IWA Main Event #4

Franky Valentyn - never stop Angus McCloud from having a beer! And choose different words when you want him to "dispose of the beer"! Angus and Steve Frost even bashed up a couple of other guys for finding the beer spit funny!

1. Matt Sarge v Tyson Gibbs: Trans Tasman Title Match

Tyson was out thinking the challenger early - taking control with a nice T-Bone suplex (Tyrone and Jackson missed the name there!) and going to school on him. This was a squash with Sarge giving virtually no offence and Gibbs got the win with the Thrill Kill to keep the title.

Phil Picasso tried to get onto the show by offering Richter Mooseburger a tag team partnership. Because Rick was eating I couldn't tell what he said but I don't think he was impressed!

2. Lucky Seven v Richter Mooseburger

Obviously it didn't work as Richter took the hapless Lucky Seven (inappropriately named for this one!) apart. Seven was squashed with an Avalanche, but he only covered with a foot. Seven fought back - only to get coathangered and splashed for a....FIVE count! A la King Kong Bundy! And Richter wasn't done splashing him again before giving the referee a mighty shove. The Spartan came in to try for a save, but he was flattened and splashed as well. The referee was manhandled for a second time and so was a second ref. It took Picasso to get him out of their by appearing to offer him a chocolate bar or something?

Julian! Let Johnny Dundas get a word in will you!

And Merc - don't be rude to Angeleeka! How could you be rude to such a gorgeous face?

3. Mark Mercedes v Johnny Dundas: IWA Title Match

This was going to be a test for Dundas, with Mercedes testing him early letting him think he had him on strength only to give his hands the stomp. But Dundas was hanging with him on the counters and that had to piss off the champion. Mercedes missed an elbow drop and he soon took a rest break on the floor after a drop kick - only to cop a suicide dive! But Dundas was soon back in trouble after his back was driven into the ring post. The back quickly became a target - only for Mercedes to take too long on the top rope and Dundas got a huracanrana and he was off and running! But he met two knees on the top rope splash - and Mercedes wasted no time finishing it with a piledriver to keep the title. Good match!

These matches were taped at the Burwood RSL in March