MPW November 10, 2007

1. Laser v Synic - Synic by pinfall after the Bloodbath
2. Lowzen v Chris Trance - Lowzen by pinfall after a flying enziguri
3. Mad Dog McCrea v Adrenaline - Adrenaline by pinfall with a reverse hook up
4. Jackie Justice v Slikk Steev: MPW Victorian Title Match - Steev by reverse DQ decision to retain the title after interference from Tank
5. Tommy Hellfire & Braith Priest v Krackerjack & Logan: MPW Tag Team Title Match - The Bastard Brothers by pinfall to retain the titles when Krackerjack pinned Hellfire after the Domination
6. Iron Horse v The Enforcer v Bradman: MPW Title Match - Bradman by pinfall on The Enforcer to retain the title after the Dynamite Headbutt

I couldn't do complete report on all the matches, but I was delighted to get to do a title match (the tag team title). I had to leave early as the show was delayed when the fuse for the power points blew at the Citizen's Hall (a last minute venue change from the Public Hall due to a booking clash) and I didn't actually see the finish of the main event. I was told that Bradman won after the Dynamite Headbutt on the Enforcer. But the Enforcer was at a disadvantage from the start when Bradman attacked his leg just as the Enforcer was making his entrance. Bradman and Iron Horse double teamed the Enforcer and seemed to get along, but that arrangement was breaking down when I had to depart.

I was determined to retain control of the Tag Team title match after it got out of hand at the last show. And I did well until two fights broke out. It all broke down from there and I totally lost track of who was legal. The Bastard Brothers finally finished it off when Logan slammed Krackerjack into Tommy Hellfire (that move has a name - the Domination) and I made the three count.

My other engagement was supposed to be Lowzen against Desire, but Desire appeared on crutches and subbed Chris Trance! I wasn't impressed with that and Lowzen wanted to know what was going on as well. But when Commissioner Devereaux asked Lowzen if she was prepared to fight him, she decided OK! That was gutsy and she held her own as Trance ran a very arrogant attack plan. But that ended up backfiring when Desire tried to hit Lowzen with one of her crutches, and she got Trance by accident! Dizzy, Trance fell prey to a flying enziguri and I reacted with astonished delight when my hand hit the mat for the third time.

(I also did the duty of the dark match - which truly was dark as it ran without the power points - as the Lawrence Brothers settled their differences and earned a title shot by beating up South Sea Savage)

In the other title match there was plenty of action as Slikk Steev defended against Jackie Justice who had attacked him at the last show. But Steev had to battle not only Justice, but also Benny English and Tank. The referee had finally had enough of English and threw him out. English resisted and the two ended up exchanging chops in the entrance way! An entertaining distraction, but it allowed Tank to do damage, and then Justice picked up the scraps with a sit out power bomb and the referee was back and logged the three count for a title change. Or was it? Commissioner Devereaux wasn't having a bar of it, and reversed the decision to a DQ win for Steev! Tank's plans at a title shot were up in smoke, and he snapped! He grabbed a female ring attendant from ringside and dragged her into the ring where he threatened to break her neck if he didn't get a title shot at the next show. Trapped in a no win situation, the Commissioner was forced to agree, and then again when Tank added the stipulation - Tables, Ladders and Chairs!

In the other matches, Adrenaline surprised Mad Dog McCrea with a reverse hook up while Synic beat Laser after the Bloodbath (AKA the Playmaker). That match was signed as a result of the Legion's interference in Laser's match last month.

The next show will be on December 15 at Cranbourne back at the Public Hall.