RCK July 3, 2004

1. The Fallen v Full Blood - The Fallen by pinfall after a neckbreaker outside the ring
2. Rhino v Charlie Marciano - Marciano by DQ when Rhino used a piledriver onto a chair
3. Stefan Cool v Frankie the Frog - Frankie by pinfall with a roll up
4. Krackerjack v Foxx - Foxx by submission with a half boston crab
5. Mozart v Jesus - Jesus by pinfall after a Frog Splash
6. Eden v Vida Loca - Eden by pinfall after the Gory Bomb
7. The Candyman v The Cremator: RCK Title Match - Cremator by DQ when the Candyman was caught with a chain
8. George Julio & Mike Manson v Jay Andrews & the Rack Dogg - Andrews & Rack Dogg by reverse DQ when Julio used the ropes to pin Rack Dogg

I had quite a night at the debut show of RCK promotions, doing the commentary on my own for the first four matches before Krackerjack decided to join me at the table. I did have a bit to do as well - and I finished up paying for calling it as I saw it as well!

The main event saw George Julio and Mike Manson tackle Jay Andrews and the Rack Dogg. The match broke down and I totally lost track of who was legal - but referee Daniel Beaumont didn't as Julio pinned the Rack Dogg. With his feet on the ropes! Beaumont didn't see it, but Chop Chop did and he reversed the decision. He got into the ring and called the Hitman a cheat - and got decked for it. So did Beaumont. And then as a direct result of me calling Julio and Manson sore losers and calling the reversal a good decision, the Equalizer grabbed me and threw me into the ring - where Manson decked me with a headbutt. Julio worked me over as did the Equalizer - leaving me to get my bearings as Krackerjack made his statement before I closed the show.

The crowd - and myself - got very upset when Rhino gave Charlie Marciano a piledriver onto a chair, getting himself DQed in the process. A stretcher was brought from the back along with a neck brace, which I placed around the neck of the injured Marciano. His father was more furious than anyone, and he and a group of wrestlers carried Charlie from the ring. Rhino returned later in the show and stated that anyone who got in the ring with him would leave the ring the same way. Still in his neck brace, Charlie and his father came to ringside and Mr. Marciano issued a challenge for the next RCK show. A stretcher match! I checked that he was serious - and he was.

I also got into the ring to help Eden after she was blasted with a chokeslam by the Cremator! This was after she'd beaten Cremator's girl, Vida Loca, with a Gory Bomb. The Cremator then made his statement about his RCK title defence against the Candyman. This was a tough match which spent a fair while outside the ring - and out of the vision of myself and Krackerjack. Cremator won this match by disqualification when referee Chop Chop caught the Candyman about to blast an interfering Vida Loca with a chain. It was Loca who introduced the chain, throwing it to the Cremator while the referee was down. He didn't get the use it however as the Candyman gave him a big boot leading up to his picking up the chain.

Krackerjack's invasion of the commentary table was preceded by his loss to Foxx. He tapped to a half boston crab after failing to get a submission himself with the Bastard Lock.

In the other matches, Jesus got Mozart with a Frog Splash to get the win in his match. Mozart was making his second appearance of the night, after he accompanied Stephan Cool to the ring for his match against Frankie the Frog. The referee was sandwiched allowing Mozart to try and hit Frankie with a fake guitar type object, but Frankie dodged and Cool got it instead. Frankie quickly rolled Cool up and got the pinfall - getting a post match beat down as a penalty.

In the other match, The Fallen defeated Full Blood in the ring after getting him with a hangman neckbreaker on the floor with Blood's feet on the apron.

A good night - spoiled only by a microphone that wouldn't play ball, which was a particular problem once Krackerjack joined me at ringside.

And my red arm band got a mention as well - I was wearing that as a protest against the court decisions that went against me in the Federal Magistrates Court. I wore it at Melton as well.