out for interfering. There was feeling in this one as the girls stood toe to toe on a chop exchange, but the match finished when Zahlia returned and interfered again. Eden grabbed her and threw her into Skater who gave her a DDT. Vixen had grabbed a kendo stick and beat down Skater, but Eden made Vixen pay with a spinning heel kick. Then Logan arrived and tried to impose himself on Eden by kissing her. That got him a slap and he penalised her for that with a power bomb. Tank ran in and knocked Logan over with a shoulder tackle sending him and Vixen up the aisle. Tank challenged Logan to a mixed tag at the next show and that challenge was accepted.

Braith Priest was an angry man. He wanted an NAW title shot, but he was signed against Tommy Hellfire. Hellfire wanted a piece of Priest after being pinned by him in what amounted to a handicap match at the last show, and he showed it from the get go. Priest didn't know what had hit him! He managed to find a way to stop the momentum by running Hellfire into the barricade on the floor, and he went to work on him - but a jawbreaker stopped that and Tommy fired back! The match became a yo yo with Priest getting a Figure Four leglock locked in only for Hellfire to reverse it. But it was Chris Trance who made the difference - removing the referee from the ring after a Hellfire Rock Bottom, and attacking Tommy with a chair. He threw the referee into the ring and Priest took the gift.

But Hellfire got his revenge two matches later. Trance was taking on Slikk Steev and this was another match that suffered a jump start. But Steev was equal to it making Trance take a rest break on the floor - only to get hit with a somersault plancha as a penalty! However Steev was soon in trouble when he attempted the Eddie Guerrero helo and was met with two knees. Trance did damage and answered some reversals with a thunderous coathanger! But Steev found a way back into the match getting a baseball slide, and the flying enziguri a la Chris Jericho would have netted a three count if it hadn't been for the ropes. He nailed a chop they would have heard in Sunbury and then a flying leg lariat - but Trance answered with a front layout suplex. And the count for that was two and 99/100ths! Frustrated, Trance went for a chair, but Tommy Hellfire was on the apron and disarmed him. He then clocked him out of the referee's vision, allowing Slikk Steev to nail the Slikkocity and take the win. Fuming - Trance fired out a challenge to Hellfire for a match at the next show, and he added that he had a surprise for him (whatever that meant!).

In the other match, Adrenaline and the Irish Brawler threw everything but the kitchen sink at each other for no result as the 10 minute time limit expired without a result.

The next show will be on September 15.