IWA Main Event #8

Before the first match Julian James interviewed Brett Brady, who was playing his tactics close to his chest. But he didn't want to hear anything about or from his Mum!

1. Tyson Gibbs & Johnny Dundas v Brett Brady & Matt Sarge

Poor Brett - his Mum caught up with him! And I think he was distracted as Gibbs worked him over. Brady had better luck with Dundas, only to get caught in a tilt a whirl into a Side Russian Leg Sweep. But then Mrs. Brady legged Dundas and the heels took charge. Dundas was getting his tail kicked, but he found a flying bodypress and then a huracanrana and he made the tag. Gibbs cleaned house and sent Brady to the floor before going to work on Sarge. Dundas followed up with a corkscrew plancha completely upsetting Mrs. Brady. Gibbs nailed Sarge with the Thrill Kill and that was that.

Chip Chip! Tweet Tweet! Yep, the Birdman on the mic and Franky Valentyn you are a twit!

2. Dementor & Adam Archer v Richter Mooseburger & Phil Picasso

After Dementor was thrown out of the ring Archer was quickly squashed - literally by Richter after a splash. I think they needed the spatula after that one.

Here we go again! The three stooges. Mercedes, Cool and Julian James. And what was that about Billy Cole and the fork lift? We all heard it guys!

3. Rob Matrix, Chief Levi & Scarecrow v Mark Mercedes, Stefan Cool & Leif Jeffries

The sub for Billy Cole was Leif Jeffries. And it was on from the get go! It ended up as the Chief and Jeffries with the big man doing damage. Scarecrow tagged in and continued the attack and Cool broke up a pinning attempt. The faces were having a near training run tagging in and out, until Matrix dipped his head and paid for it. Mercedes got the tag but Matrix held his own - getting those Ricky Steamboat arm drags before tagging Scarecrow. But the weight came to play for Mercedes and he tagged Stefan. Now the heels were in control, and when a double team went ahead on the floor, the Chief and Matrix chased away the perpetrators. Scarecrow finally found an escape and a Japanese drop kick - and the hot tag to the Chief! He cleaned house and Mercedes and Cool were sent flying, allowing Scarecrow to nail the Murder Go Round and Matrix to nail the top rope splash - and the Chief took the gift over Jeffries.

These matches were taped at the Rooty Hill RSL in July