IWA Main Event #10

Tyson Gibbs had to face Brett Brady again for the Trans Tasman title, and Tyson was happy to face it three on one (Brady, Mummy and Matt Sarge).

1. Brett Brady v Tyson Gibbs: Trans Tasman Title Match

This started evenly on the mat with neither man on control really - until Brady nailed an inverted German Release Suplex. Ouch! But after another move he only got a two count, and Brady went for the turnbuckle. The referee replaced it though and Brady failed to take advantage even though he kept control. Then Gibbs found a reversal doing damage to Brady's back - and he fired back only to get an eye rake. Matt Sarge got involved while the referee was distracted - but Brady missed a second rope elbow after taking way too long setting for it. Both men were battling and there was a double clothesline. Gibbs was up first, and he got the short arm clothesline and a Frog Splash - but Matt Sarge had the referee distracted. Mrs. Brady came in and bashed Gibbs with some object and Brett got the Shotgun, and he got the pinfall and won the title.

The Rough Riders were all cocky and were looking past the three way towards the bar!

2. Phil Picasso & Richter v Rob Matrix & Johnny Dundas v The Rough Riders: Tag Team Title Match

The champions wanted nothing to do with the start of this, and Matrix couldn't knock Richter down. A helping hand from Dundas did the job though. Picasso wanted a tag but Richter avoided him and tagged Angus McCloud! Hmmm! That team chattered away as Matrix and Dundas tried to take charge and got Marshall into bother. But he tagged Angus - and two of the longest standing IWA roster members faced off.  Angus got into trouble and tagged Richter when he didn't want in! Soon everything broke down - and the referee was distracted. In the melee Picasso was decked, and Dundas nailed the Frog Splash and got the pin! Another title change - and the Rough Riders were FURIOUS! They beat on Picasso and Richter also got a lick in. The new champions eventually returned and broke it up. Six man next week?

Mark Mercedes got pissed when Franky Valentyn told him Kasey Jackson may be a better wrestler than him!

3. Mark Mercedes v Kasey Jackson: IWA Title Match

Kasey had to look out - Mercedes had Julian James and Stephan Cool with him! The power came to play early, but one Japanese drop kick and the champion bailed for back massage! Jackson then used leverage to over come the power in the Test of Strength, but Mercedes powered back and took control. James and Cool got some licks in, but Cool soon paid for that when Kasey sent him flying off the apron. But Mercedes scored with a DDT. And the double teaming continued. Mercedes tried for a pin with his feet blatantly in front of the referee and it wasn't counted. This was nuts with plenty happening, and it finished when Jackson went over the top rope into the ring for a sunset flip, and Cool and James helped him stay in position and he got the cheap pinfall to retain the title.

These matches were taped at the Rooty Hill RSL in July