NAW July 14, 2007

1. Nick Eclipse v Slikk Steev - Slikk Steev by pinfall with a roll up
2. Lowzen, Kellie Skater & Candygirl v Vixsin, Eden & Gizelle Gunn - Vixen, Eden & Gizelle by pinfall when Vixen pinned Lowzen after a power bomb
3. Tommy Hellfire & Chris Trance v Braithe Priest & George Julio - Priest & Julio by pinfall when Priest pinned Hellfire with a roll up
4. Insaino v Scorpion - Scorpion by pinfall after the Scorpion Deathdrop
5. Tank & Iron Horse v Bradman & Irish Brawler - Tank & Iron Horse by pinfall when Iron Horse pinned the Brawler after a piledriver
6. Sheik El Zacqwi v Ricky Diamond - Diamond by DQ when Hussein Hussein threw salt into the eyes of Diamond
7. White Wolf & Brave Dave v Sammy Souvlaki & Tony Focaccia: NAW Tag Team Title Match - The Chapel Street Crew by pinfall to retain the titles when Souvlaki pinned Dave after the Fully Sick Flapjack

Despite the school holidays possibly preventing every family finding out about the show, a good crowd about 180 showed up for tonight's show. And they got a good quality show with plenty happening.

The match of the night in my opinion was the ladies tag. Six person tags are hard to carry off without plenty of time designated and this took the time and used it well. There were plenty of hot moves including a Bubba Bomb by Eden on Lowzen, a nice Northern Lights suplex by Vixsin on Kellie, a nice catch and a Fallaway Slam by Vixsin on Lowzen, a perfect sunset bomb by Kellie on Vixsin, Lowzen nailing the Lita corner clothesline with help from Kellie and Kellie going for a 360 splash (only to miss it). It all worked well, including some dissension in the ranks of the team of the ladies champion with Gizelle and Eden coming to blows after Gizelle made a blind tag and taking a cover infuriating Eden who broke it up! But it was Candygirl who was the difference. She barely wrestled in this match and it soon became apparent as to why when she suddenly stepped in and helped Vixsin nail the power bomb on Lowzen while the referee was breaking up a battle on the floor! A heel turn for Candygirl! The referee counted three and it wasn't long before all heck broke loose with fighting all over the place! Eden didn't want the help of either Kellie or Lowzen while Candygirl and Vixsin were celebrating with Gizelle. All six girls were great in this - with particular thumbs up for Vixsin and Kellie.

The main event was a close second. The last PWA Tag Team champions, the Ruthless Wolves, made it clear they wanted the titles and got the crowd off side calling the champions the "Takeaway Boys". And they turned their words into action as they continually kept the Chapel Street Crew in trouble despite making no less that three hot tags. It seemed that White Wolf and Brave Dave had all the answers. Dave came up with his version of the Bob Backlund crossface chicken wing which required a rope break. It took a desperation rescue by Tony Focaccia to turn this the champion's way. The Wolves set up for a double superplex on Souvlaki, but Focaccia knocked the Wolf off the ropes to the floor, and Souvlaki knocked Dave off the ropes into the ring. Stunned, Dave was caught and flattened with the Fully Sick Flapjack and the CSC retained their titles.

I was looking forward to the collision between the Sheik and Ricky Diamond. The Sheik tried to jump start the match on the floor, but Diamond was equal to it and soon Zacqwi was begging off! But he managed to take control and in such a nasty way the referee was getting on his case which resulted in a push and shove between Chop Chop and the Sheik. Diamond took advantage with a sleeper hold and then matters went to the floor as it did a number of times during this match. The turnbuckle pad came off but that ended up backfiring on the Sheik and time and time again he got in cheap shots like eye rakes and low blows to keep Diamond down. Finally, the Sheik was trapped in a fireman's carry - and Hussein Hussein ran into the ring and broke it up with a hand full of salt pitched into eyes of Diamond. The referee instantly disqualified the Sheik and was beaten down for the decision before the two Arabs beat down Diamond and left him lying. I don't think that one is over and hopefully retribution is swift for Ricky Diamond.

Iron Horse and Tank were a formidable team, despite Bradman and the Irish Brawler getting the early advantage with Bradman showing some agility with a Tornado DDT. A blind tag surprised him and Tank surprised everyone with a suicide dive on both opponents! But the bad guys got back control when Iron Horse was caught in a modified DDT from the Brawler. However both men were soon down, and we had stereo Dynamite Headbutts from the two illegal men in the ring! Bradman was soon working over Tank on the floor, but had cause to regret that when the Brawler got caught in an Iron Horse piledriver and got pinned! Bradman was not impressed at all - but it was his own fault for not paying attention to the match.

It was an odd coupling of Tommy Hellfire and Chris Trance. Hellfire ended up wrestling 90 percent of the match for the team, and the veteran George Julio and the impressive rookie Braithe Priest took full advantage. Priest finished it when he ran Hellfire into Trance who had his back turned and then got the roll up for the pin. Hellfire wasn't impressed and Trance offered his hand - only to kick him in the belly and put him down with a DDT.

Slikk Steev finally got his hands on Nick Eclipse one on one. This match started with an argument about hair pulling, to the point that when Slikk eventually did pull Eclipse's hair out of frustration at Eclipse's antics - Eclipse was all but walking out of the match! But he did come back beating the ten count. This was a good match with Eclipse as nasty as ever, nailing a modified version of the two knees in the corner which WWE fans know better as the Elijah Express except without the lowered of the knee pads. But he showed off too much, and like George Julio back in May, Eclipse was rolled up and Slikk got the three count.

In the other match, Scorpion made quick work of Insaino.

The next show will be on August 18.