IWA September 27, 2003

1. King Haka v Rob Matrix - Haka by pinfall after a sit down splash
2. Nixxon & Mark Mercedes v Rob Matrix & Madison: Mixed Tag Team match - Matrix & Madison by pinfall when Madison pinned Mercedes with a victory roll off a Matrix top rope drop kick on Mercedes
3. Stephan Cool & King Haka v Ox & Limit - Ox & Limit by pinfall when Limit pinned Cool after a top rope splash


Third and final trip to the Royal Melbourne Show for the IWA. Early morning downpours cancelled the 11am show so we were back to three matches today. I had my wife with me today, which cut back my "professional mark" duties (hehehehe!) and the shows were back to free. They also started earlier than scheduled, which kept the crowds down a little on Tuesday's standard.

The 1pm show saw a rematch between Rob Matrix and King Haka. Another slow paced match like Friday, but this one was shorter. Haka did his usual, calling on Collingwood president Eddie McGuire to get off the Magpies bandwagon, and jump on the All Blacks! The result of this match different to Friday's, as Haka got the victory after a sit down splash after blocking a sunset flip attempt. I heard someone was looking for some ice for Rob's hand after the match which might explain the shortness of the match but I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it or not.

Anyway, Rob was fine for his 3pm engagement - a mixed tag team match in which he tagged up with Madison against Mark Mercedes and Nixxon. The pre match shenanigans were highlighted by Madison lifting up Matrix to get a cheer from the crowd (Maddy is a tall girl) and Mercedes wanted Nixxon to do the same thing. With Nixxon smaller that Madison, and Mercedes bigger than Matrix that was never going to work and the pair fell to the mat much to the crowd's amusement. This was a good match, with no inter gender wrestling allowed, but that didn't stop Mercedes from trying to flout that rule. And Julian James did his bit as well from outside the ring. However Mercedes lost the match because of his attempts to flout the rules. He had Madison set up for a DDT or something, and Matrix clouted him from the top rope with a drop kick, allowing Madison to turn Mercedes over in a victory roll and score the pinfall.

The 5pm show saw Stefan Cool and King Haka take on Ox and Limit. Another good match, which broke down near the end with Ox poleaxing Haka with a spear to allow Limit to nail Cool from the top rope with a splash to get the victory. I admit that I wasn't paying very close attention to this match because we missed the pre match shenanigans with the early start.

But all up I was happy with what I saw. The only thing that disappointed me was the lack of variety in the wrestlers. But then it was a case of getting different crowds every day which was true so they could get away with it. Thanks to the IWA for giving me those two tickets that got me to the Saturday show, and I hope to see them again sometime in the future. I did mention my trip up the coast in the second half of October after telling them that I couldn't go to Wagga and Griffith (their next shows) as I will be in Adelaide.

Well done, guys! See you at the Supershow!