IWA Main Event #11

The couch was back.

1. Lucky 7 & The Spartan v Stephan Cool & Leif Cassidy

Cool was being his usual self and he worked with Jeffries who was there in the place of Billy Cole. He caught Lucky 7 in the Goodnight Gaylen sleeperhold for the easy win.

The Rough Riders seemed to be happy with their beating of Picasso last week! You lost the tag titles, fellas! Phil Picasso arrived with the Chicken Head on and I couldn't make out what he was saying! The Riders were almost killing themselves laughing! Ivan Mould calmed Phil down and told him to get a couple of partners for a six man next week. Tyrone then suggested the new tag team champions. Ummm, what did I say last week?

2. Kasey Jackson v Devlin De Skyes

Here we go! UWA revisited! Devlin got nasty from the start, but he let the referee get to him and Kasey wound up causing Devlin to take a hike-ski to the floor for a rest break. And when Kasey followed Devlin got back in, and then they exchanged again! Kasey then decided to climb to the top, but Devlin got to him and got the top strand for the soprano lesson. Jackson was back in trouble, but Devlin couldn't get the three count - and he missed the corkscrew moonsault out of desperation. Again Kasey wound up, but for a second time he got caught on the top rope. However this time he sent Devlin flying and he dropped the Macho Man Special and got the three count. Good match!

OK - no more games for Miss Fit AKA "Mrs Brady"! Ivan Mould signed Brett Brady to a triple threat next week for his newly won Trans Tasman Title.

3. The Flea v Brett Brady: Trans Tasman Title Match

For a warm up, Brady defended his title against The Flea. This was a massacre from the start, until Brady missed the elbow and the Flea wound up. But Brady caught him on the top rope and he nailed the Shotgun for the win.

Tyson Gibbs was cool about the loss last week. But what did Julian James and Stephan Cool want? Introducing Mark Mercedes, that's what. Showing off about that CHEAP win last week! Tyson decided when they decided to mock his loss last week that he wanted to have some fun himself - with the IWA title on the line next week. It sounded like Julian was going to pull rank again, but Mercedes was confident enough to say OK!

These matches were taped at the Rooty Hill RSL in July