IWA Main Event #6

The last show from the Burwood RSL, and it was on between the four tag teams back stage before they even got into the ring!

1. Stefan Cool & Billy Cole v Chief Livai & Scarecrow v Angus McCloud & Steve Frost v Phil Picasso & Richter Mooseburger: Tag Team Title Match

At the time the tag team titles were actually vacant, so this was to fill the vacancy. McCloud and Picasso started and the Rough Riders soon had the Birdman in bother. Frost let fly with his serve of chops (like a shot gun heard in Homebush!) and this quickly got hard to follow as it got out of control after Richter got nowhere with the Chief. It was on at floor level again between Hot Commodity and the Chief and Scarecrow - and Richter squashed Picasso by accident. Angus nailed the Birdman with the spear - and that finished the match. The Rough Riders were the new tag team champions.

2. Brett Brady v Kasey Jackson v Tyson Gibbs: Trans Tasman Title Match

Early on Brady let Gibbs and Jackson go at it. Then he snuck and turned a German suplex into a tower of terror! Gibbs fought back against Brady, but he was caught on the top rope. A superplex was coming, but Jackson was back - and a Triple Tower! All three were gulping air now, and Jackson was soon disposed of. Brady's henchman Matt Sarge tried to leg Gibbs and paid for it - but Brady nailed the Shotgun! However Jackson was back and broke it up. He got Brady and covered, but dodged a splash from Gibbs and Brady took it. Jackson thought he was smart but he wasn't ready for the Thrill Kill - and Gibbs retained his title.

3. Mark Mercedes v Rob Matrix: IWA Heavyweight Title Match

Matrix jump started this when Mercedes turned his back, and he bailed to the floor first chance he got. Matrix was after him, but he ended up paying for that and the champion was in control with a DDT. He locked in a full nelson, but Matrix broke out and fired back only to get dumped in the corner. Mercedes removed two turnbuckles before going to work on Matrix, but Matrix reversed him into the exposed corner! The challenger looked to take advantage, but Mercedes found a huge lariat. However his cover was casual and Matrix got out. Frustrated, Mercedes went and got some powder but Matrix blocked it and threw it aside - straight into the face of the referee. Matrix got the Matrix Effect - but like last week there was no referee. And then in came Kathryn Nixxon! She gave Matrix a face full of powder, and Mercedes nailed the piledriver and the referee was back to count the pinfall.

These matches were taped at the Burwood RSL in March