NAW November 5, 2005

1. Rhino v Insano - Rhino by pinfall after a piledriver
2. Mozart v Scorpion - Mozart by pinfall after the Harmonic Pause
3. Thunder Kid v Mike Manson - Manson by pinfall after a spear
4. Diaz v The Candyman: NAW Title Match - The Candyman by pinfall to retain the title after Diaz missed the elbow from the top rope
5. Headmaster v Iron Horse - Iron Horse by pinfall after a leg drop
6. Billy Blaze & Rack Dogg v George Julio & Steve Valek: NAW Tag Team Title Match - Blaze & Rack Dogg by pinfall to win the vacant titles when Blaze pinned Julio with a roll up

Woo Hoo! I really enjoyed myself last night at the Maltese Cultural Centre. And it was like my second ever show as a referee back in 2002. I was a pretty busy boy!

It started at the top of the show with Mozart's Moment. Mike Manson and I were the guests, and after I took out a couple of serviettes to wipe the microphone with I took a swipe at the crowd for not showing Manson respect. That got their back up. Mike then grabbed it from me and said his piece, including a massive swipe at Mozart's lifestyle. He did add that such people attracted lovely ladies like Vixen. He was all gentlemanly with her, and then after giving me the microphone he gave her a mighty clothesline! We were out of the ring post haste as Mike added "I'd do that to my own grandmother!"

It set up matters for later in the night. Mike had a match with the Thunder Kid, and this was the match of the night. My own performance was better than my debut (comes with experience!) as I gave it to a bunch of kids of one side of the ring and supported Mike by distracting the referee - which was Chop Chop on this occasion. Thunder Kid nailed a splash from the top rope, but I had Chop Chop distracted - and the match finished soon after when Mike nailed a spear. He gave him a going over post match, and I threatened to add a boot of my own - when we had to exit stage left and right pronto as Mozart arrived, armed with his perfume spray can. Manson wanted to know what he wanted (to which Mozart replied "YOU!") and quickly agreed to a match for the next show with whatever stipulation he wanted.

My other little activity was standing on the stage observing Rhino's match against Insano, and taking notes. Peter Farry didn't click that I might have been scouting (which is what I was supposed to be doing) and threw up a few other options. I'll have to find a chance to give him a Lucky Phil verbal special soon!

Doing that also gave me the chance to watch that match and it was a decent contest which Rhino won with a piledriver.

The main event saw George Julio team up with Steve Valek (in the place of Craig Cole) against Billy Blaze and the Rack Dogg for the vacated tag team titles. This was a good match, and I quite enjoyed it as Steve Valek really showed his heel status in bright lights. Rack Dogg took most of the punishment but he got the hot tag to Billy who cleaned house. Julio got desperate as the match broke down and Valek was dealing with the Dogg - and he went for his favourite chair. But Commissioner Tony Vutnik was at ringside as a second referee and disarmed him. Julio gave him an earful but he left himself wide open for a Blaze roll up, and the three count followed to leave the Regulators the new NAW tag team champions.

The NAW title match was brought forward after Diaz gave the Candyman a verbal serve in an interview spot, and hearing that the champion demanded the match take place straight away. Trouble was he looked in trouble when Diaz got to him early - and he may have paid the penalty for that. But luckily he got out of the way of a Macho Man special from Diaz, and he took the gift to keep the title. And in a nice touch post match he got a youngster from the audience and carried him around the ring with the title belt hanging around his little shoulders!

In other matches, Mozart took care of Scorpion when he caught him with his spray can, and nailed the Harmonic Pause as a penalty. And the Headmaster wrestled for I believe the first time since the last ACW show in 2003, and went down to the Iron Horse after a legdrop. I wasn't overly impressed with this match to be honest but I think there were good reasons for that which I won't go into. And it was passable.

The crowd wasn't capacity again although I think there were more than last month. The next show is on December 3.

Unfortunately the War of the Professionals broke out and this was my last NAW show as a participant until 2007. Lucky Phil Lewis never appeared in NAW again, and only appeared in XAW and HRPW.