NAW March 24, 2007

1. Weird One v Deacon Starr - Weird One by pinfall with a roll up
2. Slikk Steev v George Julio - Julio by pinfall after a chair shot
3. Steve Valek v Tony Focaccia - Focaccia by pinfall after the sit out FU
4. Sheik El Zacowi v The Candyman - The Candyman by DQ after the Sheik hit him with a breifcase
5. Champagne Pyro v Scorpion: South Pacific Title Match - Scorpion by pinfall to retain the title with a Fisherman's Suplex
6. Ladies Battle Royal: Women's Title Match - Sara last eliminating Vixen to be the inaugural champion
7. Tank v Iron Horse: NAW Title Match - Iron Horse by pinfall to retain the title after a piledriver

The last show created a lot of anticipation for this one - and it did deliver in my view. And with Easter just two weeks away we had a chicken giving out Easter eggs! The Candyman was out at the top of the show and the role he had in the movie The Condemned (starring Stone Cold Steve Austin of course) was mentioned. He was happy with that, and was also happy for Candygirl getting a place in the battle royal. So was she - but the womanising Sheik El Zacqwi was not! He had his own view on a woman's place (and got roundly jeered for it) and the Candyman was inviting him into the ring. That was refused of course. Also at the top of the show, Jungle Cat upped the ante on new recruits - bringing out former PWA Australian Champion Logan! Logan laid out the challenge to Iron Horse for the title (in such a way that I thought the main event had been changed when this wasn't the case).

Iron Horse faced Tank in a power match up that the champion had control of until Tank decked him with the title belt while the referee was distracted by Benny English. Tank went to work but he didn't keep the champion down. English tried to jump on Iron Horse from the top rope, but he was slammed from that spot - and then he was picked up in position for a power bomb but was instead dumped on Tank of the floor! Iron Horse soon finished the match with a piledriver - and the chicken came out to celebrate. Or was it the same chicken? One of the Lawrence brothers came onto the stage - it seemed he had the chicken suit, but now someone else was in it. And that someone else was Logan! He decked Iron Horse starting a double team before Slick Steev made the save. Iron Horse fired off a challenge to Logan which was duly accepted.

Meanwhile, Sheik El Zacqwi tried to stop the usual candy hand out by attacking the Candyman in the aisle. That failed and the crowd got the usual shower of lollies. The match had plenty of feeling in it, and I found myself questioning the referee for not DQing or at least throwing out the Sheik's sidekick Hussein Hussein for his activity! Finally the referee called for the bell after El Zacqwi hit the Candyman with a briefcase, but that didn't finish matters. The Sheik and his buddy handcuffed the Candyman to the top rope and I think taped it there as well. He was set to bash the Candyman again, but the Candygirl got in the way making the Sheik stop. But the Sheik decided to be a gentleman - and then clotheslined her! He then put her in a Camel Clutch and the Candyman was flailing helplessly as Hussein dangled the key to the handcuffs. The heels skedaddled when Tony Focaccia and Charlie Marciano made the save and Focaccia released the Candyman. Shaking with fury - he fired out a challenge for a No DQ match which was accepted.

The match of the night was the South Pacific Title Match between Scorpion and Champagne Pyro. The two lived up to the hype they provided with their work at the last show with both of them launching planchas on their opponent. And the finish was very clever! Pyro went for Sliced Bread Number 2, but Scorpion prevented him from completing the move catching him in position for a fisherman's suplex which won him the match. That finish was a perfect way to complete a top match.

We had the ladies battle royal for the first women's championship - but who the heck let that Weird One into the fray as a replacement for Candygirl (after what she was put through by El Zacqwi)!! Well, the girls weren't having that - and as one they eliminated the interloper first up! Served him right! This was a good battle royal as far as battle royals go with a few new faces such as Minx, Kelly Skater and someone else I didn't catch the name of. It was also nice to see Eden again. Sara eventually won the match and the title getting rid of Vixen last. A popular winner!

Slikk Steev and George Julio had a really good quality match, with Steev nailing a very nice helo a la the late Eddie Guerrero. The finish came when Julio's cornerman Don Carlo tried to distract Steev coming into the ring with a chair. Steev disarmed him, but in turn the referee disarmed Steev. He got rid of the weapon but while all that was happening Julio got another chair and decked the Slikkster. The referee saw none of that and logged the three count. Once he got his marbles back together, Steev challenged Julio to a Chair on a Pole match if he like chairs so much. At first Julio wanted no part of it because he didn't want to get hit with the chair - but then he changed his mind confident that he'd be the one using the weapon and not the youngster.

The Chapel Street Crew wanted a tag team title shot, but Steve Valek (without Insano who was not in the building) said no. So instead, a one on one was signed to earn a title shot next month. Jungle Cat authorised that on the proviso that Sammy Souvlaki went back to the locker room. This was a good match, and Valek got desperate grabbing his title belt. But he missed and Focaccia nailed the sit out FU for the victory and the title shot for the CSC next month.

In the other match, Queenslander Deacon Starr faced Weird One. This wasn't a bad match, which Weird One won with a roll up after Starr controlled most of the contest - including a neat Houston Hangover while Weird One was in the ropes. But a missed corkscrew moonsault led up to the pinfall.

Next show is on April 21 - and due to financial difficulties the adult price is going up to $15.