NAW February 3, 2007

1. 69 & Mike Manson v Nick Eclipse & Jake Stein - 69 & Manson by pinfall when 69 pinned Stein after the 69er
2. Vida Loca & Vixen v Lowzen & Sara - Loca & Vixen by pinfall when Vixen pinned Lowzen after a choke power bomb
3. Scorpion & Iron Horse v Tank & Champagne Pyro - Double Countout
4. The Candyman & Slikk Steev v George Julio & Sheik El Zacowi - Julio & El Zacowi by pinfall when Julio pinned the Candyman after being hit with a crowbar by the Sheik
5. Steve Valek & Insano v Chapel Street Crew v Lawrence Brothers: Elimination Tag Team Title Match
- Insano pinned Barry Lawrence after a moonsault
- Valek pinned Tony Focaccia when Jungle Cat legged Focaccia reversing a suplex to win the vacant tag team titles


I returned to the Maltese Cultural Centre for the first time in over a year - as a spectator - as New Aussie Wrestling had it's first show for 2007. Titled "Tag Team Turmoil" it featured five tag team matches - and plenty happened, not just in the matches but as a result of matches as well.

The show actually began with only four matches scheduled, but that changed when the new NAW Commissioner - Jungle Cat - made an announcement that started a chain of events. And that was to end the 12 month suspension of George Julio early. Julio was delighted about that, and then he was joined in the ring - uninvited but welcome by the Hitman in the form of a guy called Sheik Mohammed El Zacqwi. He then launched a typical 9/11 Islam tirade a la Mohammed Hussan, and took a shot at Australia, and claimed that there was no one who could take him on. That was a clear invite - and the kids responded with glee as Aqua hit the speakers and the Candyman responded. Result - after the Candyman got the Sheik's britches in about ten knots - a fifth tag team match was signed with the Hitman and the Sheik taking on the Candyman and a partner of his choosing.

That match was the semi main, and the Candyman's partner was Slikk Steev. Candygirl was in the corner of the good guys - and the match took forever to start as every time the Sheik tagged in, he tagged out straight away when confronted with the Candyman. But he tagged back in again when Slikk was tagged in. Eventually the good guys got their way (sort of) as the Slikkster and the Hitman locked up. Mohammed spent most of the match avoiding the Candyman unless the King of the Kids was in trouble, but things got right out of hand when the Candyman tried to squash the hitman in the corner, and Julio pulled the referee (Chop Chop) into a sandwich. That meant open season for the Sheik, who got out a crowbar and blasted Slikk Steev's leg with it. He then grabbed Candygirl and dragged her into the ring as the Candyman was heading to the top for the Chupa Chup on the Hitman - and he stopped in his tracks. He paid for that, and Julio rolled him up and the Sheik made sure of it with a blast to the Candyman's skull with the crowbar. Chop Chop was dragged over and he made the three count. And post match the bad guys continued the attack on both men, and even Candygirl was left lying courtesy of Mohammed! When the Candyman recovered he was furious and the result was two singles matches at the next show - Candyman against the Sheik and the Hitman against the Slikkster.

The main event was a three way elimination match for the tag team titles which were apparently vacant. The Lawrence Brothers made what I think was their NAW debut, but Sammy Souvlaki was worried about his Chapel Street Crew partner Tony Focaccia. This was apparently a result of a backstage attack by the X-iles, who were represented in this match by Steve Valek and Insano. But Focaccia showed up at the last minute holding his arm tenderly. The X-iles stayed out of the match and let the others go at it, and when Larry Lawrence looked for a tag both of them dropped off the apron. But they were surprised with a tag - and that eventually cost Barry and Larry. Barry copped the moonsault from Insano and the Lawrence brothers were out of there.

The rest of the X-iles (except for Mike Manson) were at ringside, and this included their new manager - Benny English. A bit of interference from the outside attracted the attention of referee Michael Michaels, and he wasn't taking any nonsense and threw the X-iles out of there (this was missed by the commentators). When Benny argued the point, Michael snoted him! Jungle Cat saw that, and as the rest of the X-iles carried their manager out complaining about a broken nose he went down to the ring to give the referee a dressing down. He stayed there and was instrumental in the match result - grabbing the leg of Focaccia tripping him up in a suplex attempt and allowing Valek to take the cover and win the titles.

The match of the night was the match before the intermission - and I was delighted to see the last PWA Victorian champion in the house! Champagne Pyro! He was billed as six foot six by Benny English - causing Peter Farry to call him a Collingwood six footer (an oldie but still a goodie!) as he tagged up with Tank against the two NAW singles champions, Scorpion (the South Pacific champion) and Iron Horse (the NAW champion). There was plenty of excitement in this one as Tank and Iron Horse tested each others strength, while Scorpion and Pyro had me thinking "I want to see these two one on one!" Scorpion nailed a corkscrew somersault plancha at one point. The match ended in a double countout as those two battles continued right out of hand - and predictably that resulted in two title matches on the next show. Well, I say predictable but in a nice way!

That wasn't the end of the newsworthy events. The show opened with Mike Manson and 69 taking on Nick Eclipse and a debuting Jake Stein (I think I got that right - consequent note that this was in fact the future Ryan O'Hare/Jake Navara). Benny English gave Eclipse - a former X-iles member - a verbal serve about his win-loss record since he was booted out, and then clouted him with a vicious open hander to back that up. Eclipse went to work after that, but he didn't seem very impressed when young Jake blind tagged in. That attitude just got worse as Jake was getting his tail kicked, and when he did look to tag - Eclipse jumped off the apron! That left Stein wide open for the 69er and the X-iles got the win. Eclipse then helped Stein up, only to deck him! Benny English wasn't quite impressed and told him to knock him out - which he did. A handshake, and Eclipse was back in the X-iles family.

The remaining match of the night was a girls tag with Vixen and Vida Loca taking on Sara and Lowzen. I'll leave this one alone, except to say that was a wonderful choke sit out power bomb by Vixen that squashed Lowzen for the pin. But suddenly Vixen and Loca were brawling with each other! Vixen was going absolutely nuts and Jungle Cat came down to the ring and ordered all four girls into separate corners - to announce that at the next show there would be a ladies battle royal and the winner would be crowned the first NAW women's champion!

An exciting show and well booked. The next show is on March 24 at the NAW Arena in Albion.