IWA Main Event #3

1. Brett Brady v Kasey Jackson

Brett Brady jump started this one - probably still pissed after being embarrassed last week! Kasey Jackson fought back and was doing a good job until Brady found a German Release Suplex. He then diverted the referee as his ringside buddy Matt Sarge had removed the top turnbuckle, and then he got the low blow. But arrogance cost him and he missed a second rope elbow drop - and then a double clothesline. Jackson was soon back in the match, but Brady caught him trying to nail his finisher (the Primal Screamer DDT) and was set to nail the Shotgun when Jackson's feet accidentally caught the referee. Brady got the Shotgun, but no referee! He blew his stack at the zebra as he recovered, and he shoved him. The referee shoved back and Jackson got the roll up - and the referee rattled off a Danny David special! Served you right, Brady!

And I had to laugh at the post match interview by Franky Valentyn - calling himself an "old rocker"!

And never top Mark Mercedes at Texas Hold Em! The Flea found out how bad a loser the IWA champion is!

2. Rob Matrix v Krackerjack

Krackerjack was pissed off from the start of this. Matrix started well and it took an eye poke to give Krackerjack a breather. Matrix did try for the Matrix Effect but Krackerjack blocked it and nailed his version of the backbreaker (I think it was the Spinal Tap actually). This was to and fro with Matrix doing a nice roll through with a sunset flip into a camel clutch. Krackerjack escaped with some sort of cheap shot, but he was caught in mid air trying for a huracanrana - and given an inverted power bomb! But Krackerjack kicked out! However it only delayed the inevitable as Matrix got the Matrix Effect and got the win.

What on earth was that in the toilet courtesy of Brett Brady?

I hope Julian James checked his pants after that "interview" with Scarecrow and the Chief!

3. Stefan Cool & Billy Cole v Chief Livai & Scarecrow

Hot Commodity tried to jump start this but they were quickly flattened and soon Stefan Cool was having his rear end handed to him - literally at one point with two Atomic Drops in a row! The Cheif nailed the bitch slap, but when Scarecrow was back in he dropped his head and Cool nailed him. Soon Scarecrow was in the wrong corner, but he found a surprise cross body block and the tag was made. Now Billy Cole was copping it until he caught Scarecrow and the smaller man was back in trouble. The crowd was chanting for the Chief, and Scarecrow managed a tag but the referee was distracted and had to force Livai out. Cole removed the top turnbuckle pad, but he chose that corner to try and squash Scarecrow - and Scarecrow dodged. The Chief got the tag and he cleaned house! Hot Commodity appeared to have a foreign object and the Cheif was decked - but his hard head allowed him to throw Cole off a pinfall attempt and soon the Chief and Hot Commodity were on the floor. Scarecrow did the suicide drop from the top rope on them and from there all four men were counted out.

But the battle continued with all four men battling through to the backstage area and into an elevator. On the next floor a lady with a baby came in and the fighting stopped just like that! But when the woman left the fighting started again!

These matches were taped at the Burwood RSL in March