NAW June 16, 2007

1. Sammy Souvlaki & Tony Focaccia v The Irish Brawler & Vlad: Tag Team Title Match - The Chapel Street Crew by pinfall to retain the titles after the Fully Sick Flapjack
2. Lowzen v Vixen: Women's Title Match - Vixen by pinfall to retain the title after a power bomb
3. The Candyman v Don Carlo - The Candyman by pinfall after a front slam
4. Insano v Nick Eclipse v Slikk Steev: Elimination Match
- Slikk Steev pinned Eclipse after a suplex slam
- Slikk Steev pinned Insano after a Frog Splash
5. Tommy Hellfire & Ricky Diamond v George Julio & Sheik El Zacqwi - Hellfire & Diamond by DQ when Julio manhandled the referee
6. Chris Trance v Tank: South Pacific Title Match - Tank by DQ when Trance was caught with a chair in the ring
7. Bradman v Iron Horse: NAW Title Match - Iron Horse by pinfall to retain the title after Bradman missed the Dynamite Headbutt

I had to abandon the photography duties early on in this show, as it was impossible to stay out of the way of the Channel 31 cameras as I had apparently done at the last show. So no more photos unfortunately. But on the positive side it did give me a chance to better cover the show from the fourth match even though I saw enough of the first three.

The crowd was rowdy as usual. I've always said this venue has a great atmosphere for making a lot of noise. The main event stemmed from the last show with Iron Horse defending his NAW title against Bradman. And the champion meant business, showing his agility with a spinning heel kick! Bradman needed cheap shots like hidden low blows and eye rakes to get the champion off his game, but Iron Horse would not be dominated as his power advantage showed. It was an act of desperation by Bradman that ended up costing him the match - as he headed for the top rope and launched a Dynamite Headbutt only to miss it as the champion got out of the way. Iron Horse took the gift and kept the title, but then he was blindsided by the rookie Irish Brawler who'd made his main show NAW debut earlier in the evening. Tank came out for the save - and the result was a tag team challenge for the next show.

Tank was fresh off a successful title defence against the impressive Chris Trance who had earned the shot despite his loss to Scorpion at the last show. And he quickly showed he deserved it by surprising Tank early making him take a rest break on the floor. And then he was cheeky using his height to make Tank reach up for a test of strength, and stamped on his foot! Tank had to work hard to keep the brash rookie in line, low bridging him to the floor and then following with an axhandle from the top rope! Trance got back in control when he lifted his head in the Tree of Woe, and Tank went under him and re-arranged his assets on the ring post (ouch!). But he sucked it up and struck back with an STF making Trance bail to the ropes and the match became a yo yo. Things got hairy when the referee was sandwiched in the corner. Trance nailed his finishing move - the Transplant - but there was no ref. So he went for a chair. Tank took it off him, but he saw the referee recovering and he smashed the chair on the mat, threw it to Trance and played dead! Right out of the play book of the late great Eddie Guerrero and I was marking out!! The referee DQed the bemused Trance and Tank kept the South Pacific title.

Tommy Hellfire made his main show debut after a couple of dark matches, and he tagged up with the veteran Ricky Diamond against the super villain tag team of George Julio and Sheik El Zacqwi. Hellfire's power made the Sheik go to the cheap shot early and soon he villains were plying their trade until a double clothesline allowed Hellfire to tag Diamond. Diamond quickly cleaned house and made Julio and El Zacqwi take a rest break on the floor. They tried a few times to keep control, but they were failing to keep either Hellfire or Diamond down long enough to take a win. Eventually it all broke down - and Ricky Diamond got the Diamond Cutter. Hussein Hussein diverted the referee and in all the melee the zebra was manhandled by Julio. That got the Super Villains disqualified, and they didn't stop beating on Hellfire and Diamond. The Chapel Street Crew and Slikk Steev tried to make the save but they were sent flying. However the Candyman and Iron Horse were too much and the villains exited stage right! Diamond issued a challenge to the Sheik for a match at the next show and El Zacqwi accepted. That's going to be some match that one!

Slikk Steev was scheduled to face Nick Eclipse, but one assumes Eclipse invited his X-iles team mate Insano on board and the match became a three way elimination match. If that was Eclipse's plan it backfired because Insano wanted to score points for himself as the early action proved as the two were playing "one upmanship" at the expense of Steev. The unpredictable Insano showed his smarts with a very clever move - crossing his arms when he was about to be yanked off the ropes the hard way, and the momentum allowed him to land on his feet and attack. The high flying was inevitable in this one with Eclipse collecting both opponents on the floor with a suicide dive, and then Insano launching a moonsault from the top rope to the floor taking down the other two wrestlers. And then Slikk Steev did a suicide drop on Insano after he dodged an Insano 619 around the ringpost. Eclipse was first eliminated when Steev got him with a suplex slam, and Insano then opted for a change of tactics and starting drawing on some Japanese wrestling with the submission holds he applied. Targetting the back, Insano didn't get the submission and when he tried to trap Steev on the top rope and look for a Diamond Cutter probably, Steev shoved him off and nailed a Frog Splash for the hard fought victory. Whether or not that resolves his issue with Eclipse though remains to be seen.

Vixen defended her women's title against Lowzen and this was a good match. It ended when Gizelle Gunn and Eden came out and distracted the challenger. Vixen took advantage and nailed a huge power bomb for the win, and that started a triple team. Kellie Skater and Candygirl ran out for the save with Skater clocking Vixen with a drop kick. The upshot of all that was that a six ladies tag team match was signed for the next show.

The Chapel Street Crew issued an open challenge to the locker room for anyone who wanted a tag team title shot. This was answered by the Irish Brawler and Vlad (who were delightfully labelled by some bright spark in the crowd "The leprechaun and the toadstool!") and they did well for their first proper show appearance. But the champions were too good and retained the titles after the Fully Sick Flapjack.

And the Candyman took care of Don Carlo fairly easily and was way too experienced for the former bodyguard of George Julio.

A good show, and the next one is coming up on July 14 - with a champion tag team and a champion singles wrestler apparently on the way!