NAW May 19, 2007

1. Chris Trance v Scorpion - Scorpion by pinfall after an inverted DDT
2. Barry & Larry Lawrence v Sammy Souvlaki & Tony Focaccia: Tag Team Title Match - The Chapel Street Crew by pinfall to retain the titles when both men pinned Larry after the Fully Sick Flapjack
3. Panther v Iron Horse: NAW Title Match - Iron Horse by pinfall to retain the title after dropping Jizelle Gunns onto Panther
4. Logan v Tank: South Pacific Title Match - Tank by pinfall to retain the title after a chair shot from Eden
5. Slikk Steev v George Julio - Steev by pinfall with a double arm hook up
6. Lowzen & Moppy v Vixen & Vida Loca - Lowzen & Moppy by pinfall when Lowzen pinned Vida Loca with a roll up
7. The Candyman v Sheik El Zacqwi: No Holds Barred Falls Count anywhere Match - Candyman by pinfall after a chokeslam from Iron Horse

After taking photos from the crowd last time, on this occasion I was the official NAW photographer - and I also got to draw the raffle which was nice of Peter Farry. But just like last show my camera's battery ran out so I missed out on the girls and the main event.

We have a new NAW commissioner after Jungle Cat was suspended for his actions last show, and the new commissioner is Channel 31's Russ Kellett who watched the show from the audience. Peter Farry thought he had an easy night in commentary - but he should have known better than to wish that, as out came his old sparring partner Gene Gatto! Hope that means Gene is back in the saddle but time will tell.

This was a solid show. No wrestling classics, but no complete bombs either. A well balanced show. It makes choosing the best match very hard so I won't bother. But for heat - I favour the main event. The Candyman put his career on the line in order to get Candygirl out of the clutches of the Sheik. El Zacqwi had even renamed her Queen Aiesha - and had her wrapped up in a sheet. The crowd wanted one thing - for the Arab to get his. The match was pretty even but it looked like the Sheik had him as he climbed to the top rope to finish it off. But Candygirl wasn't going to allow that and she got onto the apron, and presented her recipe for "Soprano Arab" - take the top rope, shake real well, and let gravity do the rest!! That however was the cue for Bradman to run in and get involved, using his bat to good effect on the Candyman. But the NAW champion Iron Horse wasn't having that and he ran in and made Bradman pay for it. He then chokeslammed the Sheik with authority and put the Candyman on top and the referee made the three count. Candygirl then symbolically removed the sheet to reveal her Candygirl outfit - she was back with her man! And the Sheik was quick to declare a "jihad" against Iron Horse (who responded with the "yackety yack" sign).

It was actually a bad night for the heels with all of them losing! The girls had one of the best ladies matches I've seen in more recent times locally with some good wrestling - but also the spots! The roll started when Moppy (formerly Kellie Skater) was back dropped over the top rope to the floor by Vixen and Vida Loca. Loca then opened the ropes to allow Vixen to hit Moppy with a suicide dive! And it got better - when Loca used Lowzen as an involuntary step stool to launch a corkscrew plancha on both Vixen and Moppy! And STILL it wasn't over - as Lowzen recovered and climbed to the top rope and from there cross body blocked all three girls!! This was great stuff!! But the match finished when trouble started to rumble between Vixen and Vida Loca. The two were arguing and Vixen turned her back to whine to the crowd - and Lowzen knocked Loca into her tag team partner and then rolled her up for the win.

Because of all the concentration on these matches - the NAW Title match was comparatively early in the night. Iron Horse had to deal with a complete unknown in Panther, and his valet Gizelle Gunn who tried to interfere several times. It was to no avail as the white voodoo man was used as a landing pad for Iron Horse as he dumped Gunn right onto him. He then pinned Panther squashing Gizelle between them.

The South Pacific Title match certainly had my interest - Tank defending his newly won title against Logan. This was bound to be a power match up and it was, but there was an additional issue. Aside from Logan trying to use brass knuckles and not getting the job done, Logan also had Eden by his side, but she was dragged out there which indicated she wasn't happy to be out there. There wasn't a huge amount going on during the match in that regard, but when Logan told her to get a chair she did as she was told - only for her to scone Logan! The referee didn't see it but Tank did and took the gift to retain the title. Tank then used the chair himself just to make sure his own message was sent. He was fired up - and clearly looked like he was enjoying himself as a face.

When will George Julio learn? Eventually his actions always come back and bite him on the rear end. After making life difficult for Slikk Steev since the first show of the year, he had one more trick up his sleeve. Nick Eclipse was sitting in the crowd from the start of the show, but just when it seemed Slikk had matters in hand one of the rookies ran out to distract the referee. Eclipse jumped the barricade and gave Julio a Kendo Stick which Julio used on Slikk to break the hold in the ropes. But then Julio made the classic mistake. He celebrated for way too long before taking the cover. And when he did he didn't bother to hook anything, and Steev caught him in a double arm hook up and got the pinfall! Eclipse and the rookie were quick to jump Slikk, but Steev fought back and sent both of them to the floor before grabbing a mic and firing out a challenge to Eclipse for the next show.

In other matches the Chapel Street Crew faced fellow faces in the Lawrence Brothers - even though the Warriors of Rock may as well have been heels given how over the new tag team champions are! The challengers did their best, but Larry was going nowhere after he was hit with the Super Bulldog - which actually has a name, the Fully Sick Flapjack. And Scorpion - who is also over - managed to best NAW debutante Chris Trance with the inverted DDT.

There was a dark match as well - where the heels had their only success of the night (I didn't get all the names though) in a match that was of a quality that actually wouldn't have been out of place on the main show.

The next show is on June 16.