MPW May 5, 2007

1. The Lawrence Brothers v The Bastard Brothers: MPW Tag Team Title Match - No contest
2. The Bastard Brothers v Scott Slayer & Pyro: MPW Tag Team Title Match - The Bastard Brothers by pinfall to retain the titles when Krackerjack pinned Slayer after being slammed in him by Logan
3. Vixen v Eden - Vixen by DQ due to outside interference
4. Bradman v Daniel Swagger: Non Title Match - Bradman by pinfall after a shot with his baseball bat
5. Nick Eclipse v Tank
- Tank by submission with the Code Red
6. Trikki D v Slikk Steev: MPW State Title match - Steev by pinfall to retain the title after a modified inverted suplex
7. $5000 Rumble - Bradman last eliminating Slikk Steev

The late change to the venue for this show had an adverse effect on the crowd numbers - which was a shame as this venue in Kew was much better than Greensborough.

The tag team champions were slated to defend their titles against the former champions, Barry and Larry Lawrence. But Krackerjack and Logan weren't going to soil their hands on the Warriors of Rock and they sent The Russian Ivan Danko in to beat them up. Joey Russell also got chokeslammed when he complained about the whole thing. Then the Bastard Brothers brought out some hand picked challengers, in Pyro and Scott Slayer (who was replacing Tre who wasn't there). This was a decent match from what I saw of it, and it finished when Logan slammed Krackerjack onto Slayer for the pinfall to keep the titles. Pyro was furious and stated that he would have won the titles if Tre had been there - before decking Slayer.

Vixen and Eden shook hands at the start of their match, but then suddenly Eden attacked and got nasty for the heel turn. And I have to say (having never seen her play heel before) it suits her! This was a decent match, which had a cheap ending when a mystery girl (who wasn't named on the show) interfered. The referee called it a double DQ, but bluntly that was a DQ win for Vixen.

Bradman had a non title match against Daniel Swagger - and this was my first match of the night as referee. Joey Sassy was at ringside and proceeded to be liberal in his interference almost getting sent to the back in the process. Things got hairy though when Bradman got in my face after a couple of close counts, and he dodged when Swagger tried to come at him from behind and I copped the elbow in the corner. Swagger got the Superkick, but no referee was available. Bradman went for his baseball bat and decked Swagger, and a second referee was there to count the pinfall. Given I was rusty with bumps this went off OK.

After the intermission I was back in the ring as the third man. Tank took on Nick Eclipse trying to get back into the state title picture. This was a tough old brawl, and the power came to play in the finish. I showed my rust making two different calls on the stomach claw (first as an illegal move, then as a legal one - the second was correct). Eclipse did well but he got caught in the Code Red submission hold for the tap out.

The semi main event saw Slikk Steev defend the MPW state title against Trikki D. I didn't get to see much of this match as I was watching the clock as it was a factor as to whether or not I could ref the Rumble. The match finished when Steev nailed a sort of inverted suplex (from what I could tell of it) to get the win and retain his title. It was 9.57pm - and that was time enough for me to be able to make it three referees for the Rumble.

And it was needed because this was NUTS! Plenty was happening on the floor as wrestlers left the ring through the middle ropes, including Bradman who decided to hide under the ring for the second half of the Rumble. Scott Slayer was the only face early as the ring filled up with heels who were content to take turns on Slayer, until finally some faces started to arrive. The eliminations continued, and Vixen inserted herself into the fray. She was eliminated by Tank, and Eden came out and pounded on her! Finally it came down to Slikk Steev and The Russian. Danko looked like he had him when he had him set for the power bomb to the floor, but Slikk locked his legs up and managed to eliminate the Russian with the head scissors. He thought he'd won it, but Bradman chose that moment to emerge and eliminate him to win the Rumble.

A fairly good show all up. Shame about the crowd numbers - and that will make this venue difficult to return to unfortunately.

No idea when the next show will be, but I'm assuming it will be in June.