NAW April 21, 2007

1. Vida Loca v Lowzen - Lowzen by pinfall after a Tornado DDT
2. Sammy Souvlaki & Tony Focaccia v Steve Valek & Insano: Tag Team Title Match - The Chapel Street Crew by pinfall to win the titles when both men pinned Insano after a Super Bulldog
3. Tank v Scorpion: South Pacific Title Match - Tank by pinfall to win the title after an Olympic Slam
4. The Candyman v Sheik El Zacowi - The Candyman by DQ when Bradman interfered
5. Slikk Steev v George Julio: Chair on a Pole Match - Steev by DQ when Julio used the chair after Steev got legal use of it
6. Vixen v Sara: Women's Title Match - Vixen by pinfall to win the title after a spanner attack by Vida Loca
7. Logan v Iron Horse: Non Title Match - Iron Horse by pinfall after a Logan Side Russian Leg Sweep from the second rope, and Iron Horse got his shoulder up

Another capacity crowd attended the Maltese Cultural Centre in Albion, which was great considering adult admission went up from $10 to $15 for this show. I did take some pictures from the first half of the show, but then my camera played up.

The main event was high quality with Logan looking like he meant business. Iron Horse didn't seem to know what hit him after Logan interrupted his ring entrance by dropping onto him from the top rope to the floor! And when Iron Horse finally got into the match, referee Michael Michaels was constantly being yanked away from position by Benny English. He eventually got his when he tried to jump on Iron Horse from the top rope and got caught. The referee threw him out of the ring personally! Move of the match was Logan managing a SUPERPLEX on Iron Horse! The champion looked like he had the match won when he nailed the piledriver, but instead of going for the cover he went to berate Benny English (who had just been put on the floor by the ref as mentioned). Logan got him on the second rope and nailed a Side Russian Leg Sweep from there - knocking the wind out of both men. Two arms were over the other's body, but Iron Horse got his shoulder up and got the win. Logan was furious as he thought he'd won!

It was probably a good thing though that Iron Horse's title wasn't on the line though. As Gene Okerlund once said; "This is a political year, and to tell you the truth ladies and gentlemen - I would hate to be an incumbent!" Three titles were on the line on this show - and all three changed hands.

The South Pacific Title Match was distinct. Whenever Scorpion was in control the match was fast. When Tank controlled it he was methodical. This was a good match, which Tank won with Kurt Angle's Olympic Slam (don't forget WWE have trademarked "Angle Slam") to take the title. Scorpion was upset, but he was a good sport about it - and offered his hand. Surprisingly, Tank took the offered hand - and that upset Benny English. Scorpion got in his face and beat him down in the corner. Tank looked concerned, but then he also kicked English when he was down for what looks like a face turn for Tank. Even the referee got a lick in! Not a good night for the Pom - did he take a leaf out of his cricket team's World Cup effort?

The Chapel Street Crew are over at the NAW Arena. Big time. This match lost control several times, with Sammy Souvlaki getting his tail kicked before tagging Tony Foccacia. Foccacia had to tag out soon after with a blood nose courtesy of a low 619 from Insano but he appeared okay thankfully. The finish came when Steve Valek had the title belt and Souvlaki came to the rescue of Focaccia. Valek had a second try and missed - and with Insano stranded on the floor the Crew nailed what I've called a Super Bulldog. Both men made the cover - and the pop the crowd gave for the three count was the biggest of the night. Love a big crowd pop! New tag team champions!

Sara won the women's title in a battle royal at the last show and this was her first title defence against the girl she last eliminated - Vixen. This was a yo yo match up with neither girl really controlling matters. The referee went down, and that was the cue for Vida Loca - who was sitting in the front row - to leap over the barricade and beat Sara down with a wheel nut spanner. Vixen took the gift and the cheap win, and the attack continued until Lowzen, Kelly Skater and another girl cleared the ring.

But the big news of the night came with the match between the Candyman and Sheik El Zacqwi. The Candyman was all over the Arab early, and it took an eye rake to stop the momentum. Every time the Candyman fought back, a cheap shot put a stop to it. Finally the Candyman nailed the Chupa Chup (the splash from the top rope) but Hussein Hussein had the referee distracted. Then MPW champion Bradman ran in with his baseball bat and beat on the Candyman! The referee called for the bell for the DQ, and Bradman and the Sheik proceeded to hog tie the people's champion. Slikk Steev ran in but the commissioner Jungle Cat had already joined the beat down and threw Steev out and told him to get out of there - unless he wanted an instant pink slip! The Sheik kept beating on the Candyman until Candygirl submitted to joining his harem. That was all he wanted and when the Candyman (still hog tied) tried to barter another match to get her back, El Zacqwi wasn't interested - until the Candyman put his career on the line. So next month - the final match. No DQ, Falls count anywhere - and if the Sheik won the Candyman would retire. If the Candyman won he'd get Candygirl back.

In other matches Slikk Steev defeated George Julio by DQ in the Chair on a Pole match when Julio used the chair when he wasn't allowed to as it was Steev who had retrieved it from the pole. A match was signed for the next show with no Don Carlo at ringside, as it was Carlo who took the chair shot from Steev when he tried to interfere. And Lowzen upset Vida Loca to open the show with a Tornado DDT.

There was a dark match as well - with former PWA Student Union member Tommy Hellfire besting Vlad.

The next show is on May 19.