IWA Main Event #5

Brett Brady doing a post match promo pre match? Would he pay for it?

1. Brett Brady v Leif Jeffries

Jeffries was matching Brady early so Brady got tough, only to have Jeffries step it up. However a head removing coathanger gave Brady control. But he threw a second drop kick in a row and met fresh air. Jeffries fired back, but the second rope leg drop met with nothing but mat - and Brady nailed the Shotgun and got the win - lucky for him after the pre match commentary!

Brady then interrupted an interview with Tyson Gibbs and wanted another shot at the Trans Tasman title just like that. Then Kasey Jackson came in and also wanted a title shot and was prepared to fight Brady for it! That was quickly sorted out by official Rohan Herbstriet with a triple threat for next week!

I don't think Phil Picasso wanted the cameras around while he continued to negotiate with Richter Mooseburger!

2. Krackerjack & Logan v Cheif Livai & Scarecrow

Krackerjack and Scarecrow started things and Scarecrow's speed was giving his opponent trouble - so he distracted the referee and got a shot to the goolies in. Out went Scarecrow where Logan was going to do damage until the Cheif arrived. Then Krackerjack launched a somersault plancha on all three of them! Scarecrow was put back in the ring, but he tagged - and Krackerjack quickly tagged his brother. Against most wrestlers, Logan is imposing - but he was dwarfed by the Cheif! And soon the younger Bastard Brother was in big trouble. But Logan found his way back against Scarecrow and got a power bomb only to get a two count. He tagged Krackerjack, who set for the Spinal Tap - but Scarecrow escaped and nailed the Murder Go Round for the win.

But then all heck broke loose! First Hot Commodity (Stefan Cool and Billy Cole) ran in to resume the fight from two weeks ago. Then Richter Mooseburger and Phil Picasso joined in - followed by the Rough Riders (Angus McCloud and Steve Frost)! Finally it was calmed down by the IWA Vice President (I don't know his name - it wasn't Rohan) who signed a four way elimination match for the vacant tag team titles next week!

Oh now what? Mark Mercedes complaining of a sore neck after slipping on a banana peel? Yeah right!

3. Rob Matrix v Devlin De Skyes

Devlin looked to get his shots in but he was forced to back off when Matrix stepped up the pace! The Devil was being humbled by Matrix, but he found a reversal sending Matrix head first into the corner and straight into a german suplex. But Devlin was more concerned with the fans and the referee at the wrong moments, missing out on a three count after a Northern Lights suplex. Matrix found a gap and exploited it - only to find himself in a fireman's carry and down went the referee from an errant leg. Matrix got the Matrix Effect - but no referee. And guess who arrived at ringside? Mercedes - with no neck brace! He threw powder into the eyes of Matrix and Devlin got a flying enziguri and followed it with the corkscrew moonsault and the victory. Mercedes beat on Matrix post match.

Next week is going to be good - and I don't know how they are going to pack it all in 30 minutes!!

These matches were taped at the Burwood RSL in March