IWA Main Event #7

The first show of the second series!

1. The Flea v Mark Mercedes: IWA Heavyweight Title Match

This was a mismatch squash, and Mercedes even jump started the match - all because he got beat on the poker table! The piledriver finished it with Stefan Cool and Julian James at ringside? What was that all about?

In the new format, we then had a sit down chat with Mercedes, James and Stefan - and we got the explanation. Julian is Mark's manager now. Tyrone Townsend had another guest though - Rob Matrix! He wanted a title shot, but Julian said no - how about a six man tag instead! And with the right to sub the injured Billy Cole for someone else.

2. The Spartan v Tyson Gibbs: Trans Tasman Title Match

Gibbs started strong with a Randy Orton style headlock, but the Spartan got to the arm and took control. However Gibbs found an answer with a loose version of CM Punk's GTS and the Spartan was stunned. He found a couple of pin attempts, but Gibbs nailed the Thrill Kill to finish it.

The next sit down chat was with Gibbs, along with Brett Brady, Matt Sarge - and Brett's mummy! Brady seemed to be playing nice, and Mrs. Brady (Carol? NAH!) had a meringue birthday cake for the champion. No prizes for guessing who ended up with it in their face - and it wasn't Gibbs!

3. Too Deep v The Rough Riders: Tag Team Title Match

No Steve Frost - with John Marshall joining Angus McCloud. I didn't catch the name of the bodyguard, but Joey Russell Junior was there as well. The champions were taking apart Nick James and AJ - and what a sell by AJ on the clothesline! I think he almost double flipped! The Rough Riders were doing damage all while drinking beer for crying out loud! AJ found a dodge but he had a springboard blocked with two knees - and the beating continued. In fact it got too much and the referee DQed the champions when Russell and the other guy came in to join the beating.

These matches were taped at the Rooty Hill RSL in July