MPW September 1, 2007

1. The Bastard Brothers v Tre & Champagne Pyro: No DQ Falls Count Anywhere MPW Tag Team Title Match - The Bastard Brothers by pinfall to retain the titles when Krackerjack pinned Tre after Logan slammed Krackerjak through Tre and a table on the floor from the apron
2. Synic v Larry Lawrence - Synic by pinfall with a roll up
3. Sammy Souvlaki & Lowzen v Jackie Justice & Kellie Skater - Souvlaki & Lowzen by pinfall when Lowzen pinned Kellie after an in ring moonsault
4. Mad Dog McCrea v Adrenaline v Slikk Steev: MPW Victorian Title Match - Steev by pinfall on Adrenaline to retain the title with a roll up
5. Laser v Ravnos - Ravnos by pinfall after the sit out chokeslam
6. The Enforcer v Bradman: MPW Title Match - Bradman by DQ when Enforcer was caught with a bat

Cranbourne wrestling fans are great. They made a lot of noise and they responded well to a good show, which started pre show with a dark match between Tommy Hellfire and Barry Lawrence. I reffed this one in my only engagement for the night, and Hellfire won it after a Rock Bottom.

The match of the night - taking nothing away from the other title matches - was the opening tag team match. It started as a regular title defence, but when both teams were counted out Krackerjack wasn't having it and demanded a restart with no countouts. That was fine but then the referee stopped the match a second time on a DQ when Tre clobbered Logan with a chair. It was Logan's turn to not accept the result - and he demanded another restart. This time not only a no DQ but falls count anywhere as well! The result of that was mayhem that nobody could keep track of! Chairs were used liberally and finally the whole thing finished with a pinfall win for the Bastard Brothers after Logan slammed Krackerjack from the apron through Tre and a table on the floor.

After the DQ at the last show, Bradman could not lose this match by DQ otherwise he would lose the title. Both the champion and the Enforcer were armed with baseball bats but when the referee disarmed the challenger Bradman took advantage before the bell and blasted the Enforcer in the small of the back. He went to work on it and the Enforcer was constantly battling back through pain only to be stopped cold. But Bradman couldn't put him away and at one point got right in the face of the referee. The Enforcer somehow survived and when Bradman tried for a second Tornado DDT after the first only netted a two count he was pushed off. Then the referee was squashed in the corner, and the Enforcer nailed the Wolfenstein. But then a member of the Unholy Legion ran in armed with Bradman's baseball bat. The Enforcer grabbed his own bat and put the brakes on the interference, but Bradman then grabbed the referee and faked a face injury pointing to the bat! That got the Enforcer disqualified and Bradman was now free to do damage - until Iron Horse ran in for the save.

At the last show we had a double pinfall result for the State title and Adrenaline inserted himself into matters to create the three way. There were a lot of triple moves in this one exciting the crowd. Adrenaline nailed Mad Dog with the Adrenaline Rush, but he didn't take the cover and Steev rolled up him to take the pin and keep his title. Then Tank appeared on video and promised mayhem if he didn't get a shot at the Victorian Title, and then Mad Dog challenged Adrenaline to a match because as far as he was concerned, Adrenaline needed to be taught a lesson in respect. And then Jackie Justice ran in and attacked the champion!

That was after Justice teamed up with Kellie Skater (working heel for a change) against Sammy Souvlaki and Lowzen. I like the gimmick Justice is running with - calling himself "Winner" is such a way that it attracted the crowd to call him "Loser"! And in this case the crowd was right, after Lowzen pinned Skater after the in ring moonsault while Souvlaki and Justice were fighting on the floor.

Laser had big problems with the returning Ravnos. He managed somehow to get control, but then he had additional problems when the Unholy Legion came to ringside. Ravnos grabbed the distraction with both hands and rammed Laser into the ringpost back first. Gutsy to the max, Laser found a way back but taking control was another matter. He got a superkick, but then the Legion got involved - and why the heck didn't the referee call for the DQ?? Ravnos took advantage with the sit out chokeslam and got the win - but then he rejected the invitation to join the Legion. Ravnos is a lone wolf I think!

The Legion did have one success on the night, when Synic took advantage of an argument between Larry Lawrence and his brother at ringside and rolled Larry up.