IWA Main Event #2

1. Rob Matrix v Steve Frost

In the IWA Steve Frost is tagged up with Angus McCloud (now there's an odd couple!) and Angus was at ringside for this one. Frost jump started the match, but Matrix came right back at him and sent Frost over the top rope to the floor with a clothesline. Matrix was in charge until he made the classic mistake giving Frost a knife edge! Frost was quick to respond in kind (WHOO!!) but Matrix quickly changed tack. It took a cheap shot from Angus to turn the tide and Frost nailed a superplex for two. He got an inverted suplex before diverting the referee to allow Angus to do his damage. Matrix tried to fight back exchanging blows - and he won the battle getting a power bomb, but he missed a cross body block from the second rope. Then the referee was squashed in the corner. Angus quickly got involved but he got Frost by mistake and Matrix disposed of him before nailing Frost with the Matrix Effect (the Downward Spiral) for the win.

Phil Picasso wanted a spot on the show, but he was told no - unless he could convince some guy I didn't know to give up his spot.

2. The Spartan v Mark Mercedes: Non Title Match

The Spartan started with a roll up and he surprised Mercedes early. But once Mercedes got the boot up he went to work. It was very arrogant, and when the Spartan had the temerity to fight back he got his eyes raked. Then he answered a sunset flip attempt with a squash and then he gave him a piledriver for the victory. And he beat on the Spartan again post match.

Brett Brady wanted another shot at the Trans Tasman title and Tyson Gibbs was happy to - when he was ready. But then Brady was embarrassed when his mum arrived with a lunch box and a drink bottle! Ummmm yeah!

3. Tyson Gibbs v Johnny Dundas: Trans Tasman Title Match

We were short on time for this one (it was 9.55pm) with two faces in the ring. Dundas started strongly but Gibbs struck back. Dundas though stepped it up and it took Gibbs a minute to catch up. This was a yo yo as Dundas was dishing it out but so was Gibbs. It seemed that Dundas had the intensity as he used a huracanrana to deposit Gibbs on the floor - and then he followed with a corkscrew plancha! It looked like he had him - but he took too long going up, and Gibbs caught him and threw him off with a release suplex. He followed it with the Thrill Kill (the Diamond Cutter) and got the win to keep his title.

These matches were taped at the Burwood RSL in March