IWA Main Event #1

Brady tried to bribe the referee Stumpy Jones, but officials broke it up

1. Tyson Gibbs v Brett Brady: Trans Tasman Title Match

Gibbs had all the answers early until he missed a corner shot and Brady nailed a German release suplex. Brady however showed off and he missed the elbow. Gibbs was in control nailing the short arm clothesline, and Brady got desperate and went for the Shotgun (his finisher) but Gibbs avoided it and got the Diamond Cutter for the victory.

Oh boy! Stefan Cool has dumped the Fa for something else. And what was that with Billy Cole?

2. The Bastard Brothers v Stefan Cool & Billy Cole

Krackerjack and Stefan Cool started things (air of familiarity for me - I reffed those two one on one at Melton a few years ago) but soon the Bastard Brothers were double teaming and Cole broke it up with a low blow on Logan. Hot Comodity had control and Logan was in trouble as Cole sent Krackerjack flying from the apron. The heels finished it off with Cole nailing Logan with a superkick.

3. Mark Mercedes v Rob Matrix: IWA Title Match

Neither man had the power advantage and Mercedes was complaining early about a non existant hair pull. Matrix went after the arm, and Mercedes tried to wrestle but Matrix was equal to it until he got trapped in the corner. However, Matrix struck back with those Ricky Steamboat arm drags! And he continued the attack on the arm. But Mercedes got the boot up and cleaned Matrix up with a clothesline. He went to work and answered one comeback with a knee to the belly before going the Jesse Ventura book of tricks with the rope burn. He put on a bow and arrow (showing his Japanese experience) but he was paying too much attention to the crowd. He went to the floor and ran Matrix into the ringpost. But back in the ring Matrix was answering blows and he was back and climbing the ropes only to find himself singing soprano when Mercedes threw himself on the ropes. Matrix fought him off though and got a second rope drop kick - but when he went for either a Downward Spiral or a modified Rock Bottom Mercedes escaped and got the roll up with a handful of tights to keep the title.

These matches were taped at the Burwood RSL in March