RCK October 9, 2004

1. Jungle Cat v Mozart - Mozart by countout
2. Insano v Barry Bin Ladin - Insano by DQ when Bin Ladin used a chain
3. Steve Valek v Big Pimpin - Big Pimpin by pinfall after the Pimp Drop
4. Candyman v Iron Horse - Candyman by pinfall after the Equalizer hit Iron Horse with a cane by accident
5. Rhino v Charlie Marciano: Stretcher Match - Marciano after spearing Rhino through a table in the corner
6. George Julio & Mike Manson v Ricky Diamond & Panos - Julio & Manson by pinfall when Manson pinned Panos after a chair shot from Julio while the referee was down.

RCK Promotions returned to the Maltese Cultural Club in Sunshine for it's second show after it's debut in July, and it was a reasonable night even if the crowd wasn't as big as it was for the debut show.

The match of the night was the Stretcher Match between Charlie Marciano and Rhino which was set up at the July show. The crowd was right behind Charlie and they were all over Rhino with regular "You are a wanker" chants. Marciano fought gamely taking several shots, but Rhino was clearly in punishment mode and didn't try to put Marciano on the stretcher. Early on Marciano's intensity had Rhino bailing to the back going after "Daddy" - after I had sent Kurt Von Schneider and the Equalizer to the back. But "Daddy" was a table. That would end up blowing up in Rhino's face as he tried to use a chair, but Marciano turned it around and drop kicked Rhino through the chair. Rhino didn't go down, but he'd set the table up vertically in the corner and Marciano speared him straight through the table! Rhino was put on the stretcher, and I counted to ten for the upset victory to Charlie Marciano.

Post match I tried to carry Rhino out on the stretcher with help from Rio Reno, but he was way too heavy! We eventually decided to call for more help, but Rhino had come to and was getting to his feet. Groggy and angry he decided to take it out on me and slammed me to the canvas! Marciano (bless him!) returned to defend me but got beaten up himself. Charlie's father came out and got pushed over, but all fired up he put another challenge. Rhino and the Equalizer against Charlie and his father!

The main event saw George Julio and Mike Manson take on Panos and Ricky Diamond (who was there in the place of Jay Andrews for reasons unknown). I missed most of this match as I was nursing a sore back after the Rhino slam, but I saw the finish where the referee was felled unintentionally by Diamond who pushed Chop Chop and he was school boy tripped by Julio causing a bump. The result was that he didn't see Panos decked with a chair and he counted three. Rio Reno, who was commentating with Peter Farry saw it all - but he couldn't convince the ref to change his mind. Furious at the attempted interference, Julio called Reno into the ring and they exchanged words and Reno fired out a challenge to Julio for the SGA show on November 20. After decking him Julio accepted the challenge. There is no word as to whether or not the SGA title held by Reno will be on the line.

In the other matches I reffed, Mozart is now a face and he proceeded to play up Rico style with the horrified Jungle Cat. He even pinched my bum! When it got down to wrestling the size came to play for the bigger Jungle Cat, but the shenanigans got too much for him and in a fit of pique he nailed an angry Diamond Cutter, and then walked out without making the cover! I ended up counting him out, and Mozart was most upset and chased him around the ring! This was nuts!

Barry Bin Ladin had trouble with Insano, and he looked fierce as showing no respect for me demonstrated. It got to the point that he grabbed a chain and used it. I didn't see it straight away, but when I saw it when Barry was using it to choke Insano I disqualified him. The attack continued until finally he took off and I helped Insano to the back.

In the other matches, Big Pimpin made his debut against Steve Valek and got the victory with the Pimp Drop after some liberal interference from his valet Vixen.

And the Candyman benefited from some misfired interference when the Equalizer hit the Iron Horse by mistake with Kurt Von Schneider's cane and the Candyman took the gift.

The next RCK show will be on December 4, and I will miss it as I will be on my East Coast research trip.

That show of course was a New Age Wrestling show after the takeover of RCK.