NAW October 8, 2005

1. 69 v Insano - 69 by pinfall after the 69er
2. Michelle v Vixen - Vixen by pinfall after the Twist of Fate
3. Thunder Kid v Mozart - Mozart by pinfall after the Harmonic Pause
4. Iron Horse v Dungeon Master - Iron Horse by pinfall after a leg drop
5. Scorpion v Mike Manson - Manson by pinfall after a power bomb
6. The Candyman v Steve Valek: NAW Title Match - The Candyman by pinfall to retain the title after the Chupa Chup
7. Billy Blaze & Rack Dogg v George Julio & Craig Cole: NAW Tag Team Title Match - Julio & Cole by pinfall to retain the titles when Julio pinned Blaze after a face jam into a chair (Julio & Cole were subsequently stripped of the titles by NAW Commissioner Tony Vutnik)

What a night. This was my first Melbourne show since July down at Werribee, and my first show full stop since XAW in August. And my first show as......

A manager!

That's right - if you want to see me in the zebra stripes from now on, you'll have to go somewhere else! After being mocked as Captain Snooze as a referee - which I never liked - I embraced another nickname I'm not overly keen on as the new manager for Mike Manson in his match against Scorpion. Lucky Phil. With Lewis tacked on the end (even though Peter Farry used my real surname - and I corrected him on that one after the show).

I came out with a book labelled "The Rules of Professional Wrestling - 2005 Edition" and proceeded to give special referee Rio Reno plenty of static - and I got it back as well. I tried to concentrate on my tag line "Put a sock in it" but the dreaded "Shut Up" slipped out once, and it wasn't easy. It was my managerial debut of course and with that I mind I was very happy with my effort. I distracted Scorpion telling him the follow the rules, allowing Manson to sneak in a kick to the middle rope re-arranging Scorpions nether regions. But he got his revenge when I looked to deck him from behind with the rule book (a hardcover BTW!) and he caught me at it - and clotheslined me down! When I regained my feet I called on Manson to wreck him - and soon he did just that by stopping a huracanrana attempt with a power bomb that would have made Batista green with envy.

It was hard for me to concentrate on the other matches, although I sat anonymously in the crowd to watch the main event. A tag team title match which saw the champions, George Julio and Craig Cole take up the challenge of the Regulators - Billy Blaze and the Rack Dogg. The match broke down as Julio took out the Rack Dogg on the floor and made sure he couldn't get involved. Blaze went for Cole in the corner but he put the referee in harms way. Julio came in with his favourite chair, but Blaze disarmed him with a drop kick through the weapon. With the referee down, Blaze blasted Cole with the chair, but he couldn't take the pinfall. Julio returned and Blaze was all set to give him the same treatment - only to get a face full of powder. Julio then got Blaze in a face jam onto the fallen chair, and Cole dragged the referee over for the three count. But the titles didn't stay around their waists - as Commissioner Vutnik had seen everything and stripped them of the belts. It caused an altercation between Julio and the Commissioner and the locker room emptied to keep the two men apart. Hmmmmmmm!

Steve Valek's heel turn at the last show did him no good. The Candyman beat him up in defence of his title and at one point the champion asked him "Is this what you want?" That was after he had to refocus before the match because he forgot his title belt!! Valek did manage to take some advantage, but he couldn't maintain it and once the Candyman fired up the match was as good as over. He nailed the Chupa Chup - the splash from the top rope - and it was over. But he has a challenge coming in the form of Diaz, who issued a takeover challenge on Mozart's Moment at the beginning of the night.

In the other matches, Mozart managed to overcome the Thunder Kid with the Harmonic Pause - but that was after he had his tailbone re-arranged when he went for a stink face, only to be pushed out and he landed on his rear end. A few kicks to the rear had Mozart crying! 69 and Insano had a rematch from the last show, and this time it was 69 who got the victory with his version of the sit out slam - the 69er. Iron Horse made his return, and he took care of the Dungeon Master with a huge splash and then a leg drop. There was also a ladies match with Vixen overcoming EPW's Michelle with a Twist of Fate.

The crowd wasn't as big as the last show (going on descriptions of the August 20 crowd - a show that I missed of course) but it was still a decent size. The next one is on November 5.