IWA Main Event #9

What on earth was that before the intro?!

This week was a documentary showing the IWA behind the scenes. Starting with the ring going up. The head of the ring crew has been with the IWA since the beginning (they said ten years - and IWA began in 1998).

I loved Mark making fun of Phil Picasso's spelling!

Ivan Mould did a spot about his position as president of the IWA. And he mentioned "stronger referees" (hmmmm!). There was a brief video of some of the wrestlers backstage before the show, including a couple of referees.

Out in the catering area - there was Brett Brady under his Mum's thumb yet again!

We also heard from Franky Valentyn and apparently he is working more on entrance music for the IWA.

Interesting that they showed Mark, Tyrone and a couple of the other guys put the show together. And we also had Mark and Tyrone talk about how the IWA began, the contract with the Royal Easter Show in Sydney and touring the South Pacific (they haven't done that for some time). The shows in Melbourne were also mentioned (some of those are here on this website).

Moving to TV was openly stated as a learning curve (remembering also that getting onto community TV is easy compared to the more established free to air or pay TV channels).

1. Battle Royal

We had the one match and the winner of this would get a title shot against Mark Mercedes next week. No one was going early as Mercedes watched - but then the "bleeding" began. They were flying and thanks to the Rough Riders Joey Russell was hanging around until Tyson Gibbs got rid of him - and Richter Mooseburger took five to get rid of him. Salem went and Devlin De Skyes soon followed - and then Tyson Gibbs went leaving Kasey Jackson and Brett Brady. Brady went for the Shotgun, but Jackson avoided it and sent the Mummy's boy over the top and it will be Kasey v Mercedes next week

These matches were taped at the Rooty Hill RSL in July