IWA February 28 & 29, 2004

February 28
1. Bud Caide & Tommy Tamati v ZZ Hook & Brett Brady - Hook & Brady by pinfall when Brady pinned Tamati after the Demolition Drop
2. Loco v Kasey Jackson v Cheif Kala Levi: Trans Tasman title match - Jackson by pinfall on Levi to retain the title after hitting him with the title belt
3. Angeleeka & Mark Mercedes v Madison & Rob Matrix: Mixed Tag Team Match - Madison & Matrix by pinfall when Matrix pinned Mercedes with a flying
February 29
1. Brett Brady & Bud Caide v Tommy Tamati & Loco - Brady & Caide by pinfall when Brady pinned Tamati after the Doomsday Device
2. Cheif Kala Levi v Rob Matrix: IWA Title Match - Matrix by DQ when Mark Mercedes hit him with the title belt
3. Kasey Jackson & Brett Brady v Cheif Kala Levi & Rob Matrix - Levi & Matrix by pinfall when Matrix pinned Brady after a top rope splash


Well, over the weekend I got to see the IWA again. Being closer to Sydney there was some more variety in the roster than there was in Melbourne, and it was great to meet my old ASW buddy Jayk'E Hook AKA ZZ Hook. He was only there on Saturday, but we'll keep in touch for sure from now on!

The set up was the same as Melbourne with one match per show. Three matches were on each day. I didn't get a gig again, but I did help out with looking after the ring - including preparing it at the start of both days. But to the show!

The first match was a tag which saw Bud Caide and Tommy Tamati take on ZZ Hook and Brett Brady. Tamati took a bit early, but when he tagged Caide the match turned. Hook surprised Tamati with the Hook Factor to escape that for the hot tag, and not long after that the faces got the win when Brady pinned Tamati after a Demolition Drop.

The second match on Saturday was a triple threat match for the Trans Tasman title. The reigning champion is Kasey Jackson who was accompanied by that dish Angeleeka! Cheif Kala Levi fought Jackson and Loco (one half of the Dark Carnies) two on one and held his own although the two heels did fight each other during the match. The referee was knocked down, and Angeleeka gave the TT belt to Loco who clocked the Cheif. But no ref. Loco then tasted metal from the champion, and he then covered Levi to get the victory as the ref has recovered.

The final match on day one was a mixed tag, with Rob Matrix and Madison faced Mark Mercedes and Angeleeka. Mark avoided the IWA champion leaving Maddy and Angel to start things. Angel's inexperience hamstrung things a bit, but when the guys got in there the tempo picked up. The girls got another go after Matrix took too long running into a corner - and Mercedes raised the ire of the crowd with an illegal coathanger on Madison. But he got his when Maddy ducked a powder shot and Angel got Mercedes instead. The guys were legal at the time, and Matrix got the win with a flying body press.

On Sunday we started with another tag. Tommy Tamati and Loco were billed as being from Canberra - against Bud Caide and Brett Brady. The faces dominated early, but the heels fought back and got Tamati into bother. The ref was squashed in the corner and the Canberra boys flapjacked Brady for no result, and then the heels got Tamati with the Doomsday Device (awesome!) for the victory - thanks to Caide helping the semi conscious ref with the count.

The second show was the best technical match of the time I was there. And no wonder. It was an IWA title match between Rob Matrix and Cheif Kala Levi. A face v face match. Rob had trouble with the Cheif's power, but he was smart enough to keep him on the mat and he had the match won when he nailed the Macho Man special - only to have Mark Mercedes distract the ref. He had the title belt in his hand and when Matrix came over to remonstrate he was decked with the belt. That got the Cheif DQed, and then Mercedes belted Levi as well. Brett Brady and Kasey Jackson ran in and beat on the falllen pair and another ref ran in to restore some order - and take the belt off Mercedes while he was at it. That set up the match which finished the Canberra visit.

This was the best match of the visit for heat. For a start, Mercedes had a special stipulation as Matrix and the Cheif took on Jackson and Brady. He was the special referee! He was quick to eject Madison who had accompanied the faces - and then he proceeded to make things very hard for them! Matrix and Levi fought on despite that, and the Cheif had things in hand - until Bud Caide gave Mercedes a crutch which he used on the Fijian. Matrix was quickly in the face of the special ref, but when Mercedes turned around again he was drop kicked from the top rope by Madison who had returned! Matrix went to the top rope and splashed Brady, and a proper referee ran in and registered the three count.

On a foul note, Brady came out of that match with a broken arm. Hopefully he'll be OK soon.

Totally enjoyed myself!