NAW April 30, 2005 (Melton Indoor Sports Centre)

1. Trikki D v Thunder Kid - Thunder Kid by pinfall after the Tornado DDT
2. Craig Cole v Rack Dogg - Cole by pinfall after a spear
3. Insano v Frankie the Frog - Frankie by pinfall after the Frog Splash
4. Mozart v Steve Valek - Valek by pinfall after the Black Cross power bomb
5. Billy Blaze & Daniel Swagger v Mike Manson & Rhino (subbing for George Julio): NAW Tag Team Title match - Manson & Rhino by pinfall to retain the titles when Rhino pinned Swagger after Manson hit Swagger with a picture of Julio
6. The Candyman v The Russian: NAW Title Match - Candyman by pinfall to retain the title with a modified roll up
7. Battle Royal - Billy Blaze last eliminating Daniel Swagger

Wrestling returned to Melton last night, and there was plenty of action with a number of debuts - two in particular - and quite a lot of other news as well.

The rumour about George Julio being sacked prior to the show proved to be false - because the sacking took place on the night, indicating that the rumour came from discussion about the sacking happening. New NAW Commissioner Tony Vutnik and the promoter (and original NAW owner) Kurt Von Schneider called out Julio and fired him on the spot. Furious, Mike Manson - who had accompanied Julio - wanted to know about the tag team titles that he and Julio had been awarded as compensation for Manson loosing the NAW title in Adelaide in the merger. The resulting discussion ended up that the tag title defence scheduled would in fact take place with Manson able to choose his partner. Not only that, he convinced the commissioner and the promoter to put Julio's status on the line. A successful title defence would mean the sacking would be revoked. Nevertheless, the crowd of a little over 200 gave Julio the "Goodbye" song.

That put plenty of pressure on Rhino to help Manson retain the titles against the popular Billy Blaze and one of the Melton debutante's, Daniel Swagger. Manson brought a framed picture of Julio with him - and that picture ended up being the difference. While the referee was checking on Blaze outside the ring after Manson had left him lying, Swagger nailed Rhino with a Diamond Cutter for what seemed certain would be a title change. But Manson took the picture and slammed it over Swagger's head, and he put Rhino on top before getting the referee who counted three for the successful title defence and the restoration of Julio's employment.

Manson was also involved in the Candyman's title defence against the mysterious Russian. It was a tough battle, with Manson helping out the Russian who was distracted at the start of the match after he'd sung the Russian national anthem, by the crowd throwing Advance Australia Fair back at him. The referee didn't see Manson sending the Candyman flying off the top rope when he was setting for the Chupa Chup, and then the re-instated George Julio came out and diverted the referee's attention. But that backfired as the Candyman ducked Manson's powder shot and the Russian got it instead. The champion got rid of Manson before getting in a modified roll up, and getting the three count to retain the NAW title.

The other debut that attracted attention was that of Trikki D. The brash youngster took on the Thunder Kid in a strong contest which the Kid won with the Tornado DDT.

There were more new names in the Battle Royal, including Gozo King (who was eliminated first), Scorpion, Carnage, Nail and Lyric. The battle came down to five men, Billy Blaze, Daniel Swagger, Steve Valek, Mike Manson and Ricky Diamond. The experienced Diamond was eliminated, which left the three young men to triple team Manson. The crowd loved it as Manson was thrown out by Valek and Blaze while Swagger held the top rope down just to make sure. Then the tag team challengers eliminated Valek, before deciding to battle for the win instead of sharing the prize. There was some high class chain wrestling, before Blaze caught Swagger with a clothesline and he went out to give the victory to Blaze. Swagger was a good sport about it post match.

Steve Valek and Mozart had a battle that ended curiously, with Valek landing the Black Cross power bomb. But all four shoulders were down when the referee counted - until Valek got his shoulder up at the last moment, giving him the victory. There may be a rematch in this one.

In the other matches, deaf mute Frankie the Frog picked up another win - beating Insano with the Frog Splash, while Craig Cole got the Rack Dogg with a spear. But Rack Dogg lost more than that - his valet, Vixen. He'd collected her accidentally with a baseball slide intended for Cole, and she slapped him before going off with Cole. And Mozart's Moment featured Billy Blaze and Daniel Swagger at the beginning of the night.

An enjoyable show all up.